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Guns and Crime

The Left’s solution to evil never works



Stephen Paddock assembled his own weapons to use against 40,000 concert-goers in Las Vegas. He carefully staked out a room at the Mandalay Bay hotel, so he would overlook his kill zone. He planned his assault, knowing Las Vegas as an area resident and professional gambler. He blended in because he was known in the casinos as a customer of some value.

Paddock owned two homes, two airplanes, which he, as a pilot, could have used to crash into the concert venue, taking out more than 50 people and himself, and he had resources. He had no run-ins with police, and lived an otherwise normal life. But he had turned evil and used his skills, and his resources to kill others.

The left would have us believe that if Paddock had no access to buy guns (reports say he had dozens of them in his room) and ammunition, he would not have been able to complete his deadly deed. That’s ludicrous. Tell that to the victims of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik in San Bernardino. They used a “straw buyer” or a third-party to buy weapons. In Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza stole his mother’s gun.

You see, evil will find a way to complete its grim plan. Gun control won’t solve that problem because it’s not a gun problem, it’s a soul problem.

Gun control hasn’t stopped Chicago from having over 500 murders so far in 2017–most of them using handguns or even rifles. It hasn’t stopped other cities like Baltimore and Washington D.C. from having terrible violence. Laws against fully automatic weapons didn’t stop Stephen Paddock from modifying his AR-15s to fire on full automatic. Maybe they jammed and he had to switch rifles–but he had enough to deal with that possibility.

These attacks will continue despite Democrats in Congress, and Hillary Clinton calling for commissions, gun control, and opposition to the NRA.


Mandalay Bay Shooter Shot Semi-Automatic AR-15s Illegally Converted to Full-Auto – The Truth About Guns“Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock bought more than 30 weapons and had more than a dozen stashed in his hotel room as he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history,” reports. “The deadly cache included converted, fully automatic AR-15 style assault rifles with high capacity magazines. The weaponry suggests Paddock passed numerous FBI background checks, according to a law enforcement source.”  Paddock had machine guns in two calibers . . .

.308 and .223 caliber. As you might expect, Fox’s description of the two calibers’ relative terminal performance leaves something to be desired . . .

Seth Moulton boycotts moment of silence for Las Vegas victims: Now is the ‘time for action’ – Washington Times

Rep. Seth Moulton announced he is boycotting a moment of silence on the House floor for victims of Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas as a protest against Congress’ inaction on gun control.

“I will not be standing with my colleagues in a moment of silence that just becomes an excuse for inaction in the House of Representatives today,” the Massachusetts Democrat said in a video statement Monday. “I will work to do something about this problem so that it doesn’t happen again.”

Senate Democrats: Congress needs to ‘get off its ass’ on gun control after Las Vegas shooting“This must stop. It is positively infuriating that my colleagues in Congress are so afraid of the gun industry that they pretend there aren’t public policy responses to this epidemic,” Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said in a statement Monday. “There are, and the thoughts and prayers of politicians are cruelly hollow if they are paired with continued legislative indifference. It’s time for Congress to get off its ass and do something.”

Nancy Pelosi demands commission to study gun violence – Washington Times

Reaching for a political solution after Sunday night’s horrific shooting in Las Vegas, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for a new special select congressional committee to combat gun violence.

Leftists Blame NRA For Las Vegas Tragedy doesn’t even touch on the massive expense of buying a legal full-auto firearm following the 1986 machine gun ban. Weapons like that run tens of thousands of dollars, which means that alone keeps them out of most folks’ hands.

But that won’t stop the anti-gun left.


You don’t hear Democrats calling for commissions and impetuous action until there’s a mass shooting. But there’s a mass shooting every two or three weeks in Chicago, spread out over dozens of murders, sometimes with double-digit death counts in a single weekend.

You don’t hear them calling for gun control in Chicago because there already is gun control in Chicago. But the criminals already have guns.

