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Let’s ban Cultural Marxism before trying anything else



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Diagnosing the root cause of a problem is the first step in solving it.

A weekly gathering of friends had the mass murder in Las Vegas as the topic de jour and a heartfelt discussion about what to do. A friend I’ve known for 10 years – and who has never voiced a political opinion – expressed support of strict gun control. I pointed out the many cases where that has only made the situation worse and that the murderer could have used a number of different methods to accomplish the same goal. She asked quite earnestly what we could do about the problem and my thoughtful response was that we need to go back to where we were 40 – 50 years ago. I said that everyone needs to consider that semi-automatic firearms have been around for over 100 years, repeating firearms for over 160 and edged weapons since the stone age. Therefore, it has nothing to do with the weaponry and everything to do with what has been taking place the past few decades. Her heartfelt response was that we can’t go back…..

That conversation has most likely been echoed around the country this week and to put it bluntly, obsessing over ‘Bump-stocks’ and Intergalactic Background Checks will do nothing to solve the problem. This is not about how some commit mass murder, but why they do it and what has changed over the time period that this has become depressingly commonplace.

What has changed in the past 40 – 50 years?

Well, many have already guessed that it is the gradual shifting away from a moral grounding in the country, but why is this the case? There are several possible sources but the prime suspect would have to be the havoc wreaked by the Left and it’s agenda of Cultural Marxism.

For those unfamiliar with the term, this was born of the Marxist frustration after WWI when proletariat revolutions didn’t break out everywhere as predicted. They decided that the people were too oppressed by society to know what was good for them in the glorious Utopian theory of Marxism. They reasoned that the only way to get the people to accept their philosophy would be to demolish existing society so it could be replaced with their conceptions of ‘heaven on Earth’. Consequently, they began the ‘long march’ through the institutions and attempted to destroy our culture with the battering ram of Critical Theory. If you would like to find out more about this and how it will supposedly lead to a wondrous Utopia, check into many of the courses offered by most institutions of “higher” learning.

The past 40 – 50 years has seen Cultural Marxism ravage the country, leaving its heritage and moral grounding bruised and battered, manifesting itself in horrific mass murder attacks. So how do we do to turn this around? Following the same road will only lead to a dead end. The only way we can save ourselves is by reversing what has taken place and ridding ourselves of this Marxist pestilence.

Reversing the course of Cultural Marxism

We need to become familiar with our founding documents and the intellectual foundation on which they rest. We need to know why the founding fathers created the best form of government ever envisioned. We have to emphasize and be proud of the Judeo-Christen roots of our nation and how it is unique in world history.

We need to stop sending our children to these glorified indoctrination centers so they can be taught societal poison of the Left [ And don’t get me started on the other disingenuous labels they use]. Schools are meant to teach people how to think instead of what to think, and we have to get back to that paradigm.

We need to stop accepting the cultural rot that the left incessantly throws our way. We need to vote with our dollars and only accept decent entertainment.

Finally, we also need to study the enemy’s immoral and parasitic ideology and it’s repeated failures down the centuries. We need to be able to contrast that with ours of freedom of the individual and economic liberty and how the left’s socialist national agenda is the death of these things. President Ronald Reagan summed it up quite succinctly:

“How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

In short, we have to push back on all fronts against the left’s agenda of cultural Marxism and their attempt to destroy what made the United States the exceptional nation the that it is. And we need to get back to having a moral grounding based on our Judeo-Christen roots.

Think of this as your homework assignment America…. and trust me, there will be a test on it later on.

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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Culture and Religion

Kevin Swanson interviews adoptive parents



Kevin Swanson interviews adoptive parents

On the November 21, 2017 podcast of his Generations program, Kevin Swanson interviewed author Sheri McMinn and several other parents about their children that they adopted, and what they had to go through in their attempts to adopt including several homosexual couples who in the running to adopt.

Americans Abort, but Less Adopt numbers are the lowest they’ve ever been in this generation. Where is the church on this one?  Where are Christian families?  What’s wrong with the system?  We take a look at why the love of so many have grown cold, with a warm conversation about loving kids (even those with special needs and those without anybody else in the world to love them.)

Homeschooled himself in the 1960’s and 70’s, Kevin Swanson and his wife, Brenda, are now homeschooling their five children. Since graduating from his homeschool and then serving as student body president of a large west coast university, he has gone on to other leadership positions in corporate management, church, and other non-profits.

