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The most despicable marketing of God’s judgment



The most despicable marketing of Gods judgment

It is interesting how every weather pattern, disease outbreak or earthquake becomes a judgment from God. Some – no, many people with no biblical understanding of judgment are somehow capable of labeling a judgment after the fact. As a Christian, I take great efforts to understand the difference between certain actions God takes or, more specifically, when He intervenes. I certainly expect individuals who profess to be Christians to understand the differences between judgment, blessing/cursing and discipline. Especially disconcerting are those individuals with no foundation of truth spewing garbage about hurricanes being Mother Nature’s judgments against mankind. Yeah, right, thanks for playing Who’s the Most Deceived Millionaire.

What I find particularly perturbing is Jim Bakker’s flagrant use of Hurricane Harvey to sell his survival product. People are mentioning “end of days” without understanding what that means and we have Bakker, a highly rated televangelist, taking advantage of people to sell his products.

On occasion, I have listened to Mr. Bakker and every time I find myself shaking my head. He sprinkles enough truth on top of his dialogues while peddling a product or latest book that people find little threads from which they hang every made up notion about what God is doing and is going to do. I will not claim to know God’s mind. I cannot know His mind. Obviously then, I cannot know the specifics about how He plans to fulfill prophesy. I am, however, aware of the signs of the times and what those signs represent on our timeline – that march toward the Rapture of the Church, the Great Tribulation and the Millennial Reign of Christ.

As I said, I cannot know the mind of God. But I can study His word and I can form a set of logical ideas about the characteristics of God’s judgments. The first time we find a judgment in the Bible is that of Adam and Eve. Here is what is consistent about God’s judgments:

  1. He foretells of judgment if a specific action is taken
  2. He is righteous to carry out justice (execute the judgment)
  3. Judgments have far-reaching devastation

We see the same characteristics surrounding the Great Flood, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Egypt and their gods (the ten plagues) and we are certainly warned of devastating and destructive judgments to come during the Tribulation.

Each judgment is clearly spoken of in advance. Adam and Eve were told they would surely die if they ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; God warned Noah 120 years in advance of the flood; Lot was warned to leave Sodom and Gomorrah; Moses warned of God’s judgment if Pharaoh did not let the Israelites go free. We also find great devastation in each case. The judgment of Adam and Eve, like the Great Flood, affected the entire earth and every creature upon it.

God also uses discipline but only for those nations who declare God as their Lord (Psalm 33:12). He also promises blessings and curses for certain actions regardless of God’s place in the nation: Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed (Genesis 12:3). I find it much more likely that God has removed His blessings of protection from natural events and disasters due to our (as a nation) displacement of God in our lives. Since God was removed from public schools and replaced with humanism, He has simply followed suit and removed His blessings.

This is why I find Bakker especially reprehensible. The problem is that there are many more like him. And, if you are a Christian watching all these signs in the heavens awaiting some great thing to be revealed, you are looking in the wrong place (see Colossians 3:1-2, key words “where Christ is sitting” for context). Those signs are not for us, they are for the unbelievers. The recent Four Blood Moons event netted millions of dollars for several evangelicals (example John Hagee) and a couple of Messianic Jews (Jonathan Kahn and Mark Biltz) in book deals and seminars.

I simply shake my head.

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Elizabeth Warren releases DNA proof that she’s at least 1/1024th Native American. Twitter responds appropriately.



Elizabeth Warren releases DNA proof that shes at least 11024th Native American Twitter responds appr

There’s a strategist in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s ear who thought it was a good idea to release results of a DNA test showing a likelihood that one of her very distant descendants was Native American. The advice taken. The results were predictable.

The test shows she is at most 1/32nd Native American if she is six generations from her Native American ancestor. That’s her best-case scenario. At worst, her ancestor was as far back as ten generations which would make her 1/1024th Native American. To put that into perspective, if she were to honor her heritage by engaging in 1/1024th of a four-hour Native American Sweat, she’d be in and out of the lodge in 14 seconds.

Elizabeth Warren releases results of DNA test on Native American ancesty inherent imprecision of the six-page DNA analysis could provide fodder for Warren’s critics. If her great-great-great-grandmother was Native American, that puts her at 1/32nd American Indian. But the report includes the possibility that she’s just 1/1024th Native American if the ancestor is 10 generations back.

Undergoing the test and releasing the results reveal how seriously Warren is taking the attacks from Trump, who has been able to effectively caricature and diminish his national foes via nicknames and conspiracy theories. Trump pushed then President Barack Obama into releasing the long form of his birth certificate to prove what most knew was already true: He was born in America.

This publicity stunt was designed to let everyone know she’s serious about running for President in 2020. She wanted to be able to call out President Trump on his promise to give $1,000,000 to charity if she could prove Native American heritage. He won’t pay, of course, which will get plenty of headlines calling him a deal-breaking scoundrel, but was it really if for her to be the focus of even more jokes on social media?

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter. You decide:

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Katherine Timpf on fighting political correctness



Katherine Timpf on fighting political correctness

National Review reporter and Fox News contributor Katherine Timpf often discusses political correctness. She talks about it so often that one might think it’s a subject she enjoys, but in reality it’s simply a problem she passionately wants to solve.

In American society, it is way too easy to offend. People do not want to hear that their perspectives are wrong. That’s apparently some form of violence. They don’t want to hear an opposing viewpoint. That’s allegedly a form of oppression. Many on the left feel entitled to express their opinions in any way they see fit and also to prevent others from sharing their opinions if there’s a difference in worldviews.

