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Lessons from Politicon: The idea of opposing big government and opposing abortion are not contradictory



Last night, thousands watched the Politicon debate between the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, a conservative, and Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks, a progressive Leftist. It was a packed auditorium, with lines for admission extending for hours outside the building. The two debated many topics, including who is responsible for racism in the United States, the best solutions for the country’s healthcare issues, and the argument between supporting a large, progressive vs. a small, constitutional government.

However, as it was clear Cenk was losing the debate, he went to the classic straw-man argument that one cannot be for small government if they are anti-abortion. His statement: “You don’t like big government but you want to be inside a woman’s uterus.” Shapiro candidly replied, (as quoted in the Declaration of Independence), that the government’s job is to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Naturally, Shapiro’s response was met with roaring applause.

However, by Cenk’s clear grasping at straws with this classic Leftist platitude, he showed a lot more than the fact that he believes in the progressive/Democrat Party platform. He showed what the progressive worldview truly believes about the value of human life and the disdain it has for the country’s founding principles.

To a conservative, we are all entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have a Bill of Rights in our Constitution which is composed of negative liberties, meaning they are meant to restrict government coercion and intrusion on individual rights. But, as President Reagan said, if the right to life goes, what good are the others?

However, the Leftist worldview is entirely opposite, in principle.

And that’s where these two components of the Leftist worldview meet—big government and the devaluing of human life. We must have an all-powerful government who controls major aspects of our lives, such as healthcare and education, for example, which, by definition and history of execution, tramples our ability to pursue liberty. In addition, by controlling healthcare, the government gets to decide the value of a person’s life, and by controlling education, it controls what is taught to the next generation.

In other words, this is the opposite of the country’s founding. The opposite of true Americanism. And, considering what happened to poor Charlie Gard in the socialist paradise of universal healthcare that Cenk seems to want to bring here, this worldview must be defeated at all costs.

We must remember that there is no common ground. The Left is, as little as we may want to acknowledge it, the enemy. Its worldview is one of control and power, while ours is one of life and liberty.

Ours is what America stands for, and we can never let our guard down.

Thank you, Ben Shapiro, for putting Cenk in his place.

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Jeremy Frankel is a Human Resource Coordinator based in New Jersey. An Orthodox Jew, he is also a writer for The Daily Wire and Red Alert Politics. You can follow him on Twitter at @frankeljeremy.

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Inside the Mitch McConnell circus



Inside tMitch McConnell circus

The sad thing is, it is truly a circus.  The grassroots want Mitch McConnell out of the Senate, and he is telling loud and clear that the answer is No.  It’s no different than the “mouse” trying to get the “wolf’ in their place and make a break for it.  Hey, it’s simply just cold outside you know.

There is a group of conservatives that will always protest the likes of McConnell and they were around when Hoover, Ford, and Bush 41 screwed things up.  There just simply is not enough of them.  For real change to happen all Republicans must unite with the good guys and gals that work hard to do what is right, and winning elections regardless is not one of them.


King Mitch is the star of the stupidest show on Earth a circus! Everything to tantalize the senses from hearing the pompous moralites, to witnessing a Goldman Sachs carnival barker, to smelling the odor coming from the trunk-to-tail-linked highest echelons of the Republican Party. Listen to that calliope play!

And sex? We got it. Anything you want, allegations abound, and we can spend months talking about it, putting everyone’s focus on it, tweeting hot takes about it — all to make the race a sideshow about who is more moral and ethical. Because that’s how you put on the stupidest show on earth.

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy eyeing 2020 with Puerto Rico visit



New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy eyeing 2020 with Puerto Rico visit

The newly-elected, progressive Governor of New Jersey (ex-Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy) is already eyeing 2020.

Murphy led a delegation yesterday to visit Puerto Rico, three months after Hurricane Maria. Digging further, a press release listed an extensive delegation including some curious choices, like appointed health officials from small towns with heavy Spanish-speaking (though not necessarily Puerto Rican-heavy) populations. It also includes the head of a leading Northeastern utility, PSE&G.

Last I checked, PSE&G has absolutely no business in Puerto Rico.

Ostensibly, this is for “relief efforts.” But no source document I could find, including that mentions actual relief efforts. No mention of what’s being brought down there. I suspect that’s because they probably aren’t bringing any relief supplies, no medicine, no equipment. Nothing. It’s just meetings, optics, maybe “fact finding.”

It should be obvious what’s really going on here.

Mainland public officials are going to Puerto Rico to recruit people — Puerto Ricans are birthright American citizens, have been since 1917 — to move to the mainland.

Upon arrival, those Puerto Ricans can legally claim “domicile” and register to vote (that is, if they were citizens to begin with) within any of our 50 states.

But Murphy’s team is looking to pack his state — a deep blue New Jersey which went for Hillary by a 55%-42% margin last year — and other likely settlement destinations (count on them also being blue states) with even more likely Democratic voters.

Murphy just got elected by a double-digit margin in New Jersey, ending eight years of term-limited and integrity-limited Republican Chris Christie’s bad beach manners. He does not take office until January 16, 2018.

Murphy does not need more help in re-election.

This is about the next presidential election.

The progressives are already packing the voter rolls.

But this trip is, very likely, using public funds, whether from Murphy’s transition budget or elsewhere. Given New Jersey’s legendary and current budget problems,

Call this what it is: A taxpayer-funded, Democratic voter-registration drive.

This guy is running for President. He’s already working on votes.

And bet that his delegation is recruiting Puerto Ricans to move to the mainland. Of course, those Puerto Ricans — already citizens — would become eligible to vote in the next Presidential election.

How that use of taxpayer money is legally suspect. These expenditures are subjects that are within the jurisdiction of the Justice Department (which has used its discretion to investigate matters of far less potential impact) to inquire.

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