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Times That Try Men’s Souls



I recently wrote a piece on the exhaustion I feel trying to keep up with the Trump administration.  As I wrote, there seems to be a new development, or crisis, by the hour.  All of this in the first seven months before this President has really faced any unforeseen challenges.  Events which all President’s ultimately deal with, will arise.  We may be on the cusp of finding out how President Trump will react.  Granted, much of this is his own doing, but if the first half of the year is any indication, the second half could be a wild ride.  Here are my hot takes.


“Obamacare will be repealed.”  “Repeal and Replace.”  “Maybe just trim it up around the edges?”  “Congress can’t get it done, so we’ll just let it implode.”  “Yeah, we didn’t really mean we could get rid of it, for the last 7 years.”

I’m not sure there’s really any more to add here.  Nothing is getting done.  Premiums will continue to rise and the economy will suffer.

Tax Reform

This talking point lasted about two days.  I highly doubt this republican congress has the stomach to make any meaningful reforms.  Something will pass, but it will more than likely just be a shell game.  Like it or not, it’s getting to be election season all over again.  Get ready for a lot more talk and no action.


Likewise, this theme week lasted about fifteen minutes.  Mostly due to the President’s own actions.  I’m no fan of any huge spending package.  I’m pretty sure Obama did this one and it only led to close to a trillion dollars in new debt.


He campaigned on the wall, enforcement and ending DACA.  Enforcement has been pretty good.  I’ve got more bricks in my yard than the new “wall”.  And, Trump will end DACA, or give Congress six months to do something about it.  For all the outrage, for the time being, nothing has actually been done.

Foreign Affairs

This is the area I consider the most concerning and most likely to throw the administration into a tail spin.  The two big topics here are North Korea and the Middle East.  I’ll take them in turn.

First the Middle East.  After campaigning to get out of unnecessary wars, Trump is sending more troops to Afghanistan and is doing “stuff” in Syria.  His cabinet officials tend to contradict him on foreign policy, almost daily.  He calls Qatar a terrorist state, then we sell them military equipment.  We will negotiate with “moderate” Taliban, while also killing them.  These are just a few examples.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Then there’s North Korea.  There was a lot of talk of “fire and fury”.  He took a new approach and I can appreciate that.  Then North Korea threatens Guam, fires a ICBM over Japan, and over the weekend detonated a nuke.  So, yeah, that just happened.

The 2nd Half

The first half, of the first year, of the first term of team Trump has been interesting to say the least.  The President has governed just as he campaigned.  There is no indication he is in any mood to change.  Most of the domestic problems this administration has faced, thus far, are self-inflicted wounds.  That will most certainly change when the next economic crisis emerges.  We seem poised for a correction in the market.

I believe our adversaries are still taking a wait-and-see approach on Trump.  After all, it’s only been seven months.  How the President deals with North Korea will most likely set the tone for what threats we face for the remainder of this administration.  That could be good, or that could be bad.

So, how will it all turn out?  I don’t know.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Attorney, husband, father, and Provisional State Chair of the Federalist Party of North Carolina.

Guns and Crime

ICE gets media beating for taking illegal immigrant into custody over Mexican homicide warrant



ICE gets media beating for taking illegal immigrant into custody over Mexican homicide warrant

It’s the type of story the media craves. An illegal immigrant, Joel Arrona-Lara, who “hasn’t done anything wrong” was detained by ICE agents while transporting his pregnant wife to the hospital. She ended up having to drive herself the rest of the way before delivering their son.

The spin is predictable. They skim over the fact that he has an arrest warrant in Mexico for homicide while putting all the focus on his wife’s dilemma. They even attempt to cast doubt on the warrant because the lawyer for the family says he couldn’t find a record of the warrant. This last part is most peculiar because it would be simple for a major media outlet to confirm the existence of the warrant. They did, of course, but they won’t report that when they have a better quote from the lawyer denying its existence.

