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Guns and Crime

Gun controllers aren’t interested in facts, or liberty



For decades now the Left has moved us farther and farther down the road to socialism, and their inevitable conclusion would be a reign of totalitarian control by a centralized government that will dictate every aspect of our lives. This ultimate dream of the powers that be on the Left can never be realized without disarming the population at large, just like every other totalitarian regime in history has done, from the Romans to Stalin.

When they say “the mentally ill” they mean “veterans” who are the greatest threat to their eventual tyranny. When they say “common sense” gun control they mean “whatever we say it should be.”


Of course it’s not just “rednecks with pickup trucks” that are the problem for our would-be overlords, although they would certainly pose a problem in and of themselves. There are millions of military veterans, most of whom (like me), are veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and know how to fight an insurgency if needed, because we fought on the opposite side of one before, and we understand the tactics. Plus, we’re smarter, better trained, and in far better shape than those we fought against.

Disarming veterans has become a top priority for the Left. Of course they can’t say that overtly, so they take the long way around and say they just want to stop people who are “mentally ill” from owning guns. Well that seems reasonable, doesn’t it? I mean who wants people who are crazy owning guns?

Well the problem is you have a lot of veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of varying levels, yet are no threat to anyone. I’m one of them. Leftists want to use this as Ann excuse to take away the 2nd Amendments rights of those who deserve them most, the men and women who have fought for those rights and are most trained in their use.

There are a thousand articles about vets having their gun rights taken so Google them if you want more; this is about the big picture, which no one seems to fathom.

The Left is slippery. There is ALWAYS a hidden meaning. When they say “the mentally ill” they mean “veterans” who are the greatest threat to their eventual tyranny. When they say “common sense” gun control they mean “whatever we say it should be.”

Your average every day liberal on Twitter doesn’t cleave to this of course. They are just mouthing talking points given to them by their favorite political leader or MSNBC host. They don’t actually understand the full implications of what they are wanting. Those giving them the talking points sure do though.


Ignorance is Left

When I say your “average every day liberal” I’m including the vast majority of the Hollywood types. They have no more idea what they are talking about than anyone else. They certainly do t know anything about guns. They THINK they do because they use them in their movies and TV shows, and that’s frankly more dangerous than being ignorant. Mark Twain said, “Ignorance doesn’t hurt you. What’s hurts you is that of which you are absolutely certain that isn’t so.” They have their talking points just like everyone else though. Hillary Clinton tweets out that suppressors are silencers and make gunshots silent and so they repeat it. After all, it works that way in the movies, so it must be true.

And so how do conservatives respond? We do the responsible thing. We try to “educate” these people. We explain that machine guns are already illegal. We explain that an AR-15 and an M-16 aren’t the same thing no matter how much they look alike. We explain the rigorous government process to buy a suppressor and explain how even then it’s not like a James Bond movie.


It doesn’t matter. The people who are ignorant don’t want to know the truth, they just want to repeat the points of the politicians they like. The people we argue with who make policy already know all of these things, and that is where their long game comes in.

Wayne LaPierre, Executive VP for the NRA famously testified before Congress after Sandy Hook and explained, during questioning from Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) that an AR-15 was functionally no different than a semi-auto rifle commonly used for hunting. The AR-15 simply has attachments on it that make it more versatile, comfortable, and allow various attachments like optics and flashlights to be added. The AR-15 just looks like the military’s M-16 and M-4 rifles.

Yeah, gun-grabbing elites like Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) know this already, in spite of their apparent ignorance of guns at times. They know that functionally an AR-15 or AR-10 is the same as any other semi-automatic rifle. In fact, they plan to make the same argument some day, and use conservatives statements to that effect against us.

After banning “weapons of war” from our streets, they plan to argue that since all other semi-auto rifles are the same, that those must go too. Semi-auto shotguns and handguns? Those will be close behind. I doubt even pump shotguns will be left. Soon all law-abiding Americans will have remaining to us is single and double barrel shotguns and revolvers, and maybe bolt-action rifles. But with our ability to resist gutted, those will be gone shortly thereafter.

The Takeaway

I would urge Americans who see the dangers of an overreaching Federal government bent on controlling a populace like slaves it’s as Stalin and Mao did to stop making the Left’s eventual argument for them. Stop arguing “they’re not the same thing.” Our argument SHOULD be, “automatic weapons like the military has are illegal, in violation of the 2nd Amendment.”

Those of us who truly understand the 2nd Amendment know it isn’t written for self-defense from criminals (although that is a great benefit) and it is CERTAINLY not about hunting deer. It’s about protecting ourselves from a government that the Founders knew could eventually turn as tyrannical as the one they had just cast off.

I reluctantly voted for to Mitt Romney in 2012, but there was a definite moment when it became reluctant. Romney as asked if he understood this purpose of the 2nd Amendment and he said, “I don’t really see how that applies in this day in age.”  If he didn’t see it after 4 years of Obama then he simply did not get it, and this wasn’t a man I could give my heartfelt support to.

