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Colin Kaepernick’s latest stunt perfectly demonstrates why he won’t play in the NFL again



Colin Kaepernick NFL

On Thursday, it was reported that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the controversial activist who made headlines last year for sitting for the national anthem, thus tanking the NFL’s ratings and causing enough of an uproar for him to be booted out of the league, has decided to jump onto a new cause—protesting President Trump and funding DREAM act activists.

“Colin Kaepernick Foundation has donated to another $100,000 to DREAM, Coalition For The Homeless, War on Children, and United We Dream,” ESPN’s Adam Shefter stated.

Kaepernick’s website also stated that $25,000 would go to organizing illegal aliens who received DREAM act deferrals to go to Washington, D.C. to protest the rescinding of DACA.

The website stated, “10k for upcoming travel. Air, hotel, lodging, and ground transportation. United We Dream recently held event in Washington DC and sent 300 dreamers to lobby to keep DACA. This budget will pay for 75-100 attendees for a similar rally upcoming.”

TheBlaze states that United We Dream is considered the “largest immigrant youth-led organization in the world.”

Still wonder why this guy is considered polarizing?

Despite Kaepernick’s shameless controversies, from his sitting for the anthem, to wearing socks that depicted police officers as pigs, and holding a press conference while wearing a t-shirt depicting the Cuban genocidal Communist Che Guevera, his supporters still hold the NFL with chagrin since no team will sign him, even as teams sign quarterbacks that may have less talent. As the Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reported yesterday, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has vowed to boycott the NFL until Kaepernick is signed, and is asking others to do the same. King claims that “These white team owners cannot believe that Colin took a stance against injustice in America without their expressed permission and blessing…”

However, Kaepernick’s critics state the obvious—that no team wants to deal with the bad press and controversy that comes with having a player like that on their roster. And despite King’s active boycott of the NFL, many Americans boycotted the NFL last year because of Kaepernick himself and the fact that despite his actions, he was still employed. In fact, a CBS study showed that ratings went down last year because of Kaepernick’s protests. ESPN reported this as well.

So Shaun King may be waiting a while.

In short, it’s pretty obvious why Kaepernick is unemployed. It has nothing to do with his race. It’s because no one wants to deal with his anti-American antics and his slapping of millions of Americans and NFL fans in the face. Especially his slapping the face of the many great police officers throughout the country.

Good for the NFL, and good riddance to Kaepernick. And best of all, good for the great cops in our country that don’t have to watch him disrespect them for his own selfish antics and attention-seeking.

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Jeremy Frankel is a Human Resource Coordinator based in New Jersey. An Orthodox Jew, he is also a writer for The Daily Wire and Red Alert Politics. You can follow him on Twitter at @frankeljeremy.

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We can handle the NFL, Mr. President. Focus on real issues.



Trump should stop attacking the NFL

I’ve been boycotting the NFL for three seasons. I started pulling my support as far back as late-2012. My beef came before Colin Kaepernick decided to get attention for himself to try to save his once-promising career. For many reasons, from the boosting of awful role-models to the greed they showed during “Harbowl” in 2013, I decided that if I’m going to spend my free time doing something fun, it might as well be doing something I can support. Sunday lunch-and-leisure with the family was born and I’ll never go back to the NFL.

This was harder for me than I thought. I’ve always loved football. I love watching it. I loved playing it in high school. I love talking about it. Principles over pleasures is tough sometimes, but it was especially tough with the NFL. I know I’m not alone.

President Trump has decided to go after the NFL. Like every other American, he has the right to express his feelings. The difference with a President is that those feelings turn into press coverage. The President has a certain degree of moral authority over the people who support him (scary to think of that considering our last four presidents, but it’s true). From the Oval Office, a president wields a great deal of influence over the nation and the world. That influence should be used to address real issues. The world has plenty of them.

The NFL is not one of them. It’s a waste of his and our time for the President of the United States to be focusing on something as unimportant as the National Football League.

There’s a bigger problem with the attention he’s paying to them. This is a private industry driven by private corporations supported by private citizens. We don’t need to President or any other politician getting involved in this situation. We, as American consumers, have a valid dispute when the representatives of a product are condemning something many of us cherish. Many others in America do not cherish it, so the battle lines have been drawn.

Americans can express their dismay by withdrawing support for the NFL. That means not watching games, not buying merchandise, and often publicly expressing our feelings. Americans can also express their support by embracing or even mimicking the actions of Kaepernick and other players. They can watch games, buy merchandise, and publicly express their support. The majority of Americans will either watch the NFL or not based upon their personal desires regardless of how the players behave. This is how America works.

It’s starting to become clear that more people are pulling their support. Last Thursday’s game in San Francisco had a laughable attendance. Television ratings are dropping. What does this tell us? It means we can handle the NFL in our own way without government interference or politicians riling up their bases.

I’m not sure what the President is doing. Is this misdirection, changing the subject from Russia, North Korea, and other real issues? Is this hopping onto a populist issue so he can claim to be making an impact later when things turn south for the NFL? Is he just saying whatever pops in his head?

Whatever the President’s intentions, he really just needs to stop. We can take care of the NFL. We need the President to stay focused on important things, not idiots playing a sport.