Eventually details will emerge about the warrant, but not until the media inflicts as much damage as possible on ICE and anyone in favor of legal immigration being the proper way to enter the country.

Here’s the story. If you click through, you’ll even get a link at the bottom to the family’s new GoFundMe page:

ICE Detains Man Driving Pregnant Wife To Deliver Baby, Says He Is Wanted For Homicide In Mexico husband Joel Arrona-Lara was driving his wife to the hospital for a scheduled Cesarean section Wednesday afternoon when they had to stop to get gas. That’s when their car was approached by two SUVs. Maria said they were officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The mother of five was then asked to show her identification and complied. When the agents asked Arrona-Lara, the couple said he didn’t have the ID on him, but that they lived nearby and could go get it for them. The agents then asked Arrona-Lara to exit the vehicle, searched the car for weapons, and put Arrona into custody, leaving Maria alone at the gas station.

My take

There’s no doubt the circumstances surrounding all of this are unfortunate. Pregnant wives should not have to drive themselves to the hospital for a scheduled C-section. On the other hand, suspected murderers shouldn’t be entering the country in the first place. That point won’t be mentioned by mainstream media.

ICE has a responsibility to take people like Arrona-Lara into custody so it can be determined whether or not they should be deported. There may have even been a certain degree of leeway given had there been no records other than his status as an illegal immigrant, but being a suspected murderer with an arrest warrant took away any chance at leeway. The ICE agents did the right thing.

As a legal immigrant, I have no sympathy for those who cheat the system and break our laws. Blaming the ICE agents for doing their job correctly in order to keep us safe is the type of insanity mainstream media loves to sell us.

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The real reason Ocasio-Cortez is afraid of the press



The real reason Ocasio-Cortez is afraid of the press

For at least the second time, reporters were barred from covering an event featuring Socialist Democratic darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The campaign’s reason: we want attendees to feel comfortable since there’s so much national press covering her.

This is an absolutely ridiculous excuse, of course. Nobody goes to a campaign event without knowing the press will (should) be there. It doesn’t make them less comfortable and may actually give some a sense of security knowing the answers to their questions will be judged by more than the audience at hand. That’s one of the reasons for the press in the first place, to give information about an event to people who cannot attend.

Instead, the press is getting another roadblock:

Ocasio-Cortez bans press from covering campaign event Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic socialist star running for New York’s 14th congressional district, is facing criticism after her campaign banned journalists from covering a town hall meeting with voters this week.

The Queens Chronicle, a local news outlet, reported that the campaign for the 28-year-old progressive prevented reporters from attending a campaign event in Corona on Sunday, even though it was open to the rest of the public. The campaign reportedly barred reporters from a prior event as well.

It’s conspicuous that a local publication was barred because it runs contrary to the narrative the campaign is trying to sell. So why is she being hidden from reporters at these types of events?

My Take

It’s clear that her exposure is her best friend and worst enemy. Being talked about is a politician’s best friend on the campaign trail, but it also offers a risk of failure. This is most common in events like the town hall meetings she is holding because she’ll be forced to think on her feet.

What if she can’t think on her feet? What if her answers when placed in an unscripted situation the type of answers many would expect from an inexperienced socialist?

Until she’s ready to handle the pressure of having press cover these events, she won’t be ready to hold public office at this level. The House of Representatives isn’t for people who need to be protected from their own answers.

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Culture and Religion

Ken Ham on how science confirms the Bible



Ken Ham on how science confirms the Bible

One of my biggest pet peeves is the attempt by atheists to use “science” to disprove the Bible. It’s unfortunate on many levels, not the least of which being Pascal’s Wager, but the strangest part is how much of science must be ignored in order to make the claim a Biblical worldview runs counter to modern science.

Some may object to this topic being part of mostly political news site, but it’s been more widely covered in recent years by liberal sites attempting to paint the Biblical worldview in a negative light, so it’s good to give equal time to the counterarguments.

There are better videos than Ken Ham’s discussion on the topic, but few are more easily understood. It’s well worth the hour.

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