It’s politically impossible for Democrats to repeal the Second Amendment, yet they talk like it can be done. The Supreme Court struck down Washington D.C.’s handgun ban, and two years later, when Chicago refused to submit to the Court’s will, they struck down Chicago’s ban, specifically. Yet the murders continue in Chicago. Are they really going to blame Nevada’s less restrictive gun laws (or Georgia’s, or Vermont’s for that matter) for Chicago’s gun murders?

All the arguments in the world about why citizens should not have a certain type of gun fail because they’re arguing the wrong thing. A U-Haul truck can be a weapon; or a truckload of fertilizer; or a minivan; or an airplane. Should we ban everything that could potentially be used as a weapon because it could be turned to evil? Our founding fathers intended, specifically, that the citizens of the United States should not have our right to own firearms infringed by the government. This isn’t because guns are wonderful things–they are deadly.

It’s precisely because they’re deadly, and serve as a check against the government’s infringing, or denying, other sacred rights, and imposing tyranny upon the people, that the founding fathers wanted us to have them. It’s because liberty means trusting the citizens with the means to self-defense, period. Liberty also means that some people will be evil.

The Takeaway

The solution to evil isn’t found under a dome where legislators meet. It’s found under a steeple, or in a synagogue, or even a mosque, where congregants worship. It’s found in the deep connection of neighbors to each other, instead of their iPhones. It’s found in the values shared by Americans from generation to generation. Those are the values that progressives want to detach from our culture as “bigoted” or “hateful.” Yet evil flourishes when they are absent.

In reality, there is no permanent solution to evil apart from a heavenly one. Christians believe this is the soon return of Jesus Christ. But while we’re here, waiting, we should practice what He taught–and what the Talmud teaches. Love your neighbor. Take care to be good to others and not judge them by their politics. And when evil comes, offer a hand and a hug, not a boycott and more laws.

We can outlaw evil all we want, but the lawbreakers will still commit it. Democrats who don’t get that, are either being willfully ignorant in their quest for political power, or they’re genuinely confused as to the true nature of fallen humanity. Either way, their solutions never work.

Guns and Crime

Why isn’t Katie Brennan’s #MeToo accusation getting national attention?



It’s the type of story that should have received national attention immediately. It was sourced by a respected major news outlet, the Wall Street Journal. Both the accuser and the accused are high-ranking public official in New Jersey’s government. The accused stepped down two weeks ago when approached by WSJ for comment. Katie Brennan’s story is a major newsworthy scandal.

As of Monday morning, a day after the story officially broke and four days after it was leaked to other major news outlets, both mainstream media and the #MeToo movement are essentially silent.

That will change soon, possibly today. Brennan, a prominent volunteer for Phil Murphy’s gubernatorial campaign and current Chief of Staff at the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, released this statement:

On April 8th, 2017, Al Alvarez raped me. On April 9th, 2017 I learned that the system is broken.

I have pursued every form of justice available. But it has become clear that this system is not built for survivors.

The details of the assault portrayed in reporter Kate King’s Wall Street Journal report published today are accurate. But to date, I have received no justice.

I decided to come forward because I know that Al Alvarez, and all perpetrators, must be held accountable, must never rape again, and the justice system needs a complete change with regard to sexual violence.

New Jersey residents are only given a two-year window to file a civil suit. After spending an entire year pursuing a criminal case before hitting a dead end, I am left with less than one year to pursue civil action.

It is clear that leadership from the Murphy administration is needed to create meaningful policy change on several levels to make sure future victims do not have to endure what I have. I urge Gov. Murphy and the Attorney General’s Office to eliminate the statute of limitations on civil action related to sexual assault, and to direct prosecutors to be more aggressive in taking on these criminal cases. Further, the Murphy administration and the General Assembly should pursue legislation to ensure New Jersey’s police and other first responders are better trained to handle sexual assault victims.

Finally, sexual predators like Al Alvarez are only able to stay in power when those around them do nothing. Several senior level members of the Murphy administration were aware of my assault and failed to take meaningful action. Al Alvarez remained employed at a senior level in the Murphy administration until just a few weeks ago, when he knew the Wall Street Journal article was coming out and opted to resign. The failure of members of Gov. Murphy’s staff to respond in an aggressive, proactive fashion is unacceptable.

