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Guns and Crime

The Left’s solution to evil never works



Stephen Paddock assembled his own weapons to use against 40,000 concert-goers in Las Vegas. He carefully staked out a room at the Mandalay Bay hotel, so he would overlook his kill zone. He planned his assault, knowing Las Vegas as an area resident and professional gambler. He blended in because he was known in the casinos as a customer of some value.

Paddock owned two homes, two airplanes, which he, as a pilot, could have used to crash into the concert venue, taking out more than 50 people and himself, and he had resources. He had no run-ins with police, and lived an otherwise normal life. But he had turned evil and used his skills, and his resources to kill others.

The left would have us believe that if Paddock had no access to buy guns (reports say he had dozens of them in his room) and ammunition, he would not have been able to complete his deadly deed. That’s ludicrous. Tell that to the victims of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik in San Bernardino. They used a “straw buyer” or a third-party to buy weapons. In Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza stole his mother’s gun.

You see, evil will find a way to complete its grim plan. Gun control won’t solve that problem because it’s not a gun problem, it’s a soul problem.

Gun control hasn’t stopped Chicago from having over 500 murders so far in 2017–most of them using handguns or even rifles. It hasn’t stopped other cities like Baltimore and Washington D.C. from having terrible violence. Laws against fully automatic weapons didn’t stop Stephen Paddock from modifying his AR-15s to fire on full automatic. Maybe they jammed and he had to switch rifles–but he had enough to deal with that possibility.

These attacks will continue despite Democrats in Congress, and Hillary Clinton calling for commissions, gun control, and opposition to the NRA.


Mandalay Bay Shooter Shot Semi-Automatic AR-15s Illegally Converted to Full-Auto – The Truth About Guns“Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock bought more than 30 weapons and had more than a dozen stashed in his hotel room as he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history,” reports. “The deadly cache included converted, fully automatic AR-15 style assault rifles with high capacity magazines. The weaponry suggests Paddock passed numerous FBI background checks, according to a law enforcement source.”  Paddock had machine guns in two calibers . . .

.308 and .223 caliber. As you might expect, Fox’s description of the two calibers’ relative terminal performance leaves something to be desired . . .

Seth Moulton boycotts moment of silence for Las Vegas victims: Now is the ‘time for action’ – Washington Times

Rep. Seth Moulton announced he is boycotting a moment of silence on the House floor for victims of Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas as a protest against Congress’ inaction on gun control.

“I will not be standing with my colleagues in a moment of silence that just becomes an excuse for inaction in the House of Representatives today,” the Massachusetts Democrat said in a video statement Monday. “I will work to do something about this problem so that it doesn’t happen again.”

Senate Democrats: Congress needs to ‘get off its ass’ on gun control after Las Vegas shooting“This must stop. It is positively infuriating that my colleagues in Congress are so afraid of the gun industry that they pretend there aren’t public policy responses to this epidemic,” Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said in a statement Monday. “There are, and the thoughts and prayers of politicians are cruelly hollow if they are paired with continued legislative indifference. It’s time for Congress to get off its ass and do something.”

Nancy Pelosi demands commission to study gun violence – Washington Times

Reaching for a political solution after Sunday night’s horrific shooting in Las Vegas, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for a new special select congressional committee to combat gun violence.

Leftists Blame NRA For Las Vegas Tragedy doesn’t even touch on the massive expense of buying a legal full-auto firearm following the 1986 machine gun ban. Weapons like that run tens of thousands of dollars, which means that alone keeps them out of most folks’ hands.

But that won’t stop the anti-gun left.


You don’t hear Democrats calling for commissions and impetuous action until there’s a mass shooting. But there’s a mass shooting every two or three weeks in Chicago, spread out over dozens of murders, sometimes with double-digit death counts in a single weekend.

You don’t hear them calling for gun control in Chicago because there already is gun control in Chicago. But the criminals already have guns.

