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Walt Whitman: Resist much. Obey little. @TenthAmendment



Walt Whitman is known for many things, but what his statist admirers will never admit is that he was a big fan of the 10th Amendment. He lived to witness the rise of centralized government and told a cautionary tale for those who would become enslaved.

In his poem originally titled “Caution,” Whitman gave small-government Federalists the four word game plan necessary to preserve our liberties: “Resist much, obey little.”

10th Amendment Center‘s Michael Boldin breaks down the short but poignant poem as a warning to modern day Americans suffering through an ever-expanding federal government.

Walt Whitman Caution

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The Obamacare Debacle: Why we need a second political party




Sometimes you simply hope that your predictions will be wrong and that events will miraculously turn out differently; unfortunately, this is not one of those times. Most people with a modicum of common sense anticipated that the Republicans would now take the blame for the troubles of Obamacare, and that has come to pass.  The aphorism ‘You broke it, you bought it’ comes to mind, and while somewhat unfair to the situation, perception is reality in the world of politics.

Tear it down and start over.

While not endeavoring to reign blows upon a deceased equine, this is why the Republican party needed to keep its promise on Obamacare. It’s also the reason why it’s time to sweep away the old and begin anew with a brand new second major political party. That phrase was deliberately used because it has become quite evident that the Republican and Democratic parties have started to merge in far too many ways.

The Obamacare debacle is a prime illustration of this unfortunate merging. O’Sullivan’s First Law explains this to a fair degree since the denizens of a certain party will – over time – want to keep the bureaucratic levers of power with the false idea that they can have it run more efficiently. Besides the simple expedient of term limits, a new party could start anew with a mandate to avoid this political trap.

An illustration from the world of engineering seems more than appropriate in this instance. There are times when a machine or structure has become so riddled with worn out or failed components that it is far better to simply scrap or tear it down and build something from scratch. The aphorism is to start with a clean sheet of paper such that the old assumptions and constructs are swept away in favor of something entirely new and innovative. “We’ve always done it this way” is replaced with questioning skepticism with regard to what works, and what doesn’t.

Existing components that have proven to be of service can be utilized in the new construct but only if they meet certain criteria, not simply because they are carried along with everything else of the old. By the same token, members of the old party can become a vital part of the new but only if they are up to the task.

The final word on the Republican party.

It is more than likely that the people responsible for that bureaucratic mess will use it to good political advantage against those who opposed it in the first place. We should be getting rid of governmental interference in the free market, but instead will see a complete control with national socialist healthcare [i.e., the ‘single payer’ deception].

There is no other choice than to limit the damage now with a new party that will stay true to conservative principles. The results of the alternative are too horrible to contemplate.

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Damaged Democrats win big despite party crumbling. What does that say about the GOP?



There was a headline earlier today that caught my attention, not because it was surprising but because of the source: CNN. The story’s headline was, “Poll: Views of Democratic Party hit lowest mark in 25 years.”

In case it ever gets changed or deleted, I even took a screenshot:

Views of Democrats CNN

Later the same night, Democrats win Virginia, New Jersey, and New York City. Though the latter two were expected, the Virginia race was supposed to be a toss up. As of the writing of this article, Ralph Northam was up by nearly five points on Ed Gillespie. Fears that the Libertarians may sway the election were negated by Northam getting over 50% of the vote.

How do we reconcile these two opposing ideas? Are the Democrats crumbling? Yes. Did they win big in the only major election day of 2017? Yes.

There was a time not too long ago when I said the only thing going for the Republicans and their alleged “civil war” is that the Democrats are experiencing the same if not worse. I stand by that statement. The Democrats really are cracking up as they seem intent on pushing as far to the left as they’re allowed by their base. This is worrisome because the part of the party that was once considered the fringe is now falling in line with people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are jumping on board. Nearly every emerging movement friendly with the party is pushing for them to move ever closer to communism. They are leaving most of America behind… just like the Republicans.

It’s different for the GOP, though. They’re not losing people because they’re becoming too radical. They’re losing people because they’re becoming too moderate politically while embracing the bombastic style of their leader. These factors combine to give us two major parties that are completely out of touch with what America needs and what their constituents want.

The GOP will play this off as races that were always tilted towards the Democrats and they’d be correct, but this was also supposed to be a continuation of the strides they made a year ago when they broke through to win some tough races. This year, not so much.

America hasn’t been as ready to explore third party alternatives since the 19th century. Between the failed policies of both parties and the rise of Americans realizing they don’t like either major party, it gives me hope that the Federalist Party, which I co-founded, has an opportunity to make an impact in the near future.

