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Steve Deace & Todd Erzen – Why I have hope for California



On yesterday’s episode of the Steve Deace Show on CRTV, during the buy, sell or hold segment, my question of will a conservative win a statewide office by 2022 in California was asked and answered. Everyone on the panel took the sell position, or as the great prophet Steve Deace would say, “hells to the no.” Todd Erzen wanted to know what I was drinking because it sounds pretty good. Well, sorry to break the news to you Todd, I was drinking coffee.

Steve also asked what the heck does conservative mean anyways. Steve here is a piece I wrote that examines the foundational differences between conservatism and libertarianism. This article might help answer your question.

So going back to the question at hand, not counting U.S. Senate seats there are eight statewide seats up for grabs in 2018 and those eight will be back up in 2022. So do I believe a genuine conservative will win any of these eight seats? Difficult, but not impossible. My question was in the hopes it would be asked and then tell someone to “hold my beer” sorry “coffee” and see Steve go off. Steve didn’t disappoint.

That being said, I believe that conservative principles can win even in California if the argument is structured properly. As Nancy Pelosi recently said, “though out of power Democrats are winning the fight.” The Left wins not because they have the superior argument its because the Right has forgotten how to fight. In my article, “laws and morality: the battle of worldviews” I stated:

If you want to reshape society and culture, you must win the worldview argument. Those who control the worldview of society are those who control society. The battle of ideas is fought and won on the field of worldviews. When you cease to fight and take the premise of your opponent’s worldview you have already lost. All you are doing is negotiating the terms of surrender.

Therefore, if we are to resurrect the conservative movement in America, we must re-engage on winning the worldview argument. If and only then will we have a chance of winning and conserving the principles we hold dear.

Therefore, if we are going to talk about property taxes, for instance, we need to explain why property tax is fundamentally immoral. In my article, “why the government owns everything” I attempt to make the case by appealing not only to a logical argument but primarily through a moral argument. Most people are not moved by charts, facts, and figures. They are driven by a moralistic and emotional appeal and then seek to rationalize it through a logical premise. Even if that logical premise is fundamentally flawed.

In Romans 1, we see that people reject God, not because belief in God is illogical. All men know in their heart that there is a God. They simply do not see fit to acknowledge him anymore. Men are not moved to action by compelling logical arguments alone.

Men are stirred up when their hearts are moved by a passionate appeal and when they are moved in their heart then the fruits of their belief are seen through their actions. Men are first moved in their hearts before they see fit to acknowledge the truth.

In the same way, if we are going to save California and this nation we must change how we deliver our message, not the message itself.

If we’re going to win, even when we are out of power, then we must relearn how to fight. It won’t be easy. I will take a lot of work and solid candidates to not only turn this state around but the country. As long as I’m here in California, I will continue to fight the good fight and do my part to resurrect the conservative movement in California and hopefully, have a solid conservative in office by 2022.

Mr. Roditis a candidate for California State Controller. He is an entrepreneur and owns several companies. He graduated from UCSD with a B.A. in Political Science/International Relations. He's a former City Commissioner with the City of Anaheim, CA. He's a Conservative Constitutional Federalist. Follow him on Twitter @KonRoditis

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  1. ed

    October 28, 2017 at 5:43 am

    In a more general role, I believe Republicans may never win again. They have no moral ground from which to argue conservative positions and every time one attempts to do so, he/she is shot down by their own side.

    Having recently left the Republican party, it is becoming clearer daily that the Republican message is one that people are desperate to see implemented, but that Republican politicians and power-brokers refused to implement because doing so would expose their own corruption and contempt for their voters – an exposure they cannot afford in their quest to retain and grow their own personal power and/or celebrity.

    The growing unese in the country is reaching / has reached a tipping point with Trump and the RNC betrayal of their base at the 2016 convention. The Democrat “platform” and ideologies are self-destructing after Obama and the Republicans are being exposed (because of Trump’s examples – not his leadership) as having no real differences between themselves and the Democrats. Most of Trump’s “conservative” campaign positions have been walked back, been rendered toothless, or have been taken to such absurd extremes that they are quickly becoming toxic to the Conservative base – at least as toxic as the Democrat policies have become to THEIR base.

    A pox on both parties. It has either already (or will by 2020) gotten to the point where a large part of the electorate is eagerly looking for ANYONE other than a corrupt Trumplican or Democrat to vote lead (not control/command/exploit) this nation.

    • Konstantinos Roditis

      October 28, 2017 at 7:44 am

      A very astute analysis of the political climate we find ourselves in today. A conservative movement of genuine limited government may arise in the rediscovering of Federalism in this country. Either it will happen within the GOP by a small group of people, but highly unlikely, or third party movement like the Federalist Party. The Dems party will be continue to collapse. I think in the next year or so, the corruption of Obama Administration, DNC, and the Clinton campaign will be further exposed and people will go to jail. If this happens the GOP will move even more to the left and replace the Dems if a third party like the Federalist Party can arise. I believe the collapse of the Dems is more likely right now then the GOP going away. Time will tell of course.

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