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DACA: One more controversy to hate each other over




Americans, quite simply, do not discuss issues anymore. They immediately pick a side based on the party with which they are associated and mindlessly chant the appropriate dialogue, as they inwardly seethe against those on the “other side” and search for the best way to expose them for the lunatics they are–for lunatics they must be if they have a different opinion. We see that now with the DACA controversy.  

Either five-year-olds who did not know right from wrong years ago when they were carried over the border are criminals and should be tossed back over the wall to an unrecognizable “homeland,” or we should simply throw our borders open and ultimately lose the country to anyone who wants to claim squatter’s rights. Those are our only two options it seems. How ridiculous that the average American’s intelligence has sunk to this level.

Not only are people unable to talk and reason with each other anymore, now it seems they are not even able to think for themselves. They have lost the ability to analyze an issue in their own heart and mind and decide how it is they really feel. Instead, they immediately default to chorusing the straight party line whenever a new topic is introduced.

Black and white and gray all over

I can almost guarantee that those who think the “DREAMERS” issue is black and white are extremely loyal to one party or the other–even those who claim they did not approve of their party’s 2016 nominee. This is because rational people who are not party-obsessed can not possibly believe there is one, radical, isolated answer to this problem.

Merely because conservatives hate liberals does not make a person a criminal if that person had no part in committing a crime. Merely because liberals hate conservatives does not mean anyone who wants to walk over our border should be able to do so, while American citizens accompany them with loud refrains of “Kumbaya” or “Give Peace a Chance.”

However, according to members of the two parties of corruption to which the majority of America’s voters belong, it must be one extreme or the other, with no neutral ground to discuss anything as civilized human beings. I guess there is nothing to discuss when a person’s approach is “I’m right and you’re wrong and that’s the end of the story so help me God.”

Dodging responsibility Left and Right

It is also interesting that we hear very little about the fact that much of the problem was created because we chose not to enforce immigration laws that were on the books for decades. Whose fault is that? Certainly not America’s government or We the People. It must be the fault of immigrants.

Before the hate spews, I am not saying that our failure to enforce our laws excuses criminals who enter our country illegally, any more than carelessly leaving a store unlocked at night excuses someone from walking in and emptying the cash registers. However, I guarantee you if a store employee left a door unlocked and the store was robbed, he or she would be fired in short order the next morning. We seemingly place no such responsibility on ourselves for leaving the door unlocked for decades.

Someone needs to acknowledge that we could have stopped this problem before it reached the outlandish proportions we are now seeing. If we do not enforce our own laws, we can expect major problems in the future and now that future is here.

Alas, in America, certain laws are only enforced when the government feels like it and as for We the People, well, they are far too busy on Facebook to bother with these weighty matters. Then when problems reach magnanimous proportions, Facebook Nation solves it by singing what should–in my humble opinion–be our new national anthem: “It’s Your Fault, No It’s Your Fault.” The maturity and intelligence involved in that approach is almost overwhelming.

A detrimental shift of focus

Issues are not discussed with logic and sanity in America, indeed, they are not “discussed” at all. The focus is no longer on solving the problem, it is on finding a way to be the biggest thorn possible in the side of the opposing party.

Most party members appear very detached from what’s good for the country. Instead, their tunnel vision is focused on making sure everyone knows what “side” they are on, and from the dialogue they spew, it is quite easy to tell. This loyal-to-party-until-death attitude is what created last year’s blind allegiance to Donald Trump and look where that got us.

When I announced I was Never Trump I was accused of being everything from a traitor to a liberal. One Trump-worshiping member of the party from which I defected last July said in a very sarcastic tone, “I wonder just whose side you’re on.”

I said, “Well, then I will tell you right now so you never have to wonder again. I’m on AMERICA”S side.”

Our country’s problems are unsolvable and will remain so until citizens stop pledging their allegiance to parties and start pledging their allegiance to the United States of America.

