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Why Scaramucci fell so quickly



Anthony Scaramucci’s contract gig in America’s most famous temp agency (that being the Trump White House) ended briefly, but not before revealing an important difference between what happens inside the Beltway, and the rest of the nation and world.

In so doing, the “Mooch” merely became the latest casualty to fail to recognize and adapt to the different reality and rules in Washington, DC.

Scaramucci made his name in the world of finance. To an extent, his persona and reputation depended on his acumen with the financial news media. Therein lies the problem.

The financial news media is largely quite sycophantic, dependent on its sources for leads and sometimes for their next jobs. There is a “gotcha” mentality on Wall Street, but it doesn’t come from the press. That’s what “analysts” are for.

The Washington DC political press is different. It is an overtly adversarial culture (except when it’s not, of course). Reporters are often trying to be the next “Woodward” or “Bernstein” and that introduces a dynamic absent in other markets or industries.

Scaramucci was used to dealing with reporters who sucked up to him. He failed to see that in Washington, it works in the other direction.

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