Earlier in April 12 of the same year, Swanson did in-depth interview with McMinn and her book Adoption Encouragement and Advice for a Hopeful Journey.  

Adoption — Real Religion, Tough Religion, Christ Religion the orphan and widow. Adoption. It’s real religion. It’s tough religion at points. But it has to be a religion filled with faith and Christ, the whole journey. Here is a realistic, down-to-earth, loving, thoughtful, informative, wise, courageous, faith-filled, hopeful look at adoption through the eyes of a mom who has walked the journey. Kevin Swanson interviews Shari McMinn, author of a new book called Adoption – Encouragement and Advice for a Hopeful Journey.

I recommend that you listen to both programs (the April 12, 2017 program starts at 11:38), because right now our government has truly made it hard for caring parents (especially Christian parents) to adopt children.  I remember reading a letter to the editor from a pro-abortion advocate that not only praised China for its population control program but discouraged adoption and pointed out its difficulties.  The bottom line made by this letter writer is this:  You see abortion is truly best for that child, who is likely going to have a miserable life anyway.  Abortion is the best loving option.  Better to be sucked out of the womb, have your arms and legs ripped apart, and your delicate skull crushed then growing up in a life of misery and in an uncaring world.

This pro-abort did not say it the way like I just did, but it is implied.  Trouble is too many people do believe these pro-aborts and don’t even try to help stem the tide and fight for a better child welfare state.  Adoptions are in decline, and our society truly frowns on children in so many ways.  We were all once children, so why hate on those who will be adults one day?

Our culture truly hates children.  They are a reminder that being an adult also means that we have to be not only responsible for our finances and then some, but we have to be responsible for the next generation.  There is more to life than sexual desires and telling dirty jokes that we adult think is being grown up. am Shari Howard McMinn, a published author who has lived an ‘over the top’ life with my beloved husband and 11 children. I enjoy writing and public speaking on a variety of subjects based on my life experience and avid research: Adoption, Childhood Nutrition, Conservatism, Family Economy, Frugal Living, Homeschooling, Pro-Active Parenting, Sustainable Farming, Working Widowhood, and Writing as a Second Career. I teach from a Christian Worldview and share practical strategies for helping families succeed, enjoying life to the fullest in what the Lord has called them.

Those who have read my books enjoy my engaging storytelling, and appreciate my sharing of often hard-earned life lessons. I write non-fiction which edifies, informs, and supports family faith in Christ.

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Culture and Religion

Beware of the dark side



Many have started down the dark path.

Regardless of what you think of Roy Moore, I hope you reached that conclusion objectively. Unfortunately, those who dominate my news feed did not.

I saw bloodthirsty cries for him to drop out of the Senate race as soon as the first allegations were made, just as I witnessed stubborn declarations of innocence and that it was all a political smear. Both sides had more in common than not: their positions had nothing to do with the credibility of the allegations, but with the existence of the allegations alone.

Democrats and RINOs want him gone, so he must be innocent. Flyover Republicans want him elected, so he must be guilty.

From there, no amount of evidence on either side could penetrate stubborn skulls. The filter of confirmation bias tainted any appearance of guilt or innocence, and once again tribal politics reigned supreme.

But because God has a sense of humor, He threw Stuart Smalley into the mix.

Once the Al Franken (D-MN) groping photo surfaced, it was nothing if not comical to watch the tides reverse. Suddenly Moore’s tribal defenders started arbitrarily calling for Franken’s resignation, and Democratic loyalists rushed to protect him from fallout.

Bear in mind, I’m still not talking about those who’ve evaluated the evidence at hand and reached an objective conclusion. This is about the moral relativists who claim that sexual harassment and assault warrant swift impeachment and that women should be believed, not scrutinized — unless it’s happening to their guy.

Suddenly Democrats yell, “But we can’t afford to lose a pro-choice vote, no matter who it comes from!” And as Babylon Bee satirized, evangelicals would vote for Satan if he ran as a pro-life Republican.

Everyone, it seems, has forsaken principle.

I’m sick of arbitrary virtue, and, as always, there’s a Star Wars analogy for that.

In Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker kills a disarmed (well, dishanded) Count Dooku at the prodding of his friend, Palpatine (or his pal, Friend-patine. I’ll stop now, I promise). While Palpatine insists, “He was too dangerous to be kept alive,” Anakin laments, “It’s not the Jedi way.”

Later, when Palpatine finds himself at the tip of Mace Windu’s lightsaber, Anakin demands that Palpatine stand trial. Because it’s the Jedi way? Not quite.

