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Guns and Crime

Gun controllers aren’t interested in facts, or liberty



For decades now the Left has moved us farther and farther down the road to socialism, and their inevitable conclusion would be a reign of totalitarian control by a centralized government that will dictate every aspect of our lives. This ultimate dream of the powers that be on the Left can never be realized without disarming the population at large, just like every other totalitarian regime in history has done, from the Romans to Stalin.

When they say “the mentally ill” they mean “veterans” who are the greatest threat to their eventual tyranny. When they say “common sense” gun control they mean “whatever we say it should be.”


Of course it’s not just “rednecks with pickup trucks” that are the problem for our would-be overlords, although they would certainly pose a problem in and of themselves. There are millions of military veterans, most of whom (like me), are veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and know how to fight an insurgency if needed, because we fought on the opposite side of one before, and we understand the tactics. Plus, we’re smarter, better trained, and in far better shape than those we fought against.

Disarming veterans has become a top priority for the Left. Of course they can’t say that overtly, so they take the long way around and say they just want to stop people who are “mentally ill” from owning guns. Well that seems reasonable, doesn’t it? I mean who wants people who are crazy owning guns?

Well the problem is you have a lot of veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of varying levels, yet are no threat to anyone. I’m one of them. Leftists want to use this as Ann excuse to take away the 2nd Amendments rights of those who deserve them most, the men and women who have fought for those rights and are most trained in their use.

There are a thousand articles about vets having their gun rights taken so Google them if you want more; this is about the big picture, which no one seems to fathom.

The Left is slippery. There is ALWAYS a hidden meaning. When they say “the mentally ill” they mean “veterans” who are the greatest threat to their eventual tyranny. When they say “common sense” gun control they mean “whatever we say it should be.”

Your average every day liberal on Twitter doesn’t cleave to this of course. They are just mouthing talking points given to them by their favorite political leader or MSNBC host. They don’t actually understand the full implications of what they are wanting. Those giving them the talking points sure do though.


Ignorance is Left

When I say your “average every day liberal” I’m including the vast majority of the Hollywood types. They have no more idea what they are talking about than anyone else. They certainly do t know anything about guns. They THINK they do because they use them in their movies and TV shows, and that’s frankly more dangerous than being ignorant. Mark Twain said, “Ignorance doesn’t hurt you. What’s hurts you is that of which you are absolutely certain that isn’t so.” They have their talking points just like everyone else though. Hillary Clinton tweets out that suppressors are silencers and make gunshots silent and so they repeat it. After all, it works that way in the movies, so it must be true.

And so how do conservatives respond? We do the responsible thing. We try to “educate” these people. We explain that machine guns are already illegal. We explain that an AR-15 and an M-16 aren’t the same thing no matter how much they look alike. We explain the rigorous government process to buy a suppressor and explain how even then it’s not like a James Bond movie.


It doesn’t matter. The people who are ignorant don’t want to know the truth, they just want to repeat the points of the politicians they like. The people we argue with who make policy already know all of these things, and that is where their long game comes in.

Wayne LaPierre, Executive VP for the NRA famously testified before Congress after Sandy Hook and explained, during questioning from Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) that an AR-15 was functionally no different than a semi-auto rifle commonly used for hunting. The AR-15 simply has attachments on it that make it more versatile, comfortable, and allow various attachments like optics and flashlights to be added. The AR-15 just looks like the military’s M-16 and M-4 rifles.

Yeah, gun-grabbing elites like Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) know this already, in spite of their apparent ignorance of guns at times. They know that functionally an AR-15 or AR-10 is the same as any other semi-automatic rifle. In fact, they plan to make the same argument some day, and use conservatives statements to that effect against us.

After banning “weapons of war” from our streets, they plan to argue that since all other semi-auto rifles are the same, that those must go too. Semi-auto shotguns and handguns? Those will be close behind. I doubt even pump shotguns will be left. Soon all law-abiding Americans will have remaining to us is single and double barrel shotguns and revolvers, and maybe bolt-action rifles. But with our ability to resist gutted, those will be gone shortly thereafter.

