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Confronted with ’87 Bernie, ’17 Bernie answers with magical unicorn mathematics



Nobody doubts that Senator Bernie Sanders is a smart man. His ideas are often ludicrous, but it’s not for lack of intelligence. Chalk it up as wishful thinking. That wishful thinking was on full display this weekend when Chuck Todd “confronted” Sanders over past statements. I put “confronted” in quotes because he softened the question as any seasoned leftwing journalist would.

Bernie’s magical math was perfect. We’re going to save $500 billion on administrative costs. We’ll save $100 billion on renegotiating Medicare drug prices (something from candidate Trump’s playbook last year). That’s a LOT of money, right? Right!?!?! Bernie’s magic wins!

Then, we look at the other side. To fund it will require an estimated $32 TRILLION in new taxes. Bernie’s “savings” would need to be 53 TIMES bigger than they are to make it net zero. Of course, he’s not talking about making it net zero. He’s talking about putting that bill on us, the American taxpayer. His argument that families will be saving by not paying for insurance crumbles when we look at the math on tax increases.

One thing to note, and every conservative and/or Federalist in American needs to heed this warning: This plan has real legs. As asinine as it may seem to those who are paying attention, we must remember that the vast majority of Americans are NOT paying attention. Do not push this aside as a non-issue. I read all the time on conservative sites that this can’t happen. The same mentality that made Obamacare so popular is the mentality that can make single-payer a good idea in the minds of tens of millions of Americans. The same people who were shocked when they found out Obamacare wasn’t free are the same people who will assume they’re getting free healthcare this time around, too. They won’t look at the numbers. They won’t read this post. It’s up to you guys to make them aware.

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