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Millennials: It’s time to kill the dumb, political award shows



To no one’s surprise, the Emmys  suffered their lowest ratings yet. Really, who watches these award shows anymore? Who wants to watch a bunch of pampered, self-important liberals pat themselves smugly on the back for their political views, while making every effort to skewer those who don’t believe exactly as they do?

The only audience left for these kinds of Hollywood indulgences are those who wish they were there. In other words, table waiters and waitresses all over Los Angeles, and others doing summer stock theater while they feverishly update their head shot and read the daily ads for auditions hoping to be discovered. The very few conservatives in Hollywood take no joy in being part of such a disgusting celebration.

In related news, and the least surprising thing other than the sun rising and setting, the Emmys was on full anti-Trump display.


TV Ratings Report: Emmy Awards Hit a New Low TV Fanatic 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards secured 9.6 million viewers and a 2.1 rating among the all-important adults 18-49 demographic.

That’s down considerably from the 11.3 million viewers and the 2.8 rating for the 2016 ceremony. Maybe people don’t like to watch the Emmys live.


Trump Rebuked: These Emmys Were for You, Mr. President- Steve Pond The Wrap overall, this Emmys show was aimed squarely at the occupant of the White House, from host Stephen Colbert’s opening shots to “The Handmaid’s Tale’s” final victory three hours later.

It celebrated minority voices in a way that the Emmys have been doing in recent years, gave numerous awards to shows fronted by and giving voice to powerful women, and offered a racially, sexually and culturally diverse view of America that could be seen as a direct affront to today’s political climate in the guise of an awards show.


Hollywood’s Self-Defeating Political Snark- John Daly’d call the win a slap in the face of dedication, hard work, and creative expression, but the truth is that none of this award-show stuff really matters. So much of it is contrived nonsense that the topic probably isn’t even worth the time I’ve already spent writing about it in this column. The moment Emmy nominations were announced back in July, every one of Baldwin’s competitors assuredly knew they were going to lose, and they knew exactly why.



Final Thoughts

Twitter tried to make the Emmys more relevant than they actually were, but ratings don’t lie. Americans are less interested in watching Hollywood elites pat themselves on the back and belittle their beliefs. The rating declines show that the anticipation of these “meaningful” awards isn’t worth sitting through a bunch of crap. Hollywood is definitely becoming more obsessed with activism than entertainment and storytelling. But let’s not kid ourselves, award shows were never good. Maybe it’s a generational thing that millennials, like myself, are also killing. Even MTV struggles with ratings when it comes to the VMAs. I would argue that older generations have a greater interest in award shows(and the ratings suggest it.) So the Emmys, Oscars, and others are long term headed for decline no matter what. However, the elitism is turning away viewers from generations that are more interested. In the end, it’s a shame it took Obama and Trump for many Americans to realize award shows are dumb.

The only silver lining here is that soon we may see dumb awards shows banished from live television. That day cannot come soon enough.

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Sean Spicer was better than the Emmys, and lefties are pissed



Hollywood is what’s wrong with America, and the Emmys are, in a nutshell, everything wrong with Hollywood in a one-episode miniseries. The Academy Awards is about the only event that can give the Emmys a run for its preening, smarmy, condescending money.

So, when the liberal bubble was crashed by a troglodyte like Sean Spicer, the left has reason to ruffle feathers in protest. When Spicer is actually funny and engaging, they positively cackle in unified indignancy. But when Spicer is the best part of the droning sinus infection that Hollywood awards programs have become, his mocking presence becomes completely intolerable.

Popcorn please. I didn’t watch the Emmys, but I could watch this all day.

“This will be the largest audience to witness the Emmys, period – both in person and around the world.”

Of course, the Emmys tanked in the ratings, making the irony even more delicious.


Spicer Crashes Emmys, Liberals Freak the Crap Out | Peter Heck, The Resurgent a not-so-veiled mockery of his own antics defending President Trump’s outlandish and exaggerated claims about inaugural crowd size, Spicer showed a self-deprecating side to himself that any normal, reasonably balanced individual could appreciate.

So of course the humorless left was indignant and outraged. The headlines were hilarious:


Hollywood Hates Us All…and It’s Getting Kind of Boring: 2017 Emmys Edition | Kira Davis, RedState night’s 69th Emmy Awards was a perfect example of why Emmy ratings have been steadily dropping for the last four years, despite more ways than ever to watch them. It shouldn’t have been surprising that nearly every single presenter, winner and host segment took the opportunity to jab at President Trump.

It’s important to remember that for the most part the people on that stage hold a subtle disdain for the average American. They might not even realize it, but it shows every time most of them are asked about a political issue on the red carpet.


5 Reasons It’s Ridiculous For Hollywood To Go Nuts Over Sean Spicer’s Emmys Appearance | Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire, the Left is quite upset that former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer appeared at the Emmys. “How could he be normalized so?” they ask. “Isn’t that making light of the lies he told? Why grant him that sort of credibility?”

This, of course, is insipid.


Liberal outrage at its visceral, apoplectic peak:

Not everyone is a hater:

Final thoughts

See, Rolling Stone, the Emmys, and Hollywood in general suffer from the same disease: Cultural dysphoria. They believe that they’re really the elite trapped in a terrible America, when they’re actually what’s terrible about America. The Hollywood elite and their leftist buddies should have cultural reassignment surgery. The procedure is very simple: they can move to France or Sweden, where the only side-effect they might face is losing their heads at the hands of actual extremists.

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