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Federalists vs Whigs: a possible outcome of both parties failing



Steve Bannon Donald Trump

This article is a thought exercise on the outcome of both the Democrats and Republican Parties failing. It’s completely hypothetical, but if it comes true, you heard it first here on NOQReport.

Under Obama, the Democrats had a strong sense of unity from which they could look down, scoffing at Republicans. He moved the party left, made a strategic deal with Party Boss Hillary Clinton, and won big in 2008. These were high times for Democrats. Their unity, however, came at a price. A moderate setback occurred in 2010, but the toll was hardly enacted until 2014 and became steeper in 2016 after losing several projected-to-win elections. The Democrats are shaking. Barack Obama handed over the party reins back to Party Boss Hillary and she blew it. The previous high times for Democrats have now become a deep trough. The blame for these hard times is a debate which further divides them.

GOP still fractured

The Republican Civil War has long been written about and still continues. Before, it was Big Government Republicans known as the Establishment vs Conservatives. But now Trump is the Establishment and Bannon is the Party Boss, Big Government GOP opposes him, and Conservatives are weighing in on the infighting. The GOP Civil War is a threeway. Both the Establishment and Conservatives are seeking to root out the BG GOP. However true victories are few right now for Conservative. Much of the races are Pro-Trump vs Anti-Trump, but the Conservatives won bigly in Alabama with Roy Moore defeating the Establishment.

Trump holds Establishment together

Trump bears many similarities to Obama. Without him, the Establishment is in bad hands. Trump’s core principle, yes he has one, is loyalty. Trump is loyal to those whom are loyal to him. For instance, Luther Strange’s loyalty to Trump earned him an endorsement. Trump has hardly been outspoken against Mitch McConnell because McConnell has distanced himself from the Big Government Republicans like John McCain in order to keep his footing as Senate Majority Leader. So what happens when Trump is gone?

Say he doesn’t run for reelection… or worse, loses? With Trump stepping out of the spotlight, the Wall is now Bannon’s. Mitch McConnell is not afraid of Steve Bannon. In fact, McConnell likely enjoys the opportunity to defeat him. The Big Government GOP knows how to fend off the scrub candidates they find to challenge them. Many of the previous Establishment Republicans who bent the knee will likely revert back to the BG GOP. Bannon will soon learn that he needs Trump more than Trump needs him. Things would go back to the way they were.

Enter Democrat Civil War

The Democrat Civil War is a game changer for Conservatives and BG GOP in their own Civil War. Some Democrats are rebelling against Hillary for the 2016 while others are remaining loyal to their Party Boss. Meanwhile the Democrats face a massive identity crisis. Democrats are inching leftward everyday. Hillary Clinton was left of center but in all likelihood only appears as liberal as we think of her. She’s a Party Boss not an Ideological Champion like Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul ect. The Democrats move towards socialism and in their trek they are shedding Pro-Life Democrats, Pro-Gun Democrats and basically making it harder for Dems to win in Red States or rural areas. In moving towards socialism, the Democrats have largely tainted their brand among the grassroots. It’s odd Democrats would embrace Antifa but not a pro-lifer. This only serves to lessen its members and go on life support in many states.

New alliances

Big Government Republicans will find fewer victories as dissatisfaction continues. Conservatives will have a tough time navigating the Republican brand long tainted by the BG GOP. They rise under a new brand with an emphasis on small government by the name of Federalists. The Federalist Party seeks to rise from the grassroots. The pro-life Democrats will join the Federalist Party under the banner of a smaller government. The Establishment, without Trump, won’t be able to stand on its own. While Bannon will resist the inevitable, much of his faction will join the Federalist Party in order to win.

Three Parties, Two Party System

The fall of the two parties will leave four groups: the Socialists, the Federalists, the BG GOP, and the left of center Democrats. The latter two will combine on the principles of a larger government. I’m going to call them the Whigs after a third party faction called the Modern Whigs. This exact party will likely never have its day. But its movement will be captured by John McCain and Lindsey Graham having a nice long hug with Tim Kaine and friends. So we will be left with the Federalists, the Whigs, and the Socialists.

Unfortunately for the Socialists, the Colin Kaepernick types refuse to vote, and the Antifa types commit felonies rendering themselves ineligible. On top of that, their views have a history of failure due to their faithful implementation and drove the split of the Democrats. This will weaken the Socialists to a third party perhaps but out of the mainstream of the two party system for certain. Say hello to the Libertarian Party -2.0. The political battle will emerge between the Federalist Party and the Whigs.

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