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After Charlottesville, the Constitution must be our guide



The Constitution is the guide which I will never abandon.” ~ George Washington

I am shaken, rattled to the bone by the events that took place on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia. While I have, unfortunately, become somewhat accustomed to seeing the vicious “Antifa” fascists, I am not accustomed to seeing large groups of white supremacists: nor am I accustomed to seeing warring extremist factions engaged in violent conflict on the streets. America, we have an extremist problem.

For the past few years I have become increasingly concerned over the possibility of growing numbers among white supremacist circles. With the level of misguided, racial hatred toward white men having become more common, I suppose it was only a matter of time before opportunistic, dark, and malevolent figures such as Richard Spencer began preying upon those feeling disenfranchised, harboring deep resentments, and perpetuating the self-consuming philosophy of victimhood. The image of those men, marching in torchlit rows like the dark army of Mordor, keeps replaying in my mind, ushering in a sick feeling in my stomach. It sickens me. It frightens me.

I am repulsed. I am horrified. I am sad. I am shaken.

I don’t know exactly what draws people to totalitarian ideologies that are so commonly characterized by the hatred of one group towards another and the subsequent dehumanization of others based on class, or skin color, or intellectual ability. I can say that these ideologies tend to first attract those who harbor the most anger in their hearts with the least amount of life experiences under their belts, as well as those who are generally maladjusted to life’s everyday demands and routine interpersonal requirements. The philosophies of the resentful and hardened hearts are dangerous indeed.

Whatever the compounding causes are for the undeniable increase in radical activities and allegiances in America at present, there is no denying that our society is plagued by the totalitarian, fracturing forces of anger, resentment, and hatred which threatens America’s hard-won liberties. In times of chaos, our liberties are not only under threat from the actions of hate-driven radical groups, but also from the possibility of our own overreaction to the actions of those repugnant groups at the fringes of our society. Therefore, the responsibility for guiding a chaos-ridden society falls on the shoulders of those of present-mind, of cognizant and clear-thinking.

Luckily, the US Constitution was written troubled for times like these. Difficult though it may be, we mustn’t allow our own eagerness to prohibit the vile expression of the grotesque factions of our society to damage our own rights and liberties. Hateful speech must be met not with repression, but with truthful speech and condemnations; violence met with non-violence, law-breaking met with law-enforcement. Now is the time for shining greatness and bravery, for leading by example. Now is the time for upholding the Constitution. Though we all may be feeling deeply shaken and rattled to the bone, we must preserve our freedoms. As Abraham Lincoln wisely stated, “Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.”

Paige Rogers is a Christian artist and author, and a former professional practitioner in the field of Early Childhood Development. She is the creator of, a blog offering Christian reflection, exhortation and discernment alongside various artistic techniques visually documented through Paige's unique artistic endeavors. A lover of learning, Paige is an avid enthusiast of history, civics, political geography and human nature, physical geography and the sciences. She is an incurably inquisitive and chronically creative “egghead.” Paige is a strong supporter of America's service members and veterans.

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Culture and Religion

Bill de Blasio and CAIR: A tour de force against Christianity



Bill de Blasio and CAIR A tour de force against Christianity

For all the talk the progressives say about the evils of religion, they will not just speak out against Islam.  As NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio shows us, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  So the friendly rivalry between American Progressives and CAIR shall continue in the foreseeable future.

Face it, the real war is against Jesus Christ, and his father the True God.  The God of Abraham.

Terror-linked CAIR & NYC’s Bill de Blasio team up for ‘social justice’ becoming mayor of the city in 2014, Bill de Blasio has worked closely with CAIR on several projects, including adding Muslim holidays as mandatory days off in the public schools system.

CAIR was founded in 1994 by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the goal of creating a support network in the United States for the Palestinian Hamas terrorist organization. Its current leader, Nihad Awad, has publicly endorsed Hamas. In 2014, the United Arab Emirates labeled CAIR a terrorist organization.

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Culture and Religion

Church of England joins LGBT forces in the culture war and children are the casualties



Church of England

Did you hear about the new set of directives released by the Church of England for schools and teachers concerning gender and gender identity?

In honor of anti-bullying week, the Church of England released an updated version of a 2014 instructional entitled “Valuing All God’s Children.” This new set of rules instructs against so-called homophobia, bi-phobia, and trans-phobia in nursery schools and primary schools.

According to church leadership, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students should be encouraged to discover their gender identity uninhibited as they “explore the possibilities of who they might be.” Specifically, children are to be taught not to “conform” to traditional male/female “stereotypes.”

Schools must “avoid labels and assumptions which deem children’s behavior irregular, abnormal or problematic just because it does not conform to gender stereotypes … Childhood has a sacred place for creative self-imagining.”

Practically speaking, the guidelines will encourage boys to wear tutus and princess tiaras while encouraging girls to wear tool belts and super hero cloaks in order to help them determine who they might be without “judgement and derision.”

While it’s tempting to dismiss this as England’s problem, the Strident Conservative has documented how the LGBT community and its declared war on Christianity and American culture has already launched similar assaults on children in America’s public schools.

Unfortunately, in America, the Rainbow Jihad has the full support of the government all the way up to the White House.

For example, Barack Obama hosted an event in April, 2016 at the White House aimed at “breaking down gender stereotypes in media and toys.” Much like the Church of England, Obama—with support from Katie Couric, the founder of the gender-neutral start-up Little Bits—promoted the idea that gender is irrelevant and that children should be free to be who they are “without limits.”

While Valerie Jarrett organized the event under the banner of promoting opportunities for girls, Obama’s track record on transgender issues made the affair very LGBT friendly.

And we shouldn’t get comfortable now that Obama is no longer president. Donald Trump—who embraced the LGBT movement at the Republican National Convention in his acceptance speech—announced back in June that his administration would prosecute schools that failed to embrace the LGBT lie concerning transgenderism.

The LGBT culture war is not just an American war. It’s a world war, and as usual, children are the casualties.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.

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Culture and Religion

The left legislates for secularism against Christianity and it’s one thing they are consistent on



The left legislates for secularism against Christianity and its one thing they are consistent on

On the surface, the left promotes a double standard regarding how business can offer services.  They support a right of the business that sides with Palestine over Israel, and the right of governments to do business with them.  On the other hand, they support laws that force business to have “birth control” in their health plan or make people provide a service to those they are uncomfortable with such as gay couples.  The libido is far more important than your convictions or conscience coupled with the left’s push for population control.

The Stream’s Rachel Alexander scratches the surface to show that what this is really about, is finishing off what famed leftist humanist John J. Dumphy called “the rotting corpse of Christianity.”  That alone makes the left consistent with their agenda and long-term goals.  Those words that Dumphy used were not out of sarcasm, they were out of hated and are a declaration of war against Christ and his body of believers.

The Left’s Hypocrisy on States Regulating Freedom of Expression of Businesses businesses have a right to express their views and practice them accordingly? The left says yes — and no. They say, “It depends.” Liberals tend to say yes when the business takes a position they agree with. They say no if the business takes a viewpoint they disagree with.

In the first case, the left stands for free speech and the first amendment. In the second, the left happily uses state power to curtail the business’s freedom of expression.

There is a rise in targeting Christian businesses.

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