In a chilling echo, Master Windu counters, “He’s too dangerous to be kept alive” — the exact phrase used earlier by the Sith Lord.

(I could write an entire piece on how the Jedi and Sith are akin to the increasingly similar Republican and Democratic Parties, but I won’t go down that rabbit hole just yet.)

In fairness, I actually agree in both cases that the villains should have been killed. That’s my principle. And if Anakin opposed Palpatine’s death based on the Jedi way of not killing an unarmed opponent (are you still unarmed if you can shoot lightning from your fingertips?), that would have been his principle. It’s possible for two principled people to disagree.

But that wasn’t Anakin’s objection. As Windu draws back for the kill, Anakin confesses his true motive. Not “the Jedi way,” not due process, not even further interrogation or hostage bargaining. Seconds before the final blow, Anakin cries out, “I need him!”

Anakin severs Windu’s hand, Palpatine’s lightning thrusts the Jedi Master from the shattered window, and Anakin’s turn to the dark side is complete.

Anakin’s fall is a painfully recognizable warning in contemporary American politics — not just in 2017 or even 2016, but for decades of political discourse.

“I don’t care if he’s a child molester; I need him!”

“I don’t care if he assaulted women; I need him!”

“I don’t care if he left a woman to drown in Chappaquiddick,” and “I don’t care what he grabs women by.”

The chorus echoes loud and clear: “I need him!”

This is how you fall to the dark side, and as Padmé notes only moments later, “this is how liberty dies.” Ultimately, this moment proves the destruction of the entire republic.

When the wicked rule, the people mourn. Without consistent principles, we are in danger of sacrificing every blessing of freedom we enjoy. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.

My warning to you is the same caution Master Yoda gives to Luke on Dagobah decades after the rise of the Empire: “Beware of the dark side. … If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.”

Richie Angel is a Co-Editor in Chief of The New Guards. Follow him and The New Guards on Twitter, and check out The New Guards on Facebook.

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Culture and Religion

We must be angry about funding Planned Parenthood just as much as hunting elephants for sport



We must be angry about funding Planned Parenthood just as much as hunting elephants for sport

I know some conservatives are opposed to hunting elephants for the sake of just hunting them.  There are conservatives that would not want to see animals abused in any way.  But can you be frank and say that we need to speak out against the Republican Party and their continued funding of Planned Parenthood?  Come on, we have seen the videos and we have seen what types of ghouls that the people of PP (and other pre-born baby killer clinics) are.

We elevate animals to the status of humans, while we de-elevate the humans to that of a germ or a virus.  I know your fellow brothers and sisters can be cruel to each other and I know that a dog, cat, might love you back more than most people.  Still, God loves the human race for one reason.  He created us so that we would love him back.  He sent his son Jesus Christ to die on a cross for us.  That is how much he loves us and wants us to worship and love God back, and why the Devil himself would want to make us extinct like the dinosaurs.  If that ever happened, that fallen angel would take the place of his own father.  That will not happen but the Devil can still do damage.

The funding of Planned Parenthood only enables the devil to snuff the candles of innocent children that were created by self-centered women and men who only wanted carnal trills in their lives even to the point of doing it criminally.  Then again, you wonder why there are so many complaints of sexual harassment right now.  Let us get back to basics.  Let us promote sexual relations in the marriage institution of one man and one woman, and treat the unborn as people.  After all, the Republican Party has proven that they can’t or won’t do that, and we can’t rely on them to fight for our values.

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WALSH: We’re Still Funding The Abortion Industry, But Let’s Be Mad About Trophy Hunting Instead erupted across the country last week when the Trump Administration announced plans to end a ban on big-game trophy hunting in some parts of Africa. The decision would have allowed you to kill elephants and bring back pieces of them to mount on your wall, or turn into shoes, or do whatever people do with elephant pieces. But the backlash was so loud and severe, particularly from conservatives, that Trump quickly backed off and said he was putting the whole thing on “hold.” In another tweet, Trump called big-game trophy hunting a “horror show,” hinting that this temporary hold would soon become permanent.

Look how quickly We The People, especially We The Conservative People, can get results from this government when we are unified in opposition to something. I use the term “we” loosely. I personally don’t care much about trophy hunting either way. I think it probably helps conservation efforts more than hinders it, but maybe it is a little weird to keep an elephant’s severed head as a trophy. Whatever. Everyone has their own taste in home decor, I suppose.

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