Jesse Broadt has been a full-time writer in the travel industry since 2007 and regularly contributes to news and political websites.

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  1. Sharon

    September 11, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    This article is an example of how excellent writing and good old-fashioned truth combine to create a though-provoking piece that made me examine my own attitudes. I have no specific party affiliation now, because like Broadt, I am on America’s side, not the side that will champion my personal views. I do wish everyone in America, and those seeking to enter, could read this piece. Broadt has done it again with an exemplary article which shines a blinding light on the darkness too many Americans have fallen into–a divisive pit of hate. Though the subject matter is solemn, I enjoyed this article and look forward to more contributions like this.

  2. Susan Hauck

    September 12, 2017 at 11:11 am

    This is a totally awesome article, Jesse! Ya know, people just can’t find a middle ground anymore like you said. It’s just one hostile extreme to another hostile extreme. Why can’t people just say, “Ok, your views are different than mine, we’ll agree to disagree”? I mean, like with the exception of murder and assault and stuff. Ya can’t agree murder is ok. Universal crimes that most cultures think are wrong, yeah, they’re wrong. But the picky little things that people start WARS over is just too ridiculous! I’m so glad you wrote again! Love trumps hate!

  3. Susan Hauck

    September 12, 2017 at 11:17 am

    Totally awesome article, Jesse! Ya know, why can’t people agree to disagree? I mean, like excepting things like murder and universal crimes everyone pretty much agrees is wrong, what is WRONG with people? If someone you love is brutally assaulted, ok, yeah, I get that–you hate the person who did it. But for minor issues people want to go to WAR over it! It’s become a culture of hate. Well, got news for ya–love trumps hate!

  4. Susan Hauck

    September 12, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Ooops, I commented twice! Ooooh, now will somneone want to hate me?

  5. Danny Lamar (@4liberty7777)

    September 12, 2017 at 11:32 am

    Excellent article and how true it is that we habe 2 parties going at each other instead of seeing what needs to be done for the good of AMERICA! Do continue writing here for we need to hear what you are saying!

  6. Jesse Broadt

    September 12, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    That’s ok, Susan. A lot of people do that b/c it doesn’t look like their comment registered and then you can’t remember what you wanted to say. LOL.

  7. Raz Schultz

    September 12, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Every word of this excellent article is absolutely true, and I’m very glad that someone is speaking out about this problem.

    It is absolutely true that America’s problems will not be solved in the present climate of hate, anger and contention that prevails. There was a time that Americans believed in discussing issues by listening to different points of view, finding common ground and arriving at a conclsion with which everyone could live. Not anymore. Now it’s a matter of learning “which side” someone is on, as the author said was the question asked of her.

    We see two sides lined up with their signs, shouting and swearing at each other. Whenever I’ve heard any one of them interviewed on the street, they just made sure to state which “side” they’re on, and I have to wonder if they understand the issue. Should children brought here as toddlers, who are now for the most part, educated, intelligent working adults who consider themselves American, be deported for something they had no control over? I really doubt the haters and shouters have even considered that point. No – that doesn’t matter – what does matter is if they support their god Trump or not, or if they’re in tune with the liberal agenda. .

    Reason has left America. It went wherever common sense has gone. How sad.

  8. Raz Schultz

    September 12, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Every word of this excellent article is absolutely true, and I’m very glad that someone is speaking out about this problem.

    It is absolutely true that America’s problems will not be solved in the present climate of hate, anger and contention that prevails. There was a time that Americans believed in discussing issues by listening to different points of view, finding common ground and arriving at a conclsion with which everyone could live. Not anymore. Now it’s a matter of learning “which side” someone is on, as the author said was the question asked of her.

    We see two sides lined up with their signs, shouting and swearing at each other. Whenever I’ve heard any one of them interviewed on the street, they just made sure to state which “side” they’re on, and I have to wonder if they understand the issue. Should children brought here as toddlers, who are now for the most part, educated, intelligent working adults who consider themselves American, be deported for something they had no control over? I really doubt the haters and shouters have even considered that point. No – that doesn’t matter – what does matter is if they support their god Trump or not, or if they’re in tune with the liberal agenda. .

