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Kids aren’t scared of a 71-year-old grandfather, but teachers’ unions are terrified of Trump



Kids arent scared of a 71-year-old grandfather but teachers unions are terrified of Trump

My kids love Donald Trump.

I have 8 and about-to-be-7-years old boys, and you would be hard pressed to find two kids who think more of our president. Given that I’ve written book-length content crammed with Trump’s faults and political incompetence, one would think my own progeny would be terrified and filled with venom over the man I once called “Biff for President.”

Here’s why they’re not. Well, two reasons: once they saw that kindly Donald sent a signed Christmas card in 2015, they were hooked.

The second reason is that I have never, to my kids, disparaged the president as a man, or called him a monster. I’ve made plenty of political comments, and not a few about Trump’s relationship with God. But those were in the context of “let’s pray for him.” We have prayed as a family.

There is no reason–zero–for any child to be terrified by Donald Trump. Yet Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the NEA, the nation’s largest teachers’ union (in fact, the largest union in the U.S., period), told the National Press Club that Trump “creates fear in children.”

“We are facing a reckless, irresponsible administration that creates chaos and confusion — which is bad,” Eskelsen Garcia told the National Press Club. “But [Trump] does something worse: He creates fear in children. And that is unforgivable. For the first time in our country’s history — and I’ve talked to these teachers — we have had to comfort crying children because they are afraid of their president.”


Why would these kids be scared of a 71-year-old billionaire, who himself has 9 grandchildren?

I can give you 20,439,212 reasons.

That’s the amount the NEA spent on political donations in 2015-2016, making them #12 on the list of top political spenders. If you add in the American Federation of Teachers, the other teachers’ union, the total is a whopping $60.8 million. Teachers’ unions, as a group, are #2 on the list of all political donors in the 2016 election cycle.

Every dime went to Democrats.

If I spent $60 million smearing a political figure and did it through the adults who spend more time with children than their own parents for nine months of the year, I’m sure I could find some crying, terrified kids. They were terrified by their teacher’s statements about our president.

They worshipped Barack Obama, who illegally began DACA, then they told those kids Trump would have them deported. The ironic part here is that Trump probably–almost certainly–won’t deport them. He will likely make their amnesty legal using Congress to do it, or he’ll do his own version of DACA.

Trump is the illegal immigrant kids’ savior, or he should be.

That includes comforting girls wearing hijabs or children named Mohammed, Alfredo and Juanita, as well as transgender children who just want to use the restroom, Eskelsen Garcia said.

Oh please! Spare us the political drama: Save it for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. I’ll stock up on popcorn.

The truth is that kids are only terrified by what adults tell them. And ultra-liberal, ultra-political teachers’ unions are terrified of a 71-year-old grandfather.

Also posted at The Resurgent.

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College snowflakes love Antifa



College Students Support Antifa

These videos are rarely appealing. They’re produced by interviewing enough people to get a short burst of sound bites to stitch together in order to verify and justify the original premise of the producer. This is no exception, but we’re running it for one reason: the answers were terrifying.

Listen for two-and-a-half minutes as these students, the future of America, the innocent snowflakes who will lead this nation someday, have exceptionally ignorant answers to basic questions.

H/T: Moonbattery


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It’s time for conservatives to stop being offended by liberals being offended



Changing Declaration of Independent

Doublespeak is not in play in this brief article. It’s going to be so brief, let’s just call it a rant.

Conservatives are very aware that liberals have a tendency to find offense in anything and everything. We’ve seen things changed for the sake of diversity, political correctness, social justice, or even just to keep snowflakes from fainting and spilling their soy lattes. I get it. It’s annoying.

There’s a flip side to this coin. Here’s an article by Frank Camp over at the DailyWire that tells of liberal silliness in our schools striking once again. Keep in mind, it’s not the article that bothers me; Frank wrote it up perfectly. It’s the comments. The outrage. The disgust.

Report: 4th Grade Teacher Changed The Word ‘Men’ In Declaration Of Independence To ‘Humans’; Had Students Recite It | Daily Wire spokesperson for Mesa Public Schools issued a statement on Wednesday, which reads in part: “It should be recited as written, and not modified in any way…School administration, when learning of the alteration to the text, provided feedback and guidance to the teacher to restore the document to its original format.

Fellow conservatives, there are plenty of things we can get upset about. This isn’t one. It’s an annoyance. I like to turn annoyances into teaching moments. In this case, because of the teacher’s idiocy, this particular section of the Declaration will be forever embedded in these students’ minds.

We need to chill out a bit and save our real anger for things that matter. This is insulting to a sacred document and annoying to those who cherish it. Let’s not be like liberals who get so offended by the small stuff.

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James Comey’s speech at Howard University hit by protesters



James Comey Howard

If former FBI Director James Comey’s first day on his new job is any indication, he may want to call President Trump and ask him for a second chance.

While trying to deliver a speech at Howard University, Comey was instantly met by loud protesters. They continued on for several minutes before Comey tried to go ahead and give his speech. He made it through very little that could be heard easily. Ironically, a good part of his speech was about “noise” taking away our attention.

Comey has joined the staff at Howard as a lecturer.


Howard University Students Protest Former FBI Director James Comey’s Keynote Speech | Daily Wire FBI Director James Comey’s new $100,000-per-year job at Howard University didn’t exactly get off to a great start today, as Howard students protested the event and shouted down Comey’s convocation speech.

Comey convocation address derailed by angry protesters at Howard University | Fox News, who was fired by President Trump earlier this year amid tensions over the Russia probe, has also been in the headlines lately – as Hillary Clinton criticizes him in her newly released campaign memoir, and Republicans on Capitol Hill look to drag him back to Capitol Hill amid concerns over possible discrepancies in his testimony concerning the Clinton email case.

Protesters disrupt James Comey’s Howard University convocation speech – POLITICO one point, Comey sought to quiet the protesters by saying that “I hope you’ll stay to listen to what I have to say, and I just listened to you for five minutes.” The effort was unsuccessful, and after several more minutes of waiting out the protesters, and one administrator’s unsuccessful admonitions for the protesters to be seated, Comey offered his speech as the chants and slogans continued to pour from the back of the auditorium.

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