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Goodlatte’s ‘smoking gun’ isn’t the big story on Obama abuses



Fox News blared the headline: “‘Smoking gun’ email reveals Obama DOJ blocked conservative groups from settlement funds, GOP lawmaker says.” I’m not shocked, and I believe Rep. Bob Goodlatte is doing yeoman’s work in Congress exposing this.

This isn’t news. Everyone has known since 2009 that the U.S. government, under President Obama, was free to take every “liberty” to become the left’s ATM. From the EPA to the IRS to the corrupt State Department, Obama used the “personnel is policy” method to thoroughly debase and suborn the administrative state, and let their true liberal colors shine.

There were emails showing they didn’t like Citigroup choosing a “conservative” group like the Pacific Legal Foundation to direct settlement cash. These directed settlements in federal cases of all kinds were used to pile up cash for a variety of leftist groups. Again, no surprise.

The big story

What’s surprising is that many of the same officials are still running the government. The DOJ, Fox reported, ended the practice of these outside payments earlier in the year. Great news.

Trump, as of the end of July, had not filled 114 of 210 key agency positions–at the same point, Obama had filled or nominated all but 41. There are glaring holes in the Trump executive branch, which are being filled by government civil servants, many of whom came onboard or rose to their positions during the Obama administration.

Most heinously, the commissioner of the IRS, John Koskinen, continues to serve, despite being over the department when Lois Lerner slow-rolled and persecuted conservative political groups, then tried to vanish the records. He serves despite a long time call by GOP lawmakers for Trump to oust him.

Trump kept Obama appointee Chuck Rosenberg as acting head of the DEA, until he resigned at the end of September in protest of the president’s statements. Now career agent Robert W. Patterson is acting administrator.

You might think these are relatively minor positions, but it’s not a small issue. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson complained loudly that he had problems getting positions filled because of White House meddling and Steve Bannon’s doctrinal purity tests. When positions are not filled, career bureaucrats and Obama appointees end up making the daily decisions, leading to small adjustments and tilts.

For eight years, the Obama administration put no limits on how far the bureaucracy could go in support of its liberal pet causes, media cocktail companions, and opposition to conservatives. While Trump made a big deal of putting some names in charge of the Departments of Energy, Education, Justice and EPA, their power has been greatly curtailed by a lack of friendly underlings.

‘Smoking gun’ email reveals Obama DOJ blocked conservative groups from settlement funds, GOP lawmaker says | Fox News“It is not every day in congressional investigations that we find a smoking gun,” Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said Tuesday. Republican lawmakers long have decried those payments as a “slush fund” that boosted liberal groups, and the Trump DOJ ended the practice earlier this year. Anderson said in a statement.  “When the federal government settles a case against a corporate wrongdoer, any settlement funds should go first to the victims and then to the American people— not to bankroll third-party special interest groups or the political friends of whoever is in power,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

Congress could flip

For the Trump administration to succeed in rolling back Obama-era excessed, it must do more than just depend on Congress to find “smoking guns.” Remember, 2018 is an election year, and Democrats have their sights on taking back the Senate. In fact, there’s a good chance that will happen. The House is less likely, but let’s say a Democrat wave somehow put Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair.

At that point, all these “smoking gun” investigations will simply stop. The Trump administration will find itself fighting continual impeachment efforts–if not actual votes in the House.

All the effort the GOP, conservatives, and the Tea Party candidates spent making reforms could be in vain.

Managing Editor of NOQ Report. Serial entrepreneur. Faith, family, federal republic. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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The Money Pit: California’s not-so-high-speed rail



Have you heard this story, a couple finds a million dollar distress sale mansion on the market for a mere $200,000? Some upgrades are needed, but overall it’s a bargain. What ensues is comedic brilliance as the owners find out the house is barely standing. They pour more and more money into the house in the classic Tom Hank’s comedy “The Money Pit.”

Just like this movie, the California High-Speed Rail has become our Money Pit, but unlike the movie, this is no laughing matter.

In 2008, California voters approved Proposition 1A, a $9.95 billion bond to partially fund an 800-mile high-speed electric train traveling up to 220 mph. The goal would be that the state would fund a third, one-third by the federal government, and the last third via private investment. Total cost was estimated at $35 billion.

What has transpired since 2008? No more federal funding and no private funding. From 800-miles we went to 520 miles, as a cost savings measure. From 220 mph we are at 110 mph in large sections of the rail, to save money of course, and a possible completion date of 2020, is now estimated to be completed by 2033.