    Reason has left America. It went wherever common sense has gone. How sad.

  9. Raz Schultz

    September 12, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    Oops! I did the same thing! My comment is on here twice! I apologize.

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Guns and Crime

My city is conducting covert taxation by shaking us down. I bet yours is too!



Most of us remember the Disney cartoon movie when we were kids, Robin Hood. Various animals played the characters. The movie opens with the Sheriff of Nottingham bullying the poor into giving him what little money they have as “taxes.” He even took from the old and infirm. This was done to show that he clearly was a bad guy. We wouldn’t imagine that this would happen with our modern police today, right?


As I wrote about a couple of months ago when illustrating how judicial tyranny could affect all of us, whether it be in big ways or small ways, back on November 10th I received a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. I was not driving too fast, swerving, texting while driving, or anything else that could possibly endanger any other person. I was simply going home for lunch from work. It’s a 3 minute drive. This cop was hiding under the overpass and decided to pull me over, because in a large city that is a conduit for drug and human trafficking, this is where the San Antonio Police Department’s resources are best spent, apparently.

Now, a little background. The SAPD’s Chief, William McManus, is currently under investigation for having let more than a dozen people being trafficked go without so much as identifying them. The driver of the truck carrying them was arrested and charged, but his human cargo was just released into the winds. This is the man running the department that decided that my not wearing a seatbelt was worthy of a day’s pay in a tax.

Of course, that was just an excuse. Now, I’m not saying people shouldn’t wear their seatbelts. I in fact DO wear my seatbelt 99.9% of the time. I didn’t have it on at this particular moment because I’d taken it off to reach down for some water. I suffer from migraine headaches and had a bad one on this particular day. I was on my way home for my lunch hour just to get a few minutes of peace and quiet. This police officer decided to ruin my day and didn’t even bother to ask the circumstances.

Now, without a doubt, many of you reading are saying “well, you should have worn your seatbelt!” Fine. But how many of you saying that are fine with motorcyclist riding without helmets. Or bicycles without helmets. Or having an abortion? Yes, I went there. After all, it’s MY BODY isn’t it? I should be able to decide what I want to do with MY BODY, shouldn’t I? I promise you the government lawyers I had to deal with felt that way. And yet, they had no problem telling me what to do with MY BODY when it came to wearing a seatbelt.

I could have paid the ticket and moved on with my life. And if I’d been speeding, or if I’d had my KIDS in the truck without seatbelts I would have (would never have happened) I would have paid the ticket and moved on. But this felt too much like the Sheriff of Nottingham shaking me down for money. I showed up for court and asked for a jury trial. The government lawyer sneered arrogantly at me. I was undeterred. I was assigned a court date nearly 2 MONTHS later. I showed up for that date only to have the prosecutor ask for a continuance because the police officer was “in training.”

And this is where the scam becomes obvious. I argued to the judge that this shouldn’t be allowed, that the police department and the prosecutor’s office could have coordinated and informed me this was going to happen so I didn’t have to take a day off work. I was told “that’s not how it works.” So the trial was reset for 5 March.

A few weeks later I got a notification in the mail that the trial date had been reset AGAIN for 19 March. Wait, huh? I thought that’s not how it worked?

I did some research and looked at the San Antonio City Budget. The last one available was from 2016. It showed the city planned to make approximately $12.2M in fines and forfeitures, meaning they were COUNTING on citizens being fined to make the city work. Well, they only collected about $10.7M, which is a shortfall of $1.5M. They couldn’t let that happen again. So they’ve got cops out there shaking down honest citizens for money. Why go that route? Because as most people I know admitted to me, they would have just paid it and moved on. That’s what the city of San Antonio is counting on. They have a money-making factory that they COUNT on to make the city work. They can’t raise taxes because they’d get voted out of office, so they come up with this covert form of taxation, knowing most people will just pay it and move on.

