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The very selective criticism of Ted Cruz for opposing the 2013 Sandy pork bill



Never the most popular elected official in Washington, DC, Texas’ junior senator Ted Cruz is getting singled out on Hurricane Harvey relief.

Cruz’s detractors know it is unjustified, but persist on their claims, with full knowledge of their falsity. Why, in the era of #FakeNews, should anyone let documentable facts get in the way?

The Texas Senator is being accused of hypocrisy, and worse, stemming from his opposition to an amended relief bill (passed by the Senate in early January 2013) for Hurricane Sandy victims.

However, his detractors ignore the fact that, on the same day, Cruz voted in favor of an amended bill (sponsored by Sen. Mike Lee of Utah) which proposed streamlining the supplemental appropriations relief bill. The Lee Amendment was defeated 62-35 (three not voting), before the primary bill was passed 62-36.

The votes were largely on party lines. Both Senators from Texas, and another 33 Republicans, voted for the amendment and then opposed the non-amended bill. Yet we hear only about Ted Cruz’s vote.

Never a mention of Sen. Bob Cornyn, also of Texas. Also no mention of other Republican Senators, like former presidential candidate Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. Both men were among the 35 other Senators voting with Cruz.

I wonder why.


Conservative corporate lawyer, commentator, blockchain technology patent holder and entrepreneur. Headquartered in a red light district in the middle of a deep blue People's Republic.

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