It’s politically impossible for Democrats to repeal the Second Amendment, yet they talk like it can be done. The Supreme Court struck down Washington D.C.’s handgun ban, and two years later, when Chicago refused to submit to the Court’s will, they struck down Chicago’s ban, specifically. Yet the murders continue in Chicago. Are they really going to blame Nevada’s less restrictive gun laws (or Georgia’s, or Vermont’s for that matter) for Chicago’s gun murders?

All the arguments in the world about why citizens should not have a certain type of gun fail because they’re arguing the wrong thing. A U-Haul truck can be a weapon; or a truckload of fertilizer; or a minivan; or an airplane. Should we ban everything that could potentially be used as a weapon because it could be turned to evil? Our founding fathers intended, specifically, that the citizens of the United States should not have our right to own firearms infringed by the government. This isn’t because guns are wonderful things–they are deadly.

It’s precisely because they’re deadly, and serve as a check against the government’s infringing, or denying, other sacred rights, and imposing tyranny upon the people, that the founding fathers wanted us to have them. It’s because liberty means trusting the citizens with the means to self-defense, period. Liberty also means that some people will be evil.

The Takeaway

The solution to evil isn’t found under a dome where legislators meet. It’s found under a steeple, or in a synagogue, or even a mosque, where congregants worship. It’s found in the deep connection of neighbors to each other, instead of their iPhones. It’s found in the values shared by Americans from generation to generation. Those are the values that progressives want to detach from our culture as “bigoted” or “hateful.” Yet evil flourishes when they are absent.

In reality, there is no permanent solution to evil apart from a heavenly one. Christians believe this is the soon return of Jesus Christ. But while we’re here, waiting, we should practice what He taught–and what the Talmud teaches. Love your neighbor. Take care to be good to others and not judge them by their politics. And when evil comes, offer a hand and a hug, not a boycott and more laws.

We can outlaw evil all we want, but the lawbreakers will still commit it. Democrats who don’t get that, are either being willfully ignorant in their quest for political power, or they’re genuinely confused as to the true nature of fallen humanity. Either way, their solutions never work.

Serial entrepreneur. Faith, family, federal republic. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Guns and Crime

The only thing that can save Chicago’s high-crime areas is a wholesale change of leadership



The only thing that can save Chicagos high-crime areas is a wholesale change of leadership

Oftentimes the solution to a problem is to wipe the slate clean and start over. That seems to be the case in gang-infested regions of Chicago where gun violence erupted last weekend. The result was 72 people shot, at least a dozen fatally, and zero arrests as of Wednesday with the 72-hour window of highest opportunity to catch the criminals has closed.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his office have failed from the start. They’ve tried different tactics, new police chiefs, getting tough, getting nice, and everything in between. Their failures have been well-documented for years but this weekend’s explosion of violence punctuates the need for a wholesale change.

There are other solutions proposed by other journalists and some should be noted:

Why Chicago can’t get a handle on deadly shootings other words, there were six “mass shootings,” according to the increasingly common definition of that term, in Chicago in just three days. The Windy City’s weekend violence has not received anywhere near the level of national attention that would have been generated had those “mass shootings” occurred at suburban high schools, malls or movie theaters.

Calls for stricter gun-control laws follow every high-profile mass shooting; the weekend’s carnage in Chicago prompted similar demands from civic leaders and pundits. Yet the city has strict gun laws, and even when police enforce those laws diligently, the city’s liberal anti-gun caucus doesn’t always back them up.

Homicides: Why Chicago residents don’t help police solve shootings the hospital, police asked Young, 23, to tell them who shot him, but he said he declined to name the assailant. Weeks after the April incident, Young — who has a long arrest record and a felony conviction for drug possession — was charged for illegal possession of a firearm, when police said they caught him on the street with a weapon.

Young’s no-snitching outlook sheds light on the complicated dynamic in Chicago’s neighborhoods plagued by persistent gun violence, one in which few residents are willing to assist police and even fewer perpetrators are held accountable.

Chicago police solve one in every 20 shootings. Here are some reasons why that’s so low. the news conference Monday, Johnson acknowledged that the department has trust issues to overcome in neighborhoods hit hardest by violence.