My 19 March court date arrived and the charges were dropped because “the officer didn’t remember enough about the incident.” Well, maybe if he wasn’t out giving so many bogus tickets he’d remember more of the ones that matter. Several other tickets from the same officer were also dropped. The city didn’t want to spend the money on my constitutional right of a trial. They count on most people just paying and moving on. The certainly didn’t want me making my case to a jury and nullifying their money-making scheme.

The upshot.

Well, sad for them they didn’t know who they were dealing with, and I don’t mean ME, I mean YOU, dear readers. I urge you to look into this in your own communities. Most police officers are great people who work hard to protect them. But if some are being used to shake you down for money so that liberal mayors and city councils (like the ones here in San Antonio) can spend more money paying their campaign donors back, maybe something needs to be done.

I know this seems like a small thing. It was pointed out to me “it’s worse most places in the world.” Well sure it is, but you can’t wait for things to get that bad before we do something about it. You have to stop this kind of police state in it’s tracks and do it while we still have the power to do so. Look to your local communities and see how they are collecting their money and then spending it. Hold your local leaders accountable. It’s not just Congress that shakes you down for money. And you can’t count on the national or even local media to report on this. They LIKE big government, which this supports. Make it happen, Patriots. I have faith in you.

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In Lieu of what is Right – An Interview with Dr. Ken Wright



One of the most vapid and reliably anti-Constitutionalist members of Congress is known to anyone who takes to Twitter, Ted Lieu, of the California 33rd Congressional District, suddenly has a staunch conservative to square off against. I got to sit down for about an hour over the phone with Dr. Ken Wright, who was one of the most interesting interviews I’ve done this year (and after Erin Cruz, Austin Petersen, Shane Hazel, and Hunter Hill, that is saying something).

Dr. Wright is a renowned pediatric ophthalmologist who is invited to teach all over the world. For that reason (sorry doc) I thought he might have the demeanor of a college professor. Analytical without a lot of passion. I was right about the analytical part. I was dead wrong about the lack of passion. This is a man who in no way needs to run for Congress, but instead sees it as a public service that he is willing to take on to make the world better for his family and for all of ours as well. It’s probably worth noting that one of the most respected and freedom-oriented members of the Senate, Dr. Rand Paul, is also an ophthalmologist. I also have an acquaintance here in my home town who is a Constitutionalist and an ophthalmologist. There seems to be a pattern here.

I found Dr. Wright to be authentic, passionate about Constitutional freedoms, and a man who will not be bullied by anyone. He supports much of what President Trump is trying to do, however I have no trouble believing he would stand up to the President should he go off the rails. The people of the California 33rd would do well to put a man of such integrity into office, and with him get rid of one of the most staunchly anti-freedom members of the US House of Representatives, Ted Lieu.

BW: What specific experience and education make you feel makes you the most qualified to be a Congressman?

KW: With the present state of our representatives I think as long as you have a pulse you could do a better job. They’re bought. The special interest lobbyists are running the show. Any good, ethical citizen could do a better job and do what is right for the people.

**I needed to take a moment to stop laughing at this answer. It was funny because it’s true.**

I’m a pediatric ophthalmologist. I know people all over the world since I travel for teaching in my field. I was awarded a service medal from the President of Panama after Noriega was ousted due to the work I was doing there. I’m a doctor, and doctors use data and facts to make decisions. We don’t put a Band-Aid on an infection and expect it to go away. Dems in inner cities have made people dependent for more than 50 years with no way out and they end up in gangs or living on welfare. Let’s get factories into the inner-cities. Let’s get them jobs instead of food stamps and a few bucks. I want to actually solve problems instead of creating a never-ending cycle of dependency.

BW: What specific issues will be your main focus if elected?

