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It would be funny if it wasn’t sad: Girl Scouts embrace gender roles to keep Boy Scouts out



The Boy Scouts have abolished themselves by removing the “boy” from the “scouts.” This prompted the transgender-friendly, liberal, feminist Girl Scouts to suddenly squeal in protest because gender roles, apparently, are good. Who knew?

Mourning the end of the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America are now no more. The executive Scout council has voted, unanimously, to allow girls to into the Cub Scout program. We can expect that they will be allowed into full Scouting very soon, and to earn the coveted Eagle. While I was only a Cub Scout for a short time, I have seen one brother serve as a Life Scout, two brothers take their Eagles, with a third well on the way. And here is some what I’ve seen.

My younger brother Mark, experienced his own rite of passage, partially through the Scouts. Mark attended the Scouting camp at Boundary Waters. At that camp he and others traveled by canoe and foot. When on foot, they had to carry their boats on their backs. Mark told me that, at one point, he carried a boat virtually alone, and had no choice but to continue to walk. That experience taught him that the lesson of endurance in adversity. A lesson we want boys to learn, but don’t want them to suffer for. My brother later took that lesson into the Army’s Ranger School, where he suffered again, and succeeded again.

I’ve also seen my brothers learn, albeit with difficulty, lessons of self-reliance, leadership planning and more. I think what made all of this possible is the boys-only nature of Boy Scouts. In a boys-only environment, competition and cooperation are possible. They’re able to sort themselves into the natural order of leadership, which their abilities incline them.

When you introduce girls into a male environment, it changes things. Yes, I know, Cub Scouts haven’t reached puberty, but they will. And when the new girl Boy Scouts become young women, all the hormonally driven issues that plague us when we are teens will plague the Scouts.

What will the Scouts do, I wonder, if they catch Scouts involved with each other? What will the explanation be should a young woman become pregnant by a fellow Scout on a camping trip? How will the endless issues be handled when young men and young women are in close quarters with each other?

The obvious answer is that they cannot be ‘handled’ by the Scouts exccept by barring girls, which they no longer have the spine to do. If the U.S. military cannot handle these issues in a sane way, the Scouts cannot either. But besides bemoaning the end of the Scouts, and prophesying what may come, what makes this really hypocritical is the reaction of the Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts have been progressive, so much so that no conservative mother known to me allows their daughters to be involved in Girl Scouts past about age 12 or so.

Hypocritical Girl Scouts embrace gender roles

As soon as the BSA announced their contradictory goal of allowing girls into the Boy Scouts, the head of the Girl Scouts let loose a volley.

So when men’s only groups exist they’re sexist old boys clubs, and must be hounded out of existence. And when girls only groups are threatened, then we must reverse ourselves and say that gender specific groups are good, but only for girls, because…men suck.

In what is being called a strongly worded letter, the Girl Scouts, and their spokesman, are accusing the BSA of trying to appeal to Millenial parents by letting girls in. The GSA spokesman cited research which supports gender-specific training, that is, girls having their own groups is a good thing.

Peak 2017: Girl Scouts angry over competition from … – Hot Air have the famously progressive, pro-choice-supporting Girl Scouts squaring off against the famously conservative and religious Boy Scouts over gender identity and integration. I’m so old that I recall when people demanded that the Boy Scouts expand their membership to more protected categories, and when boycotts and marginalization were the only appropriate responses to male-only clubs and organizations. Wouldn’t it be better for girls to have a choice in scouting organizations?

Buzzfeed reported the letter saying, “For more than 100 years, our organizations have worked in a respectfully and complimentary manner, and we have been mutually supportive of one another’s mission to serve America’s youth. It is therefore unsettling that BSA would seek to upend a paradigm that has served both boys and girls so well through the years by moving forward with a plan that would result in fundamentally undercutting the Girl Scouts of the USA/”

They further reported:

“It’s a potentially dangerous and bad idea,” the spokesperson said, citing research supporting “single gender programming” which says that girls learn best in an all-girls environment when it comes to scouting.”

Wait, aren’t boys-only, and men-only, groups a bad thing?

The Takeaway

Women-only gyms are a good thing, because–women need a space to be safe from men. Okay, I can wrap my testosterone-warped brain around that one. Women want women’s groups, gyms, clubs etc, go ahead, civil society is free to form itself into the groups needed by its members. But on some campuses, men’s groups are blocked. In the UK, men’s only golf clubs were forced to open up to women years ago, to the detriment of wives who must now pay for 2 full memberships instead of 1. But wait, I see it now.

The key part of the GSA’s complain isn’t to do with gender-specific groups, but with ‘fundamentally undercutting the Girl Scouts of the USA.”

So when men’s only groups exist they’re sexist old boys clubs, and must be hounded out of existence. And when girls only groups are threatened, then we must reverse ourselves and say that gender specific groups are good, but only for girls, because…men suck.

If this weren’t so sickening I’d be amused. But seeing the legendary Boy Scouts of America prostrate themselves before the forces of the Left is nothing short of a sorry end to a noble institution, which impacted the lives of countless boys and men, including me.

We’ve learned two things from this sorry episode.

  1. Eventually the Left ruins everything,
  2. When ideology meets cash, cash wins.

Chris McDonald, Classical Conservative, Federalist, amateur philosopher and Son of Liberty. Visit me on The College Conservative at

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Some may object to this topic being part of mostly political news site, but it’s been more widely covered in recent years by liberal sites attempting to paint the Biblical worldview in a negative light, so it’s good to give equal time to the counterarguments.

