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Certain illegals the left wants to not just deport but actually murder



You heard the story about the the 17-year old illegal who wants to have an abortion, and how the Trump administration wants to do the right thing (save that baby and allow it to be born), and the Obama Judge (if it was a Republican I would equally call out that one out too) who says no, and she must be able to kill her unborn child ASAP.


You know, for all the talk about these illegals being able to chase a dream in America, I guess if your yet to be born and currently in the womb of the mother who was more interested in being “loved” rather than truly loving and caring for those who are weaker than yourself and have yet to have a voice.  That apply’s to people that have not gone through the legal recourse as well.  When it comes to so called abortion rights, the left then becomes a supporter of ‘moral absolutes’ and ‘moral relativism’ goes out the window.  It only shows what they have been wanting to push in America if not the world for so long.  Free Love and eventually murdering those who the culture deems unfit.

It’s amazing how the left convinced women that procreation/child baring is such an evil thing. Anne Nicole Gaylor called abortion a blessing, but the one who truly convinced women that murdering the pre-born is a wonderful thing was Lawrence Lader, who was able to convince the second wave feminists to support abortion rights.  Lader’s cause was not really feminism but rather population control and curbing so called population.  He just convinced them like Sanger before him, that women would not free unless they could take control of their bodies; and that meant if they did not want to conceive, they should be able to have it murdered.  And hey, they should be able to have their milkshake or whatever, right?

The women have been convinced they are sticking it to the man.  In reality its sticking it to God (and they know it) who told Paul, who told Timothy, who told the people in Ephesus, and eventually; who told the rest of us that women shall be saved through procreation (1 Timothy 2: 15).


Men Launched the Movement to Legalize Abortion | Feminists for Life

It has become common to view a right to abortion as the centerpiece of women’s rights in general. The push to legalize abortion is popularly considered the vanguard of the women’s rights movement that emerged in the early seventies. The death last week of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the one-time abortion advocate who had an excruciating change of heart, reminds us that this view, while it may be commonplace, is nonetheless wrong.

There is No Doubt the Early Feminists Were Pro-Life on Abortion | aims of First-Wave Feminism were mainly their right to own property, woman’s suffrage (the right to vote) and equal rights in other areas such as education and divorce. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; But oh! (When Stopes found out that her contemporary Avro Manhattan had pressured one of his lovers into having an abortion, she called him a murderer to his face.

The Takeaway

With all that said, Steve Deace calls out the left for their push on abortion, and how even that trumps the right of certain Illegal immigrants.  Abortion (as well as Free Love/Easy Sex) is one of the biggest sacraments of the progressive left, and its hill they will give their own life for (we can only hope that on this cause.  They do).

Unborn babies—illegals the Left is willing to permanently deport Obama-appointed judge has ordered the government to allow a minor in its custody to kill her baby “promptly and without delay.” That minor happens to be a 17-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, which brings us squarely into the realm of the back-breaking situational ethics of the Left.   The Left has declared a SJW fatwa on behalf of these so-called dreamers.     Well, if that’s the question, then leftists are the ones who have some serious explaining to do.

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