KW: Immigration is a huge problem right now. President Trump gave Congress the job to put together a real plan for DACA and they’ve done nothing. We need a clear policy regarding immigration. To my mind we need to secure the border. Without that we have open borders. We need a wall for at least part of the southern border. It worked in Israel. Then you can think about what to do with 13 million illegals.

Whether they were invited by the government or not, many illegals came here because we wanted people to come here; we wanted them to do certain jobs like pick crops or be a housekeeper, and it would be wrong to send them all home after so many years. That said, criminals with so much as a DUI have to go. This is my problem with sanctuary cities; they allow criminal illegals to roam free and harm our citizens. This is not a Democrat or Republican problem, but rather an American problem.

The largely law abiding that we choose to let stay can get in line behind everyone else and perhaps pay some fines and do some service, but they shouldn’t be able to get to the head of the line like so many Democrats want, and they certainly shouldn’t be given blanket amnesty.

Healthcare is a big issue, mostly because the Democrats have made it that way with Obamacare. Despite what the Democrats say, there were never bodies lying in the street before Obamacare. No one is turned away from any emergency room. Everyone can get care. Not everyone needs health insurance. If you’re a 20 year old on your first job and in good health, perhaps you don’t need to spend money on health insurance, and it’s wrong for the government to force you to subsidize health insurance for others. We need to repeal McCarron-Ferguson Act which exempts insurance companies from most federal regulation including anti-trust laws. That would allow real free-market competition back.

BW: What failures do you feel have been made on the part of Ted Lieu?

**Note: I asked Dr. Wright to please try to keep this to a top 5 list… I know I could write an article just on this question**

KW: When the Syrian war was really going on he wanted to bring 200K refugees from Iraq and Syria and voted against the SAFE Act. That’s dangerous for America.

He doesn’t protect America first. He wants open borders. He’s for sanctuary cities. He votes against Kate’s Law every time it comes up. He has sponsored legislation for no-money bail, saying bail is unfair to the poor, yet judges can take that into consideration. He wants to take the discretion away from the judges.

He’s a hypocrite. On his web site the number one issue he talks about is climate change. And yet, when he was a state senator he accepted $13K from real estate developers who wanted to build a new stadium, and then he co-sponsors a bill to exempt the real estate developers from environmental regulations. He’s a career politician and has never had a real job in his life. I’ve had a real job. I’ve run a business and put people to work.

BW:  What political challenges do you face and how do you plan to overcome them?

Well, District 33 is only 24% Republicans, which has discouraged the GOP and the GOP wasn’t even going to run someone in 2016. However, there’s almost 30% here with no party preference. I was able to take 37% in 2016 and I didn’t have a real organization. I have a whole organization this time and I think winning this district is doable.

BW: With the current debate over gun-control, what are your thoughts?

KW: Well this isn’t an easy issue. I think we all, or at least most, agree a civilian doesn’t need to own a surface-to-air missile. At the same time, the 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting, it’s about being able to resist a tyrannical government. We need to find a balance. I think for certain weapons perhaps some form of mental evaluation might be in order. The problem is the Democrats always want to take it too far. Instead of making things simple and wanting to implement legislation that might actually save lives they are intent on disarming the population.

BW: There has been a lot of debate over President Trump’s tariffs. How do you feel about them.

KW: Great question. Would you agree that it is equally wrong for one to hire someone to commit murder as it is to commit murder yourself?

BW: Sure.

KW: Well by the same token, if it’s wrong for us to use slave labor to make our products, it’s equally wrong for us to allow China and other countries to use slave labor without any kind of penalty. The Chinese have a miles long factory where people were crammed into tiny rooms to live and work. It was so miserable that people were jumping to their deaths. Know what the Chinese government did? They put up nets outside the building so that people couldn’t even kill themselves to get away. It’s that miserable and yet we are profiting from it in the form of cheaper goods. You’ll notice that the President isn’t imposing these tariffs on Europe or Canada or other nations that play by the rule of civilized behavior.