There are better videos than Ken Ham’s discussion on the topic, but few are more easily understood. It’s well worth the hour.

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Bettie Cook Scott is a racist politician. And she’s a Democrat.



Bettie Cook Scott is a racist politician And shes a Democrat

Racism is owned by the Republican Party. That’s the narrative the press and their handlers, the Democratic Party, wants America to believe. Someone forgot to get that memo to Michigan state representative Bettie Cook Scott.

Detroit Rep. Bettie Cook Scott on Asian opponent: ‘Don’t vote for the ching-chong!’ than a dozen community groups have called on Rep. Bettie Cook Scott (D-Detroit) to apologize for a series of racial slurs sources say she used to describe her primary election opponent, Rep. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit).

Scott is alleged to have referred to Chang as “ching-chang” and “the ching-chong” to multiple voters outside polling precincts during last Tuesday’s election. She’s also said to have called one of Chang’s campaign volunteers an “immigrant,” saying “you don’t belong here” and “I want you out of my country.”

My Take

There are two important takeaways here. First is the hypocrisy surrounding Scott, a (formerly) rising star in the Michigan Democratic Party. If the comments she made were spoken by anyone other than a Democrat, the calls wouldn’t be for an apology. The press and social groups would be calling for her to step down and jump into a hole somewhere.

The second point is that in the real world, the one not seen through the lens of liberals and the media, racism exists everywhere. It is not owned by Republicans, conservatives, old people, white people, or any other classification. One can even make a valid argument that it’s no more prominent in the Republican Party than it is in the Democratic Party that supports groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Racism must be eliminated from society. That will never happen as long as so many people naively believe it only exists in the minds of certain people on the political right. It exists everywhere. Accept that and we can work to make it stop.

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Our List of Demands for the Conservation of Liberty – Part II




Our List of Demands for the Conservation of Liberty Part II

Leftists incessantly issue lists of demands for the restriction of Liberty, It’s time to reverse the trend towards freedom.

This is our second part of our series of what we on the Pro-Liberty Right want for the preservation of Liberty. Part I is here.

6. The Left needs to stop trying to control private property with Intergalactic Background Checks. [aka ‘enhanced’ or ‘Universal’]

If there is one constant in the Liberty grabber universe, it’s that half of them are incessantly calling for gun confiscation while the rest deny they are calling for gun confiscation. They also love to parrot the line that it would be impossible to round-up everyone’s guns as a way of deflecting the issue. Except that those on the Pro-liberty side thought the same thing in the UK and Australia. Their Liberty grabber nightmare began with gun registration, under the solemn promise that it wouldn’t lead to gun confiscation. [Sound familiar?] Then of course at the next occasion of a serious crisis, this registration data was used for gun confiscation.

The fact is gun confiscation takes several precursor steps, the most critical being the assertion of government control over private property with Intergalactic Background Checks. Curiously enough, the Liberty grabbers tend to want language inserted into these laws mandating the reportage of lost or stolen firearms. Those types of rules are of primary importance only if the point of these measures is to turn them into a registration scheme.

7. The Liberty Grabber Left needs to stop pushing for even more controls on freedom.

It is also axiomatic that Leftists will exploit any opportunity to start ever-expansive controls over Liberty. The Left is a virtual fountainhead of new and more creative ways of clamping down on freedom. Having run out of new and improved ways of making it difficult, embarrassing and expensive to buy a firearm [While also lying about it at the same time] the Left has moved on to imposing controls over the purchase of ammunition. Then of course they also are making demands on how these are stored.

8. Stop attacking those who only wish to defend themselves.

There is nothing more loathsome than Leftists who excel at hurling insults at the country’s estimated 150 Million innocent gun owners. We’ve been labelled with almost everything from being Terrorists to baby killers for wanting nothing more than to be able to defend our families and ourselves.

Those who incessantly work overtime to demonize the innocent should keep one word in mind: Deterrence. The widespread ownership of weapons in most areas deters criminals since they don’t know who can fight back. This also explains why places with tight controls on Liberty tend to have higher crime rates. Curiously enough, for people who love the term ‘Commonsense’ they certainly don’t seem to well versed in it.

9. The Left needs to become educated about that which they want to control.

Granted, it might be too much to expect the Liberty Grabbers from knowing the difference between a direct impingement and gas piston actuation, but they should at least know the difference between a semi-auto and select fire. Nothing screams uninformed more than someone who confuses a clip with a magazine or some who uses them interchangeably in a claim that one can fire off 30 rounds in half a second.

Lack of knowedge is usually a negative in most cases, but in the realm of Liberty Control, the Leftists wear it as a badge of honour.

10. The Left needs to stop lying about guns.

We made these two separate items to prove a point. While some gaffes of the Liberty grabber elite are relatively harmless, there are those that are a danger to Liberty. It should go without saying that we live in an age in which the knowledge of the world is literally at one’s fingertips. There is no rational excuse for a lack of knowledge on the most rudimentary aspects of certain subjects. By the same token, there is no excuse for the propagation of deliberate false impressions and Lies particularly on the subject of self-defense.

One of the most infamous examples stems from the creation the phrase “Assault Weapon”:

The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.

The Takeaway.

The nation’s Left has gone on for years demanding compromises on the part of the Pro-Liberty Right. It is time that they step up to the plate and show they can be ‘bi-partisan’ for once. These steps aren’t really that extraordinary, in fact they merely bolster Liberty. Some Leftists still purport to be Liberal, supporting these items would go a long way in showing that is truly the case.

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