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Union head: America was never Eurocentric



President Trump’s “image” of the United States was boldly challenged by a state leader of a service workers’ union, in the wake of Trump’s support of a newly-revised Senate bill to slash legal immigration by half and condition most of the remainder on merit.

The Senate bill (S. 354, commonly called the “RAISE Act”) would cut legal immigration from 1,000,000 to 500,000 annually and priority worker skills over family ties in an apparent attempt to halt the chain migration where new citizens and permanent residents (“green card” holders) get to sponsor numerous family members for their admission to the country.

In response, Kevin Brown, the Vice President and New Jersey director of 32 BJ SEIU (Service Employees International Union) which calls itself the largest property services workers’ union in the country, said:

This proposal is a thinly-veiled attempt at remaking the United States in an image that never was. (Emphasis added.)

So, in other words, goes the union claim, the United States never considered worker skills or merit — that is, their ability to contribute to the country, rather than extract benefits and be net dependents on the populace — in deciding who got in. This has been opposed for years, on the stated ground that such standards unfairly advantaged the higher-educated immigrants from the same industrialized, Western European nations from which many prior waves of immigrants historically emigrated.

Left unsaid: That imposing any standards for immigration, let alone standards for achievement, were never practiced in the past, or were practiced unfairly, or were just plain wrong and immoral.

That a European, Western Civilization-based American society is not only undesirable, but that it never existed!

So now we have the unions for some of the most unskilled (and thus the most easily replaceable) workers in the country fighting for what amounts to open borders. Of course, we’re talking about votes here. Because some of these workers are actually citizens, and as to the ones who aren’t — well, let’s not go there because that Kris Kobach-led voter fraud commission is a racist sham, isn’t it?

In a cultural war where anything associated with European roots, Christian theology and capitalist economic theory is blatantly considered evil and hence ripe for any and all attacks, the battleground on America’s immigration policy history represents a new effort to undermine any restrictions.

The reality? The radical constituencies and interest groups which have overrun today’s Democratic Party will gladly discriminate against any immigrants with actual achievement and skills, in favor of people from cultures most dissimilar to the United States and with the least likelihood of contributing to or assimilating into American society.

Conservative corporate lawyer, commentator, blockchain technology patent holder and entrepreneur. Headquartered in a red light district in the middle of a deep blue People's Republic.

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