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Why a GOP comeback is merely a pipe dream



Why a GOP comeback is merely a pipe dream

The ongoing GOP Exodus has ignited massive controversy among Republicans, who call defectors from the party everything from sore losers to communists and closet Hillary fans. In reality, ex-Republicans are loyal to America, rather than to a person or a party. The defectors’ objective is to save their country and they are intelligent enough to realize the GOP is no longer the vehicle through which to accomplish this goal.

The Republican Party was in trouble prior to the circus that led to the nomination of an incompetent, narcissistic bully. The GOP desperately needed to accomplish two things in 2016: grow their party and forever debunk the mainstream media’s accusations that Republicans are haters, chauvinists, racists, homophobics, out of touch with the “little guy,” and engaged in a “war on women.”

Contradicting this definition of a Republican is merely a pipe dream now, as the party’s standard bearer is currently a hateful, nasty, bigoted, chauvinistic, self-absorbed racist who is completely out of touch with the “little guy” and laughs about assaulting women. As for that other goal, it is dust in the wind. “Growing the party” is a topic not heard very often among Republicans these days and for good reason.

Pipe dreams and fancies

There is no recovery from this disaster and the GOP should feel free to turn off the light, because the Party’s over. However Trump’s angry mob of haters hotly deny that the GOP is in trouble and cling to the fantasy that all is well. Meanwhile, true conservatives are busy forming parties of which to be proud, rather than remaining with a party for which they must continuously make excuses, similar to the battered wife insisting her abusive spouse will “change.”

Republicans ignore the knock of opportunity

The GOP could have nominated a shining star in 2016, but through a perfect combination of corrupt action and apathetic inaction, the Party collectively refused to save itself and handed the nomination–and subsequently the presidency–to an unqualified, childish, self-absorbed bully.

Anti-Trumpers were outnumbered by those who fall into one of three categories: the apathetic, the corrupt, and the cowardly:


Any Republican who could sit out the primaries, despite the threat of a Trump nomination and the irreversible damage it would cause, had little or no regard for the fate of the party or the country as a whole. Nevertheless, 85% of Republican voters sat out their states’ primaries.

Corruption and cowardice

Likewise, it was said there were far more anti-Trump delegates than Trump supporting delegates at the convention, yet most who opposed the Nazi-like narcissist folded like paper tigers when bullied by a corrupt rules committee. This leads to yet another question. Why does the GOP have corrupt leadership?

These are not minor issues, ladies and gentlemen, and they are not problems from which the Republican Party will recover.

Through apathy on the part of voters, cowardice on the part of certain delegates, and corruption at the top, the Republican Party is now saddled with a standard bearer who is a sickening disgrace. Trying to tell the world that “most of us” didn’t want him just doesn’t wash. True conservatives are those willing to begin again with a party that cares enough to hold the line and come to its own rescue if ever its life is at stake.

Jesse Broadt has been a full-time writer in the travel industry since 2007 and regularly contributes to news and political websites.

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  1. Susan Hauck

    September 15, 2017 at 6:20 am

    Wow! Jesse, you’re a great writer! I love you articles! Keep writing. The GOP comeback IS merely a pipe dream. Anyone who doesn’t believe it has their head in the sand! You keep writing. I want to read more of your articles! Thanks for this great post. I love it! Rock on!

  2. Danny Lamar (@4liberty7777)

    September 15, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Right on hit the nail on the head! Gop…done…over…fried…burned out…excuse filled…an empty shell with no life left in it with an unqualified leader that CANNOT lead by example unless the gop wants to go around groping women etc. Keep it coming Jesse and do not be discouraged for there are many that get it!

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