The Takeaway

I would urge Americans who see the dangers of an overreaching Federal government bent on controlling a populace like slaves it’s as Stalin and Mao did to stop making the Left’s eventual argument for them. Stop arguing “they’re not the same thing.” Our argument SHOULD be, “automatic weapons like the military has are illegal, in violation of the 2nd Amendment.”

Those of us who truly understand the 2nd Amendment know it isn’t written for self-defense from criminals (although that is a great benefit) and it is CERTAINLY not about hunting deer. It’s about protecting ourselves from a government that the Founders knew could eventually turn as tyrannical as the one they had just cast off.

I reluctantly voted for to Mitt Romney in 2012, but there was a definite moment when it became reluctant. Romney as asked if he understood this purpose of the 2nd Amendment and he said, “I don’t really see how that applies in this day in age.”  If he didn’t see it after 4 years of Obama then he simply did not get it, and this wasn’t a man I could give my heartfelt support to.

The Left is playing the long game on guns, but they’ve been playing it for a long time. They are trying to close in for the kill. The GOP’s unwillingness to follow through on their campaign promises could hand control of Congress back to the Democrats in 2018 and the White House noble 2020. Mark be words, guns will Be first on their list of that ever happens. They already have their healthcare, a key component in their plans. Next they need their silver bullet, gun control.


Benjamin Wilhelm served as a commissioned officer in the United States military for 10 years, serving one combat tour in Afghanistan. He is a recipient of the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge among other military awards. Ben has worked in a variety of private sector businesses both large and small. He is a former military and civilian firearms instructor and an advocate for veterans issues. Ben is a strict Constitutionalist who sees the Federal government as an out of control leviathan, and the federal debt as a burden that will break the country. Ben is a divorced father of two boys.

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Guns and Crime

Liberty Control (aka Gun Control) Dead at 501 [1517 – July 10, 2018]




Today we celebrate the passing away of one of the Left’s worst legacies: Liberty Control

Liberty Control (aka Gun Control), the absurd idea that depriving the innocent of a means of self-defense will protect them from criminals and the government died on July 10, 2018, after a protracted illness. The past few months saw it suffer multiple degradations, but the final cause of death was a settlement between the Department of Justice and Second Amendment Foundation in SAF’s lawsuit on behalf of Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed over free speech issues related to 3-D files and other information that may be used to manufacture lawful firearms:

Significantly, the government expressly acknowledges that non-automatic firearms up to .50-caliber – including modern semi-auto sporting rifles such as the popular AR-15 and similar firearms – are not inherently military.

“Not only is this a First Amendment victory for free speech, it also is a devastating blow to the gun prohibition lobby,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “For years, anti-gunners have contended that modern semi-automatic sport-utility rifles are so-called ‘weapons of war,’ and with this settlement, the government has acknowledged they are nothing of the sort.

This curse on freedom began with the nonsensical label ‘Gun control’ but like a mutating virus, it morphed into ‘Gun safety’ or ‘Gun reform’ as people began to understand it’s true liberticidal nature. The final proper designation for this statist abomination helped seal its fate: Liberty Control.

In recent years, Liberty control had suffered a number of potentially fatal maladies ranging from the Heller and other Pro-Liberty decisions of the Supreme court to the virtual explosion in gun ownership with untold numbers of new adherents joining the ranks. Despite valiant attempts by the Left to resurrect this absolutely horrid idea from a bygone era, most imbued with common sense came to realize that more guns equaled less violence.

Liberty Control is barely survived by its one year older half-brother in statist tyranny Collectivism, born when the book ‘Utopia’ was published in 1516.  This ancient idea remains in critical condition having been transferred to the Bronx on life support. It is not expected to survive, despite the best efforts of the Socialist-Left. As is usually the case when a free-people can properly assess the liberticidal ideas of the Left.