With all these cost-saving measures you would assume the cost would come down. Unfortunately, for California taxpayers, this money pit keeps getting worse.

The price tag for all these cost-saving measures brought to you by the California High-Speed Rail Authority and the California Legislature is currently estimated at $77.3 billion. But wait you want more savings and fiscal responsibility, too bad, because this $77.3 billion estimate may ultimately cost California taxpayers $98.1 billion. My prediction is it will be even higher.

At this point, it might be cheaper and faster to build a Death Star instead. Not to mention more useful.

This is not what the voters were promised. We did not approve a not-so-high-speed train with a price tag most likely ten times the initial projected cost to California taxpayers.

This boondoggle of a money pit must be stopped. Those billions can be used to help repair our roads, highways, bridges, dams, water reservoirs, and critical infrastructure.

If elected to be California’s next State Controller and Chief Financial Officer, I will look at all legal means to cut funding to this project. In my opinion, if we bought one thing and are getting something else, then the authorization to fund this project has not been authorized by the people, and thus the Controller may have the legal authority to stop payment until the project complies with Proposition 1A.

I hope, I won’t have to do this, and the Legislature does its job and kills this project. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We made a promise to taxpayers to be good stewards of their trust and money. Let’s restore that trust and do the right thing, and let’s put an end to this money pit.

Konstantinos Roditis is a candidate for California State Controller. You can learn more about his campaign at, and you can follow him on Twitter & Facebook.

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Guns and Crime

When gun control failed, SRO saves Maryland school



2 students and a suspect were injured in a shooting that took place in southern Maryland. The shooter has since been announced dead. He used a handgun which are highly regulated due to Maryland’s strict gun control. Following the Parkland shooting, Governor Hogan proposed putting a lockbox on casino revenues to be used to fund security in school. This would be the first serious attempt to use the casino money, which was supposed to be for schools, for their intended purpose. In response to today’s incident, other counties, such as Carroll County, are placing deputies in schools as a direct response to the shooting in St. Mary’s County.

The Story

ABC: Student suspect dead, girl critical, boy stable after shooting at Great Mills HS in Md.

The suspect, a student, is dead after a shooting Tuesday morning at a high school in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, that has left a girl in critical condition and a boy in stable condition, according to authorities.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office says it happened at Great Mills High School and that police are on the scene. ABC7’s Brad Bell said sources first told him that the shooter was a student, as were the two victims. Police later confirmed that the shooter was a student. Police also confirmed that a school resource officer took action to end the threat and authorities confirmed the incident has been contained.

MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital identified the victims as a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. They say the two were taken to them at around 8:15 a.m. and that the girl was later taken to the University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital Center.

The Takeaway

Being uninformed, deliberately or ignorantly, many on the left will use this as a rallying point for gun control. But as a Marylander, I can attest to Maryland having some of the strictest laws in the country. These laws failed to prevent this incident, as they have failed to curb Baltimore’s crime. Too many on the right, as well are just as uninformed about current laws. We can’t begin to talk about gun control when the population is so desperately malnourished of facts. We can, however, contemplate the issuance of SROs in schools or other means of security such as allowing teachers to voluntarily undergo concealed carry training.

Alas, leftists are saying the SRO went in knowing that an AR-15 wasn’t being used. No, the SRO did his job unlike those cowards in the corrupt Broward Sheriff’s Office. They are trained to engage whatever the gun, because confrontation saves lives. This SRO is a hero. I look forward to knowing his name. Thankfully, only the perpetrator is dead, and together let us pray that the two students recover.


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Hypocrisy? Abortionist acknowledges an unborn as a moral person



One of the beauties about twitter is that when an abortionist as proud as Leah Torres, they are subject to a ongoing ratio-ing. It’s rare for the pro-abortion side to presents such an evil or semi-honest advocate. You may have already seen a number of vile tweets in which this serial killer (3 or more premeditated murders with resting period in-between) proudly acknowledges her work. This is a person who kills babies out of intrinsic motivation, which is perhaps worse than financial.

Okay, that’s enough. Now, I wanted to point out this tweet where she shows a very different attitude towards the unborn.

It’s sad that people would allow a baby killer to deliver a fetus into the world. It’s also sad and ironic that she ascribes moral worth to a baby about to be born that isn’t undergoing an abortion.

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