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Don’t confuse Schumer’s election pragmatism with a 2nd Amendment victory



Chuck Schumer Gun Control

Gun owners’ rights groups are cheering. Gun control advocates are screaming. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is instructing the Democrats to avoid inserting gun control into the budget debate, telling them to focus on the economy until after the midterm elections.

This is not the 2nd Amendment victory that some are billing it as. This is pure pragmatism. The gun grabbers aren’t backing off. They’re preparing to come after us as fast and furiously as possible when they feel the timing is right. In other words, this is just the calm before the storm

It makes sense from a political perspective. Schumer and the Democrats want control of the Senate and possibly even the House before the end of President Trump’s first term. They know that the gun control battle, while still hot following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, is a loser for them unless they get majorities in one or both chambers. While the number of people supporting “common sense” gun laws are high, the people who are adamantly opposed to them are often single-issue voters. That’s nearly 1/3rd of the population who wouldn’t vote for staunch gun control advocates regardless of any other issues affecting them or the nation.

Beyond Schumer’s strategy, other Democrats are holding out for bi-partisan support. New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich will not be including his high-capacity magazine restrictions in a vote until he has a Republican co-sponsor.

“On a budget vote-a-rama I think we’re going to be focused on the fundamentals, the fact that this budget cuts Medicare, Medicaid and raises taxes on the working poor,” he said.

If anything, these moves tell 2nd Amendment supporters that we must start winning the narrative. We can only win the political battles for so long before the tide turns, moderate Republicans relent, or Democrats take control. We need to alert people to the dangers of “common sense” gun control while reminding them that such measures simply do not work. Emotional reactions to shootings can drive the narrative away from us. We have to use the facts and true common sense to prevent future gun control measures from gaining steam.

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Schumer steers Dems away from gun votes | TheHill approach isn’t sitting well with everyone, given that the country experienced the deadliest mass shooting in modern history less than three weeks ago, when 58 people were killed by a single gunman who may have used bump stock devices that allowed him to fire more rounds per minute.

“Democrats need to find courage and learn to speak to the issue,” said Ladd Everitt, director of 1Pulse4America, a gun-violence prevention group created after the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016.

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