Libertas [The ancient Roman personification of liberty] Celebrated the death of one of its intractable foes down through the centuries. “There must have been some viral affliction in the water of the early 16th century to have created these two horrible curses upon mankind.”

Services will be held on July 27th, 2018, and after August 1 Cody Wilson plans on re-launching with ‘a treasure trove of 3D-printed gun files for download.’  In Lieu of flowers, those of the Liberty loving public are encouraged to visit after that date and download the files for future use as well as donate to the organizations that defend this critically important freedom.

Please note that while we are using this ‘obituary’ form to prove a point, it should be patently evident that the dreams of the Liberty grabbers of banning and confiscating guns are now dead. Even if by some freakish turn of events whereby the defenders of Liberty forget history, agree to the requirement of governmental permission to exercise a commonsense human right, and then have their guns confiscated. The technology will still exist for everyone to produce their own weapons. It should perfectly clear to everyone including the cadres of Liberty Grabbers out there that the genie is out of the bottle, that there is no way they can ever ban guns, knives or even the odd spanner here and there. It should also be evident that such groups should move on to other causes that actually have a chance of coming to fruition. Also, note that it was very proper that this took place during #Gun Pride Month.

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Guns and Crime

Video: One of the Earliest Six-shot Revolvers (17th Century).




In our ongoing series eviscerating the FEELINGS* of the Liberty grabber Left, we present a short video on one of the Royal Armory’s “ earliest revolvers, believed to date from around 1680 “

One of the Earliest Six-shot Revolvers | Our Collection

*Frequently Encountered Emotional Lies In Negating Guns – Yes, we must confess the last part of that acronym was bit forced.

For those who are ‘Numerically challenged’ the 1680’s were most definitely not the 21st century as well as being well-nigh 100 years before the time of the US Constitution. So, once again we see that “Military style”, “Assault Weapons” were around BEFORE the existence of the 2nd amendment. This while even reports of school violence were an extreme rarity.

Of course, school violence really didn’t become a phenomena until the Socialist-Left began mucking about in the culture towards the end of the 20th and the 21st centuries. In other words, over 300 years after the existence of inanimate objects that are the favourite hobby-horse of the Liberty grabber Left.

One almost gets the distinct impression that the Socialist-Left is the cause of school violence instead of inanimate inert chunks of iron and wood.


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Guns and Crime

Top 5 Ways To Celebrate AR-15 Appreciation Week.




The week of July 4th makes it more than appropriate that we celebrate the 20th Century Musket – The venerable AR-15.

Well, it’s that time of year when those who love freedom celebrate the 4th of July. While those who cannot deal with people living in Liberty [In other words – Leftists] lose their collective minds over the festivities.  Those of us on the Pro-Liberty, Conservative Right understand that the Limited government created by the founding fathers has made the US the greatest in the world.

So, in light of the 4th of July celebration and Gun Pride Month, it is time to commemorate the 20th century version of the rifle of the common foot soldier. Of course, the Armalite AR-15 is really a firearm for civilians. For you Leftists out there interested in factual reality, that means it’s not really of the military or ‘Military style’ – whatever that means.

So, without further adieu, this is our list of the 5 best ways to celebrate AR-15 Appreciation Week:

1. Try one.

A number of shooting ranges will let you try one of these distinguished rifles out for yourself. Despite the false assertions of the snowflake set, you won’t end up with a dislocated shoulder or PTSD from shooting what is essentially a .22 calibre rifle with a bit more propellant. In fact, this firearm is especially suited for the distaff side of the population. These ever popular rifles have a very low recoil and can fitted with a telescoping stock to easily adapt to those of varying stature. If most feminists truly believed in Liberty, this would be their rifle [wooden furniture pieces optional]

Renting and shooting off a few thousand rounds – yes, it’s quite addictive and fun – will give you a feel for the firearm. Soon you too will realise that guns are the gateway ‘drug’ to Liberty and you’ll be hooked… forever.

