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Ivanka makes hard push to protect Dreamers and it’s hurting her dad’s position



Ivanka makes hard push protect Dreamers

It has never been in question that the President’s children were liberals. Elder daughter Ivanka couldn’t even vote for her father in the New York primary because she was a registered Democrat. None of this would even be important if she didn’t have great sway over the President’s actions, but she does. Between her direct influence and the influence of her husband, Jared Kushner, a good chunk of the President’s leftward lurches can be attributed to her.

The latest push seems to coincide with yesterday’s release of proposed actions for Congress from the White House as the legislative branch tries to pass immigration reform. The list of “harsh” demands have the Democrats on Capitol Hill crying foul and pushing back as hard as they can. They were expecting lighter measures in exchange for some form of protection for “Dreamers,” illegal immigrant children who were protected by President Obama’s DACA executive order. What they were given instead is the most robust border security plan ever proposed.

This is all good. It’s how deals are made. The GOP is starting off with an outrageous offer, the Democrats will counter with something equally outrageous, and they’ll meet in the middle. If anything, this is the most sane political exercise we’ve seen since the President was inaugurated.

Enter Ivanka Trump. She’s not helping.

Monday night at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, she essentially undercut the GOP position by not only speaking her mind on the subject but also declaring that the President shared the same perspectives.

“This is a very complicated issue that needs a long-term congressional fix,” Trump said. “I personally am of the opinion— and the president has stated this— that we have to figure out a good solution that protects these innocent people, many of whom were brought to this country as children.”

Why this is bad

We get it. The “tough as nails on immigration” presidential candidate was a show. The softening that he proposed after winning the nomination was more aligned with his actual thoughts. He’s had exchanges with Chuck and Nancy that initially had them happy. All of this was troublesome to conservatives.

Now, the White House has an amazing proposal on the table. The Democrats were caught off guard. They expected their buddy in the Oval Office to throw up a few token border control measures to save face before giving Dreamers everything they could have dreamed. The negotiations were going to start with the GOP having the upper hand.

Ivanka inadvertently (or so we hope) threw a wrench in the works. By signalling her unabashed support for Dreamers, she took away the potential for a unified voice from the White House and therefore from the Republican Party. She played the “necessity card” that hampers the GOP’s ability to either bluff about walking away from the table or actually walking away and allowing Dreamers to enter unprotected limbo.

In the whole scheme of things, this is minor, but just as Michael had to lecture Fredo after the Moe Green meeting in The Godfather, “Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.”


Ivanka Trump: We Have to Save DACA, along with her husband, Jared Kushner, pretty much guide policy with President Big Daddy, and her topic of choice for this event was DACA, and the need to protect the children of illegal immigrants.

Ivanka Trump tells Congress to find DACA fix: ‘We have to figure out a good solution that protects these innocent people’ is a bipartisan push by Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to pass legislation in the form of the Dream Act. With this bill, DACA recipients would have the chance to become U.S. citizens if they pursue higher education, or seek careers in the military or the workforce.

Final Thoughts

What’s most unfortunate is that Dreamers are being used as pawns by both sides. While a small majority of Americans favor giving them protections, it’s not enough to force the GOP to take a bad deal. Ivanka thought she was helping them (or so we hope), but by hamstringing Republicans at the negotiating table, she’s actually hurting Dreamers.

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  1. P Dice

    October 10, 2017 at 5:48 am

    The only thing between Donald and impeachment … are his followers.

    And we have fewer and fewer victories to celebrate.

    Sessions was a plant. Ryan and McConnell are assassins.

    Donald … listen to the base, not the daughter. Or you are history

  2. Kathleen03

    October 10, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    Trump’s polls would increase by 10 were he to give walking papers to the Kushner Kids.

    These two neophytes have caused more disruption than producing positive contributions and only serve to diminish Trump in the eyes of those who supported/voted for him.

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Rich Lowry on Dick Durbin’s desire to make a DACA deal work



Rich Lowry on Dick Durbins desire to make a DACA deal work

Based upon Senator Dick Durbin’s actions the last few days regarding President Trump’s “s***hole” comments, one would think his intention was to derail talks and have a valid reason to blame Republicans in general and Trump in particular. If he really wanted a DACA deal, wouldn’t he have handled it differently?