The hypocrisy of political correctness is thick.

As Timpf recently pointed out on National Review, it’s a problem that doesn’t have an easy solution, but trends are pointing to positive movement against the specter of political correctness.

Political Correctness: Study Finds 80 Percent of Americans Think It’s a Problem could go on for pages and pages, but you get the point: Writing about political correctness sometimes makes me feel as if everyone has gone mad, and I’m very glad to see that this doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, a strong majority of people apparently agrees with me. A strong majority believes that political correctness has gone too far, and probably would agree that we need to be careful to protect our ability to speak freely in this country.

That’s certainly encouraging, but it still doesn’t make me feel entirely better. After all, the small, PC-obsessed mob can sometimes be very powerful. Once it decides that someone or something is racist or sexist, that conclusion can carry a lot of weight. It can ruin careers and lives. It can remove perfectly good, innocuous words from acceptable speech, because even the people who might not see a problem with those words don’t want to risk being accused of racism or sexism for using them. The only answer is to keep fighting, to keep exposing and mocking such overreach when it occurs — and to take solace in the fact that so many people have awoken to its dangers.

Keep fighting the good fight, Ms. Timpf.

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Reason: Socialism fails every time




Reason Socialism fails every time

If Socialism Actually Worked, the Left wouldn’t have to Lie about it.

John Stossel has a new video featuring Gloria Álvarez who knows the truth about Socialism. She passionately decimates all of the Left’s lies about what is truly organised evil.

Socialism has become cool in America, under the nice name “democratic socialism”.

Gloria Álvarez knows better, because she’s from Latin America and studied socialism there. She says: watch out! Socialism has a clear track record of wrecking every country that implements it.

Cuba tried socialism. Things got so bad that tens of thousands fled the island on dangerous, makeshift rafts. Others paid lots of money to be allowed to leave.

After Cuba, the next Latin American country to get totally immersed in socialism was Venezuela. For a while, things seemed to work okay thanks to the country’s oil wealth; Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, and used to be the richest country in Latin America.

Celebrities like Michael Moore and Sean Penn visited Hugo Chavez and praised his socialism.

Venezuelans were happy, too. A former mayor in Venezuela’s capital city told Álvarez: “People were clapping so hard. They were like, ‘Oh, finally there is somebody here making social justice.'”

But eventually socialism led to a mismanagement of the economy that was so bad that money started to run out. The government just printed more, so much more that it led to million-percent inflation.

But some still defend socialism, saying that what happened there “isn’t real socialism.” Bernie Sanders says: “when I talk about Socialism I am not looking at Venezuela, I’m not looking at Cuba. I’m looking at countries like Denmark, like Sweden.”

But Denmark’s prime minister says that’s a mistake: “Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy,” he clarified.

In Scandinavian countries, government regulates business less than America’s government does. Scandinavian countries don’t even have a minimum wage.

Real socialism looks more like Cuba and Venezuela.

Álvarez hopes people look at socialism’s track record before implementing it anywhere else.

If the stakes weren’t so deadly serious, the Left’s absurd contradictions on this subject would be quite amusing. The video had several celebrities trying to claim that normal government functions are somehow ‘socialism’, without explaining how this is the case. Other Leftists will claim that certain socialist regimes weren’t actually socialist, but were really ‘Right-Wing’, again without explaining how this is the case. However, those supposedly non-socialist, ‘Right-Wing’ regimes had normal government functions – road, liberties etc. So by the lights of the first contention, wouldn’t they be socialist?

But let us put this as succinctly as possible:

If Socialism Actually worked:

The Left wouldn’t have to falsely claim that normal government functions are ‘socialism’.
The Left wouldn’t have to Lie about the definition of the word.
The Left wouldn’t have to pretend that Scandinavian countries are socialist.
The Left wouldn’t have to lie, claiming that totalitarian Socialist regimes are supposedly ‘rightwing’.
If Socialism Actually worked, they wouldn’t need ‘revolutionary terror’.
If Socialism Actually worked, they wouldn’t need Tanquetas’ or ‘Ballenas’ to keep the people in line.
If Socialism Actually worked, they wouldn’t need secret police and torture to suppress dissent.
If Socialism Actually worked, they wouldn’t need barbed wire or mine fields to keep people from leaving.
If Socialism Actually worked, they wouldn’t need concentration camps, gulags or ‘re-education’ camps.
If Socialism Actually worked, they wouldn’t need firing squads or as ‘Che Guevara’ put it, the ‘pedagogy of the wall’.

The Takeaway.

If the organised evil that is socialism [Or it’s 40+ alternative labels] didn’t defy basic human nature, being a functional system, there would be no reason for the nation’s Socialist-Left to Lie about it. If it had actually accomplished something useful – aside from 100+ Million dead – it’s proponents could simply sell it without all of the falsehoods and outright lies. Those who advocate for that collectivist system – while claiming they aren’t it’s advocates – could simply be honest about what they want to impose on the rest of us.

Compare this to the entirely workable – but never claiming to be perfect – system of economic Liberty.
Those of us who are advocates for freedom have no need to pretend that systems of economic Liberty are something else. We have no need to make false claims or pretend it something that it is not. We only need to sell it on it’s great achievements, something the advocates of socialism can never do.


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