2. Buy one. (or two or three..)

So perhaps you’ve tried one out or you have a very good friend who has let you try theirs – hooking you on freedom in the process. So now you will want to head out to your local FFL and buy one for yourself. You may want to do some research on these “Barbie dolls for grownups” first, but the process is ‘quick and easy’. And when we say ‘quick and easy’ we really mean long and arduous since you will need several forms of ID and the time to wait for the retailer to check with the feral government as to whether you are worthy of owning one of these fantastic firearms. In addition to this, you may have State hoops to jump through. Still further, there may be even local laws on the subject – if you happened to live in an area that doesn’t value Liberty.

Depending on what you’ve purchased, you will then have to outfit your new 20th Century Musket. This task can also be arduous, but still enjoyable in and of itself.

3. Help a friend Try or Buy one.

This is for those who already have a 20th Century Musket who wish to help out their fellow patriots in becoming outfitted for themselves. Its a lot easier navigating all the options when you have a guide, so consider performing this service for the cause of Liberty. With millions already owning this very popular rifle, the more the merrier.

4. Build one*

*Warning to those of snowflake set – you may not want to read the following so you can be ‘safe’ from the knowledge that there are those imbued with the precepts of Liberty that are taking actions out of your control. This may be abhorrent to you folks who would like to have the power to parcel out your version of ‘Liberty’, but you are henceforth warned if you proceed.

For those on the Pro-Liberty side of the aisle, Building an AR-15 is the next step up from buying one. It may take some mechanical aptitude, but there is no better way of becoming thoroughly versed in the parts and operation of your Modern Day Musket than building and maintaining one yourself. Thankfully, there are many guides and videos on the subject Here and Here.

Multiple build levels for every skill set.

Purchasing a complete lower receiver assembly and mating it with the rest of the parts bought separately.

This process is relatively easy from a mechanical standpoint, the difficulty will lie in trying to choose between the multitude of options. There are almost too many choices in customisation, but that is the beauty of the AR-15 platform. There are however few choices with regard to the ‘chainsaw bayonet’ option – sorry CNN.

Assembling a Lower receiver assembly from a stripped Lower receiver and parts kit.

Think of the stripped Lower receiver as the ‘motherboard’ of your new Modern Day Musket, where you assemble the fire control assembly as well as other parts. It can get a bit involved, but there are a number of helpful websites and videos on the subject. This helps to familiarise yourself with inner most ‘workings’ of your firearm.

Curiously enough, this inert piece of a machined aluminium is considered to be a ‘Gun’ by the Federals, so you will have to endure the usual paper-chase to buy one. Of course, the down-side to buying a ‘gun’ that is in the form of a small piece of aluminium is that is extremely easy to lose one of these things. After all, we’re talking about a small inert hunk of metal that you could easily misplace. But those are the breaks…

Machining a Lower receiver blank.

Then there is the finishing out of what is colloquially referred to as an ‘80%’ Lower. This is a partially machined hunk of forged aluminium that isn’t considered to be a firearm so it’s long on the need for metal machining skills but short on a paper trail. Then of course there is the bare minimum of a piece of metal and going through all the steps in making a part out of metal.

Most likely the snowflake brigades will have their knickers in a twist at the thought of someone making a gun without anyone knowing about it. Well, sadly for them, they still lack the authority to control everyone’s Liberty, so they will just have to deal with it. Most likely it hasn’t occurred to them that the ability for anyone to make a gun out of basic materials negates their cherished control fetishes, but we’ll just let them find out for themselves.

5. Bonus Level: Adding a Piston operated upper to your ‘arsenal’.

For the really advanced level, there is obtaining for yourself a piston operated upper instead of the standard direct impingement type.  Along with exploring all the options for this venerable 20th century rifle. This is a bit of an involved topic, but something to consider.
So there you have it, 5 of the best ways of celebrating the Modern Day Musket – the 20th-century version of the rifle shouldered by the Minuteman at Lexington and Concord. Now, go out there and honour their sacrifice in defense of Liberty and get yourself one. (or two or three…)



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