A report by the U.S. Department of Justice early last year found that police officers had routinely engaged in widespread civil-rights violations, particularly in the African-American community, and acknowledged that resentment had built up for decades.

More Chicago officers deployed to areas affected by… of additional police officers are being deployed to Chicago city neighborhoods where 12 people were killed and dozens more were injured in a weekend of violence and gunfire.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said 400 additional officers are already patrolling areas on the West and South Sides where more than 70 shootings occurred. Another 200 will be added by the coming weekend.

While all of these analyses have some points of merit, nobody’s pointing to the obvious solution. Emanuel and his staff need to go. Whether the violence is their fault or not is debatable, but what’s not debatable is they’ve completely failed to contain it. Perhaps this violence would be happening regardless of who’s in the mayor’s mansion, but one thing is certain: as long as Emanuel is there, the violence will continue.

Chicago needs a tough mayor, one who is willing to dismiss his or her own political capital in order to get the job done. That means doing what may be political suicide but that makes the streets of Chicago safer for everyone. As crazy as it sounds, Chicago needs someone other than a bleeding-heart liberal to get back on track.

It’s time for Emanuel to step down or get evicted. His failures are clear. His incompetence is glaring. Chicago is becoming unlivable. As one of America’s greatest cities, it cannot be allowed to crumble the way it’s been doing for years. They need a change.

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Guns and Crime

The fall of Chris Collins is an opportunity to put a conservative in his seat



The fall of Chris Collins is an opportunity to put a conservative in his seat

Republican Congressman Chris Collins is in big trouble. He allegedly participated in insider trading to protect himself and his family from huge losses after receiving information that the drug company he had heavily invested in had failed miserably in clinical trials for its most important drug.

There doesn’t seem to be much gray area in this case:

New York Rep. Chris Collins indicted on insider trading charges was at a congressional picnic at the White House on June 22 when Innate’s CEO sent an email to the company’s board of directors that the trial was a bust, according to the indictment.

“I have bad news to report,” the email began.

Then, within six minutes, came a flurry of phone calls to reach his son, who owned more than 2 percent of Innate stock, prosecutors said. He finally reached his son, Cameron Collins, who allegedly passed the information from his father to Zarsky and other unnamed co-conspirators, who then engaged in “timely trades” of the stock.

Cameron Collins unloaded his Innate shares, as did his fiancée and Zarsky, in the days that followed. Zarsky’s wife and a friend also benefited from the move, prosecutors said.

It certainly doesn’t look good.

My Take

Collins has represented this deep red district of New York for three terms. This is an opportunity to put an actual conservative in the seat; Collins scored an abysmal 39% on Conservative Review’s scorecard. Like many districts in coastal states that often elect Republicans, Collins’ district likes moderates. Perhaps they’ll pull a little to the right in the upcoming election.

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Guns and Crime

Was vandalizing Trump’s star worth it, Austin Clay?



Was vandalizing Trumps star worth it Austin Clay

It probably felt good at the time. In lieu of doing harm to the President himself, many Trump-haters have taken to vandalizing anything they can that has his name on it. One of their most popular targets is his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Now, admitted perpetrator Austin Clay faces years in jail for his actions.

D.A. Charges Trump Walk of Fame Star Vandal Austin Clay L.A. County D.A. slapped him with one count of felony vandalism for obliterating — on video, obtained by TMZ — the President’s star. If he’s found guilty, Clay could get a max sentence of 3 years in county jail.

As we reported, Clay put pickax to concrete almost 2 weeks ago. He eventually turned himself in to cops. Trump’s star has since become a battle ground for pro- and anti-Trump groups … with several brawls breaking out there.

Although it’s already been repaired, Clay told us he’d like to the see the city remove Trump’s star permanently … to avoid further violence.

Politics can be frustrating, particularly in a society that has enjoyed freedom but that is quickly heading away from those freedoms because of out-of-control representatives in DC. However, taking to violence or vandalism has been proven to be ineffective today. One need only look at Antifa to see how powerless their acts of violence really make them.

Was it worth it, Mr. Clay?

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