BW: I’m personally very much against tariffs, but I have to admit that I never thought about it that way.

KW: Most people don’t.

BW: I ask this of all California candidates since your state pretty much has been the leader on this issue: What about legalization of Marijuana?

The half-life of marijuana is 3-4 days. If you smoke 2 or 3 times a week then the half life becomes about 2-3 weeks. Alcohol is metabolized much faster. I think it should be available but through a pharmacy, and not in smoking form. Physicians were encouraged to give more opioids for pain management and they found it to be profitable. This has led toward a lax attitude toward drugs. Marijuana should be available to those who need it, but we can’t be so careless with how it’s used.

BW: What do you want the people of the California 33rd to know about you?

KW: Both Republicans and Democrats need to realize that we are Americans first. Vote for someone who has the moral fiber to do what is right. Don’t vote for someone just because they might be at your end of the ideological spectrum.

You can learn more about Dr. Ken Wright by clicking here.


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Culture and Religion

Empty Churches: Roman Catholic Cardinals Push Activism on Immigration And Trump



Even the Roman Catholic Church’s top American leaders are not immune from the earthly allure to virtue signal on immigration. Both ordained and lay Catholic voices, have argued that people of faith have a moral duty to accept the “Dreamers,” to support DACA, and indeed, to oppose the Trump Administration’s policies on immigration.

This weekend, one American cardinal, Joseph Cardinal Tobin of the Archdiocese of Newark (New Jersey), declared that American Catholics have a “duty” to call their elected representatives to support the Dreamers.

However, truth can be inconvenient. Even for learned Church prelates. Tobin and others have selectively picked and chosen from Church teachings. In so doing, they’ve ignored concepts of duty and responsibility.

A careful reading of comments on actual Catholic social teaching from the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, reveals that the current Catholic Church’s embrace of open borders is, ahem, misplaced.

While individuals have the right to move in search of a safe and humane life, no country is bound to accept all those who wish to resettle there. By this principle the Church recognizes that most immigration is ultimately not something to celebrate. Ordinarily, people do not leave the security of their own land and culture just to seek adventure in a new place or merely to enhance their standard of living. Instead, they migrate because they are desperate and the opportunity for a safe and secure life does not exist in their own land. Immigrants and refugees endure many hardships and often long for the homes they left behind. As Americans we should cherish and celebrate the contributions of immigrants and their cultures; however, we should work to make it unnecessary for people to leave their own land.

Because there seems to be no end to poverty, war, and misery in the world, developed nations will continue to experience pressure from many peoples who desire to resettle in their lands. Catholic social teaching is realistic: While people have the right to move, no country has the duty to receive so many immigrants that its social and economic life are jeopardized.

Recent years have seen the Roman Catholic Church demonstrate its worldly fallibility as an institution, while on doctrinal issues, under the current Pope (Francis I), the Church has moved clearly to the Left.

Yet as recently as 1996, Pope Saint John Paul II wrote:

When no solution is foreseen, these same [social and charitable] institutions should direct those they are helping, perhaps also providing them with material assistance, either to seek acceptance in other countries, or to return to their own country.

The rejection of some unconditional duty to receive refugees is clear. The individual’s plight is not ignored; it is, however, not treated as the only factor to be considered to the deliberate exclusion of the hosts. The current Church would do well to follow it. Its own faithful — and its own benefactors — deserve to be ministered to as well, and not viewed solely as a silent audience of putative sinners (and donors) whose Americanism equates to irredeemability.

In societies where cultural traditions emphasis liberty over obedience, freedom over force, and the individual over the collective, shaming your faithful is a recipe for falling Church attendance, falling Church donations and closing institutions. Indeed, in many places, the Church has been closing schools and hospitals, merging parishes and selling off its properties — often bought eagerly by growing Moslem congregations. It’s alarming that Roman Catholic Church leaders are increasingly electing to attack America’s faithful, in favor of pursuing acceptance by “the world.”

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