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Lead if you’re going to lead, Mr. President



I try my hardest to avoid the President’s Tweets. I don’t follow him. I’ve purged my feed of people who embrace his bombastic style or his oft-liberal policies. Sometimes, his Tweets sneak in and when they do, I cringe at the implications.

The latest one is a stark demonstration of his unwillingness to lead.

It’s important to note that I say he has an “unwillingness” to lead. He’s capable. I was wrong early on in 2015 when I thought he lacked the ability to lead. His victory demonstrated that he knows how to say the right things, push the right buttons, and strategically position his message in a way that will get the masses to follow him. Unfortunately, the strength he demonstrated during his Presidential campaign has been replaced by his stronger tendency.

When the cards are stacked against him, he has a single trump card for every situation: the victim card.

This is an opportunity for the President of the United States to guide the beleaguered Republican Party to the place they’ve promised to be if given the chance. They have the chance but they’re squandering it. Instead of bringing them together, their default leader is pointing fingers and asking them why they’re not protecting him.

One question, Mr. President: Why are you asking for protection?

More questions: Shouldn’t you be asking for support? Shouldn’t you be laying down a path for them to repeal Obamacare, build the wall, reform the tax system, and reduce threats abroad such as Russian interference with elections and policies?

In short, shouldn’t you be leading instead of whining?

It’s been six months and despite erroneous claims to the contrary, the President’s administration has accomplished pitifully little. There have been good things; I’m not one to ignore reality. The EPA is heading in the right direction. The travel ban, while far from perfect, is a necessary action even if it was clumsily rolled out and amateurish in nature. Regulations, which are often the biggest impediment to growth for the private sector, are being reduced dramatically. There have been positives, just not nearly enough.

Now is the time to bring the nation together to face the problems that have been brewing with nearly three decades of failed leaders at the top. To do that, the President must start leading and that leadership must start within his own party. Stop pointing fingers. Stop being the immature whiner so many have tagged you as from the beginning. Start being accountable for failures and earn the respect of the people you serve.

Start leading.

It’s no secret that we’re building the Federalist Party to oppose the GOP, but we put the nation above the party. I’d rather see the GOP succeed with a small-government agenda that repeals Obamacare fully, reduces taxes, and kills off bureaucracy. If they fail (which seems more imminent every day), we want to be there to pick up the pieces.

In lieu of a long rant, I’ll close with this. The office of the President of the United States is one that has always gotten things done through dignity. Even when the wrong people sit in the Oval Office, the position held power by being above the fray. Watching the President roll around in the mud like a juvenile is not just counterproductive. It tarnishes the remnant of dignity the office itself still holds.

Christian, husband, father. EIC, NOQ Report. Co-Founder, the Federalist Party. Just a normal guy who will no longer sit around while the country heads in the wrong direction.

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LeVar Burton is being attacked by people thinking he’s LaVar Ball. Brent Spiner’s response is hilarious.



LeVar Burton is being attacked by people thinking hes LaVar Ball Brent Spiners response is hilarious

LaVar Ball wasn’t impressed with President Trump’s efforts to get his son released from a Chinese prison for shoplifting. His reactions have prompted many Trump supporters to go after him as ungracious, hypocritical, and much worse.

Unfortunately, many of these attacks are being directed towards actor LeVar Burton. The Reading Rainbow host who rose to prominence after Roots and solidified his status as a Hollywood icon while playing Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation has a name similar to Ball’s and is also black. Responses to the attacks from other Twitter users has been brutal, but Burton has remained calm. His lone response:

Former colleague Brent Spiner, who played Data on ST:TNG, offered some advice to his friend.

“If you cared about our President, you’d change your name.”

I don’t normally applaud when leftist Hollywood gets political, but this one was too good to pass.

Source: Twitter

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Guns and Crime

Michael Flynn’s lawyers break contact with White House lawyers



Michael Flynns lawyers break contact with White House lawyers

The legal team for former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn have stopped sharing information about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian tampering in the 2016 election. This could be a blow for the President and some who are close to him if information gleaned from Flynn points to the Trump campaign, his transition team, or his administration itself.

The NY Times is reporting that four anonymous sources have said the agreement between the two legal teams has been ended from Flynn’s side. It is normal for teams with parallel interests to share information, but when there becomes a conflict of interest, any such sharing is halted. This leaves two likely possibilities: either Flynn is negotiating a deal to cooperate with the investigation or they’re cooperating already.

If it’s the former, there’s a chance the information sharing could be renewed if no deal is struck

Flynn is at the heart of the investigation. It was his actions and the White House’s reactions before and after he resigned that prompted the investigation in the first place. Flynn had lied on more than one occasions about financial interactions he’d had with Russian and Turkish interests. This made him vulnerable to blackmail, according to former acting attorney general Sally Q. Yates. After Flynn resigned, the President had a one-on-one meeting with then-FBI Director James Comey and allegedly asked him to stop pursuing Flynn. Comey was fired by the President, then leaked a memo detailing the meeting regarding Flynn.

Outcry from many in DC and in the media prompted Mueller’s appointment. Since then, he charged Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos. Charging or cutting a deal with Flynn would likely be the step prior to pursuing people directly associated with the President.

Further Reading

Flynn moving to cooperate with Mueller in Russia probe: report | TheHill report comes after NBC News on Wednesday reported that Mueller is looking to question Bijan Kian, an associate of Flynn. Previous reports have suggested that the special counsel already has enough evidence to indict Flynn and his son, who also worked for Trump’s campaign.

Trump’s legal team has insisted recently that Mueller’s probe will end in the coming months, though legal experts have said the investigation is likely to drag on.

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After nearly 4 decades of crimes against his people, Robert Mugabe granted immunity, military protection



After nearly 4 decades of crimes against his people Robert Mugabe granted immunity military protecti

In what may be the best deal ever struck by a dictator forcibly removed by the military and despised by a majority of his people, Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe has been granted full immunity, a “generous pension,” and military protection so he can stay in his country without fear that any of the millions of people he persecuted will be able to seek their vengeance.

Zimbabwe grants Robert Mugabe immunity from prosecution

Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 37 years, resigned on Tuesday, hours after parliament launched proceedings to impeach him. He had refused to leave office during eight days of uncertainty that began with a military takeover.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the former vice-president sacked by Mugabe this month, is to be sworn in as president on Friday.

My Take

Despite complaints from the people, this is the smart move. If they allow him to leave, they have no control over him or the influence that he continues to wield at home and abroad. If they jail him, kill him, or otherwise make him face prosecution, he would be at best a distraction and at worst a martyr. This move allows them to move forward the fastest which is what former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his military allies want.

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