JD Rucker had some thoughts on this:

Trump was wrong to say what he said. Durbin was wrong to reveal it. crossed that line. He took comments that paint the entire country through the President himself in a way that harms our ability to work with other nations. He wasn’t championing the nations Trump spoke out about. He had a single intention: harm.

Will this help with negotiations? Possibly, but at what cost?

National Review’s Rich Lowry wasn’t quite as accusatory, but he did question Durbin’s motives and whether or not he really wanted to make a DACA deal happen. Perhaps he was just greatly offended. Then again, perhaps he was just being a politician. Here’s Lowry’s quote:

“Everyone seems to think that Durbin really wants a deal, which makes it weird that he has gone out of his way to blow up the s***hole meeting.”

Read all of his comments:

Trump’s “Shithole” Comments, DACA & Political Fallout benefit of a merit-based system is that it would move us away from special ethnic pleading in immigration policy. The visa lottery began as affirmative action for Irish immigrants. My understanding is that Dick Durbin said in the meeting that he wanted to preserve the visa lottery in a slightly changed form because the Congressional Black Caucus wanted it. This is not how we should be making decisions about who comes here and who doesn’t.

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Rand Paul defends President Trump’s sentiment



Rand Paul defends President Trumps sentiment

On an interview today with Chuck Todd, Senator Rand Paul defended the President’s sentiment in his infamous “s***hole” comment. While not defending the language, he noted that if the language itself had been more politically correct, the sentiment of what the President said was true.

He also turned blame on the media and Democrats for derailing immigration talks by focusing on the President’s comments.

“I do want to see an immigration compromise and you can’t have an immigration compromise if everybody’s out there calling the President a racist,” Paul said.

My Take

For the most part, the Senator is correct. This has become a distraction and a roadblock to important talks. The incessant desire to discredit the President has the rabid media keeping us focused on how the President talks rather than his actions.

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Donald Trump and Jeb Bush: All you need is love (amnesty) to fix DACA



Donald Trump and Jeb Bush All you need is love amnesty to fix DACA

During the GOP primary season prior to the 2016 election, Jeb “Just Eliminate Borders” Bush took some heat from GOP conservatives—yes, Virginia, there used to be such a thing—for his Obama-esque position on so-called immigration reform and DACA.

Perhaps the greatest example of Jeb’s wrong-headedness on the subject was seen in comments he made to a group attending an event recognizing the 25th anniversary of his father’s presidency.

In response to a question on why he was so soft on the immigration issue, Jeb stated that these people had come to America illegally to provide a better life for their families and that they should be treated with “sensitivity” because their illegal actions were simply “an act of love.”

In the days following Trump’s Rescind-In-Name-Only DACA order, Jeb has shared his feelings with Trump multiple times on how he would like to see the $1 million-plus DREAMers taken care of—even calling on the New York liberal to “come to DACA’s defense.”

Of course, Jeb’s appeal to the president was unnecessary. Besides recent indications that he would trade his border wall for a DACA bill, Trump has made amnesty for DREAMers and making DACA permanent primary goals of his Ivanka’s administration. Still, it looks like Trump has embraced Jeb’s “love” approach to illegal immigration.

Calling the DACA fix a bi-partisan “bill of love,” Trump admitted in a meeting with Congressional leaders yesterday that his position on DACA will be whatever Congress tells him it should be. He agreed to sign any DACA bill brought to his desk because he has “confidence” that Congress will come up with something “really good” and he promised to “take the heat” from his base for his lie about ending DACA.

Of course, Trumps acceptance of the Jeb Bush policy simply confirms how Trump lied about fixing DACA, but with 2018 already an uphill slog for the Trumplican party, even members of the cult know that Trump’s DACA fixation is likely to do serious damage his administration.

But worry not, Trump cult. All is not lost.

In the meeting yesterday, Trump expressed his support for the return of Congress’s abusive practice of using “earmarks” in spending bills and called for their restoration as a way to build bipartisanship. The idea is already being worked on by the House Rules Committee.

At least he’s keeping his promise to drain the swamp. Right? On second thought, never mind.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


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