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The current state of the two-party system: @RantsOutloud



RantsOutload on the state of the two-party system

Not since the downfall of the Whig Party in the 19th century has there been more turmoil in the major parties. Both are heading in strange directions. Infighting happens daily and in a very public manner. There seems to be no sanity left in either major party.

@RantsOutloud, the personality behind the Adrian Slade Show, made a comment that found its way into visual perpetuity through social media.

This is Whig Party implosion 2.0… only happening to both parties for the same reasons. They both are clinging to control. One party has given into its new base and shoved out its moderates and the other is purging its core.

Source: Twitter

  • RantsOutload on the state of the two-party system

  • RantsOutload on the state of the two-party system

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Rich Lowry on Dick Durbin’s desire to make a DACA deal work



Rich Lowry on Dick Durbins desire to make a DACA deal work

Based upon Senator Dick Durbin’s actions the last few days regarding President Trump’s “s***hole” comments, one would think his intention was to derail talks and have a valid reason to blame Republicans in general and Trump in particular. If he really wanted a DACA deal, wouldn’t he have handled it differently?

JD Rucker had some thoughts on this:

Trump was wrong to say what he said. Durbin was wrong to reveal it. crossed that line. He took comments that paint the entire country through the President himself in a way that harms our ability to work with other nations. He wasn’t championing the nations Trump spoke out about. He had a single intention: harm.

Will this help with negotiations? Possibly, but at what cost?

National Review’s Rich Lowry wasn’t quite as accusatory, but he did question Durbin’s motives and whether or not he really wanted to make a DACA deal happen. Perhaps he was just greatly offended. Then again, perhaps he was just being a politician. Here’s Lowry’s quote:

“Everyone seems to think that Durbin really wants a deal, which makes it weird that he has gone out of his way to blow up the s***hole meeting.”

Read all of his comments:

Trump’s “Shithole” Comments, DACA & Political Fallout benefit of a merit-based system is that it would move us away from special ethnic pleading in immigration policy. The visa lottery began as affirmative action for Irish immigrants. My understanding is that Dick Durbin said in the meeting that he wanted to preserve the visa lottery in a slightly changed form because the Congressional Black Caucus wanted it. This is not how we should be making decisions about who comes here and who doesn’t.

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Guns and Crime

Thomas Homan on California becoming a ‘sanctuary state’



Thomas Homan on California becoming a sanctuary state

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan is not a fan of California’s declaration that they’re officially a “sanctuary state.” His scathing remarks on Fox News were spoken from the heart of someone who deeply cares about enforcing the law and the people who do the enforcing.

One segment in particular was telling:

“No one thought about the safety of law enforcement when this decision was made. No one thought about cases like Kate Steinle.”

Source: Daily Signal

Acting ICE Director: Let’s Charge Sanctuary Cities for Violating Federal Law So Director, what do you do if local police turn the other way and say our loyalty is to the governor?

Homan: Well, first of all, the street cops, they do not like this legislation. They’re totally against it. The street cops understand what we’re trying to do. We want to take public safety threats out of the communities. And so this comes to—this is a political decision. This isn’t a law enforcement decision. No one thought about the safety of law enforcement when this decision was made. No one thought about cases like Kate Steinle. You know, I can give example after example.

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Leon H. Wolf on both major parties growing government and budgets



Leon H Wolf on both major parties growing government and budgets

Leon H. Wolf, managing editor at The Blaze, is a big fan of limited government. Unfortunately most Republicans and all Democrats on Capitol Hill tend to favor expanding government. It’s no wonder Wolf is opposed to the way leaders in the two major parties are attempting to fund government.

In a recent article, he went after the parties and the whole process being initiated with the new year. One line in particular is worth highlighting:

“It should be noted that almost no one in either branch of government on either side is attempting to actually reduce the size of the government or its budget.”

Source: The Blaze

Republicans and Democrats open 2018 by arguing over how much to grow the size of government the holiday season comes to a close, Republicans and Democrats are opening the new year by resuming debate over a measure to fund the government through the end of 2018. The two sides failed to reach a compromise before the end of the year on such thorny issues as protection for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients and funding for a wall on the southern border. But in addition to these sticking points, the two sides also appear to disagree over exactly how much the government should grow.

According to Reuters, the White House is pushing for massive increases in military spending along with a 7 percent increase in overall non-discretionary non-military spending, while Democrats are holding out for an 11 or 12 percent increase in non-discretionary spending.

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