The Left is playing the long game on guns, but they’ve been playing it for a long time. They are trying to close in for the kill. The GOP’s unwillingness to follow through on their campaign promises could hand control of Congress back to the Democrats in 2018 and the White House noble 2020. Mark be words, guns will Be first on their list of that ever happens. They already have their healthcare, a key component in their plans. Next they need their silver bullet, gun control.


Benjamin Wilhelm served as a commissioned officer in the United States military for 10 years, serving one combat tour in Afghanistan. He is a recipient of the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge among other military awards. Ben has worked in a variety of private sector businesses both large and small. He is a former military and civilian firearms instructor and an advocate for veterans issues. Ben is a strict Constitutionalist who sees the Federal government as an out of control leviathan, and the federal debt as a burden that will break the country. Ben is a divorced father of two boys.

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Guns and Crime

Charges being investigated in Las Vegas Shooting



Charges being investigated in Las Vegas Shooting

As noted on the January 12th article We still want answers Las Vegas Shooting investigation, a hearing was set to take place on January 16th to possibly unseal the exercised search warrants in connection to the Stephen Paddock, the only identified Las Vegas Shooting participant. This followup is being conducted as part of getting the Las Vegas Shooting back into the front page as the public awaits answers. People  want answers and it’s good that some members of the media are fighting for them. The hearing was part of a legal action brought fourth by members of the media, most notably the Las Vegas Review Journal. Also covering the hearing was Craig Fiegener, a reporter who has closely followed this story.

To briefly summarize the hearing, the media attorney said that we have a right see the unsealed search warrants. The LVMPD ended up resorting to revealing that because additional charges are being considered, the hearing should be done behind closed doors. So no decision was rendered as Judge Cadish will give the police time to file a brief. For now we wait another week and then some for answers. But until then we can speculate. At the mention of charges being investigated, all eyes are on the shooter’s girlfriend.


Criminal charges possible in Las Vegas shooting, lawyers say hearing, before Clark County District Judge Elissa Cadish, related to local police search warrant records.

Metro’s initial argument was that Cadish did not have the authority to unseal the records because that authority should remain with the individual judges who initially ordered the records sealed. Cadish rejected that argument.

The only other evidence Metro submitted in support of keeping the records sealed was an FBI affidavit. Review-Journal attorney Maggie McLetchie argued that Metro could not make assertions on behalf of the FBI, then noted that federal authorities did not oppose the release of federal search warrants last week.

“The press has an important role in being able to get access to this warrant information and help the public understand what occurred in regard to what warrants law enforcement got, what came back and what the actual facts are,” McLetchie said in court. “The horrific incidents of 1 October were over three months ago. The public still has many, many questions.”

That’s when Metro attorneys suddenly asserted that the sealed documents were pertinent to possible charges.

Cadish said she wanted to read through the sealed documents and compare them with information that already has been made public. She indicated she would make a decision by Jan. 26.

Court claim puts attention on Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend“It’s a very bold statement to say that criminal charges are going to be filed in this case when the only person whose name or inference has been put in the news is his girlfriend,” Las Vegas attorney Craig Drummond said. “I would hope they’re going to back it up. If they don’t, it will incite all of these conspiracy theorists even more.”

Drummond said it is possible authorities are looking at other people who may have not followed proper procedures when selling firearms to Stephen Paddock or others who may have helped him modify some of the weapons.

Defense lawyer Robert Langford speculated that if Danley knew of Paddock’s plans and somehow aided or abetted his actions, she would already have been charged.


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Culture and Religion

The strange tale of the Turpin family



The strange tale of the Turpin family

Abuse of children is one of the most horrible things anyone can do. Rarely do I even read stories about abuse. I know it exists. I’m against it. I don’t want reminders of how evil some people really are. The story of the Turpin family drew me in and made me weep for a world that allows such things to happen.

Here’s the story, followed by my brief thoughts:

California family: Parents charged after children found shackled, 57, and Louise, 49, are accused of holding their children captive in their Perris, California, home in filthy conditions, some of them shackled to beds with chains and padlocks. The 13 siblings range in age from 2 to 29.

The parents are charged with torture and child endangerment, and scheduled for a court hearing Thursday. Bail was set at $9 million each. It was not immediately clear if the suspects had attorneys or whether they had entered a plea.

On Sunday, one of their daughters, a 17-year-old, managed to escape from their home by climbing out a window and called 911 from a deactivated cell phone she found in the house, police said. She told officers her parents were holding her 12 siblings captive inside the home, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said.

My Take

There’s a danger here. We have to be mindful of children who are being abused. Unfortunately, that also means there will be times when the state must intervene. Any time that happens, I get worried. I want as little intervention as possible and only when absolutely necessary. The story of the Turpin family is an example of it being necessary.