To other sexual assault survivors in New Jersey, I urge you to join me in coming forward if you are able. I will stand with you, because when we stand together, we are safer and stronger. Our voice is our power. Together, we can finally receive the justice we all deserve.

Murphy has not commented other than saying Alvarez should not have been hired. He was made aware of a “sensitive matter” that needed to be discussed by Brennan in June and claimed his staff would set up a meeting. That was the last Brennan heard from Murphy.

Gov. Phil Murphy’s handling of aide sex assault allegation questioned accuser, Katie Brennan, was a Murphy campaign volunteer who said she spent more than a year seeking action against Alvarez for the alleged sexual assault before directly emailing Phil and Tammy Murphy in June. Phil Murphy responded within the hour, according to the Journal.

“Hang in,” he wrote. “We are on it.”

But Alvarez remained in his $140,000-a-year position until October. The alleged assault happened in April 2017.

Standards set by the #MeToo movement dictate that credible accusations should be believed. Brennan appears to be extremely credible, having reported her rape immediately after it allegedly occurred. Alvarez offered a $15,000 settlement that would have been attached to a non-disclosure agreement, which Brennan refused.

Where is MSNBC? Where is CNN? Where is Alyssa Milano?

Social media is starting to take notice. In particular, they’re going after Murphy and his wife for speaking out in support of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Katie Brennan

My Take

I am a strong proponent for what the #MeToo movement once promoted and how it started. The original intent was to embolden women who had experienced sexual misconduct at the hands of men in power over them. The goal was to give courage to those who were in very tough situations.

Recently, the #MeToo movement has been weaponized. I’m not going to draw comparisons between accusations against Kavanaugh and Alvarez. That would be unfair to Ford since Brennan’s accusations against Alvarez are much more recent and have the benefit of an immediate report to the authorities. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that as of now, either the story hasn’t reached the right people or the right people have chosen to ignore it.

We can’t let them.

It’s not as if this is a political hit job against Democrats. Brennan’s image was used in Murphy’s campaign handouts and she was outspoken as a “Young Democrat of the Week” in New Jersey as a result.

Katie Brennan NJ Democrat

I don’t like when something as heinous as rape gets politicized, but silence from mainstream media and the #MeToo movement is deafening. Would they be avoiding the story if Brennan had accused a Republican?

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Guns and Crime

Infographic: Opioid overdose deaths in the United States



Infographic Opioid overdose deaths in the United States

The use of opioids in the United States has dramatically risen in recent years, prompting calls for action from both sides of the political aisle. It’s not like the old drug wars on the streets of New York or the suburbs of Dallas. This drug epidemic is affecting all races, economic conditions, and ages.

In this infographic from Visual Capitalist, they examine the death rates county by county. Of note is West Virginia, where in some areas the opioid death rate is approaching the cancer death rates.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

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Guns and Crime

Inmates on death row in Washington state given life sentences after capital punishment struck down by Supreme Court



Inmates on death row in Washington state given life sentences after capital punishment struck down b

The Washington state Supreme Court has ruled the death penalty is unconstitutional based on racial bias. This move affirms Governor Jay Inslee’s moratorium in 2014.

“We are confident that the association between race and the death penalty is not attributed to random chance,” the justices wrote in a majority opinion.

Racial bias was cited following a study commissioned by Allen Eugene Gregory, a death row inmate convicted of aggravated first-degree murder. The study found that black convicts were 4.5 times more likely to receive the death penalty than white inmates with similar charges.

The bias was attributed to juries rather than prosecutor recommendations. There was no evidence that prosecutors were more likely to pursue the death penalty based upon race but juries were more likely to sentence with racial bias.

Source: NPR

Washington State Strikes Down Death Penalty, Citing Racial Bias’s ruling makes Washington the 20th state to abolish capital punishment. According to the ACLU, this state supreme court is the third to do so citing concerns about racial disparities, along with Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The court decided to convert Washington’s current death sentences to life imprisonment. The state’s corrections division says that there are eight people currently on death row.

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