The problem is that this evil was allowed to continue for decades. How can that happen? How do we respect the rights of parents and embrace a non-interfering government when there are people like the Turpins in the world? It’s a slippery slope and I have no answers.

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Culture and Religion

Pastor’s sins finally catch up to him, but will he land on his feet?



Pastors sins finally catch up to him but will he land on his feet

Andy Savage may not be a household name (unless you are ‘Walkin’ and ‘Livin’ in Memphis, Tennessee), but recently a woman by the name of Jules Woodson claims that Savage sexually assaulted her back in 1998 when she was 17 years of age, and Savage was a college student and on staff of Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church in Texas. For better or worse this alleged scandal was swept under the rug and Savage was able to achieve work as a teaching Pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis, TN.

While Savage owns up to his actions, he was not defrocked and blacklisted. We live in a cursed creation and all of us can and do fall into sin. While we need to repent of our sins, certain sins should disqualify people from serving in certain church offices in this life.


Church leader connected to sexual assault accusation against Andy Savage placed on leave, Tenn. – A church leader connected to sexual assault accusations against Highpoint Church pastor Andy Savage has been suspended.

On Friday, a woman named Jules Woodson came forward with allegations against Savage. The accusations stemmed from an alleged sexual assault in 1998, when Savage was a college student on staff at Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church in Texas.

Andy Savage sexual assault case: Memphis Highpoint pastor gets ovation for apology of a Memphis megachurch stood and applauded their pastor on Sunday when he admitted to and apologized for engaging in a “sexual incident” with a high school student 20 years ago.

Jules Woodson, who accused Highpoint Church Pastor Andy Savage of sexually assaulting her when she was 17, told The New York Times she watched the moment, streamed live on the church’s YouTube page, in disbelief.

Memphis pastor admits to sexual incident with teen, receives standing ovation is a growing national spotlight on a Memphis pastor after revelations he had sexual contact with a high school girl 20 years ago.

Church members and people from all over are taking to Facebook about Highpoint Church pastor Andy Savage, who addressed his congregation Sunday.

Highpoint Church leader admits past sexual misconduct with high school student Savage released an official statement on the incident that happened while he was a college student on staff at a Texas church.

Savage is now the Teaching Pastor at Highpoint and said he told church leaders about what happened before he was hired.

Jonathan Aigner who is best known for his blog Ponder Anew and was quiet for a few months on his blog, has been very passionate about this story and has posted three commentary pieces on his blog regarding this, and is not impressed of how Highpoint Church is handling the scandal, especially in the church’s worship.

The Andy Savage Story: Christian Culture MUST Hold Abusers Accountable of the tragic things about contemporary megachurch worship is that it often worships the personality that built it. Pastors are given license to say and preach about practically anything they wish. Often, instead of the gospel, they cross over into a purely self-help gospel, cloaked with light biblical content to make it jesusy enough for church.

As their popularity grows, these false experts are given an extended platform for influence from those seeking to capitalize on their popularity. Christian publishing is one of the chief culprits, publishing the pop-psychologizing of these celebrity pastors in written form.

Today at Highpoint Church: When a Worship Song Is Blasphemous summarize, Jules was taken in a car under false pretenses by her youth pastor, Andy Savage, and sexually assaulted in a remote location. When she alerted her pastors at Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church, now mini-megachurch StoneBridge, she was shamed and silenced. Andy was ceremoniously let go and sent home to Memphis. Since then, he has risen to a level of evangelical prominence, publishing books, releasing podcasts, and taking the role of Teaching Pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis.

Along the way, he has been protected by a circle of good old boys, who knew, but have held this secret inside.

Highpoint Worship Leader Either Receives the Holy Spirit or Goes Crazy video is taken from Highpoint Church’s services on January 7, 2018. This particular Sunday will be forever chronicled on the internet and known as the Sunday Lowpoint…err…Highpoint publicly shamed a sexual assault victim while affirming their solidarity and support of her admitted attacker, Teaching Pastor Andy Savage.

I don’t know this person, so please don’t suggest I’m attacking her personally. But ladies and gentlemen, this is why you don’t give your worship leader a microphone.

I would hope that maybe we can all step back and exam our leaders, and how we should worship God in church and what is proper corporate worship. Maybe we can finally divorce the Nashville CCM machine and have a counter-cultural Christian Church that can show people that it is truly different than this world gone mad.

Aigner also highlights a video taken from Highpoint’s recent service in which their music set turned out to be (to quote a song title from the metal band Exodus) a “Fabulous Disaster.” Young Lady, your pastor is imperfect and you and your church need to truly focus on Jesus Christ right now, and raise your pastor up in prayer. Andy and your church building and body are only temporary things. You are passing up an opportunity to proclaim the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ here…but then again your role is to sing. Maybe we should apply Laura Ingraham’s “Shut Up and Sing” rule here as well. Meanwhile, Ainger calls the young girl’s bluff and presents a classic example of why historical church worship in which there is much logic in the matter as the better route.

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