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Why small-government Federalism takes center stage on The New Americana



As long-time readers are aware, we’ve been making some pretty big changes to this site for the last few weeks. Bringing on Steve Berman as managing editor has been a breath of fresh air for me by helping to take some of the day-to-day pressure off. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

One thing that Steve’s entrance onto the site has allowed is for me to focus on spreading the word about small-government Federalism. When we first launched the Federalist Party, one of our biggest concerns was in making sure more Americans were aware that we weren’t following the 18th-century notion of centralizing government. This is why we often note that we’re “small-government Federalists.” The reality is that our Federalist founders worked with the Jeffersonians to put together the Constitution and Bill of Rights within a structure that maintained limited and clearly delineated responsibilities for the states and national governments.  This reality has been lost on many who’ve taken 8th-grade civics whether through indoctrination in the education system, media manipulation, or oversimplification of the facts without context.

The original Federalist Party had the same core goals that we have today: checks and balances between the states and federal governments. These checks and balances are designed to make sure the individual holds primacy in government. Unfortunately, we’ve seen DC expand its power over the decades to the point that they’re no long partners or equals with the states but rather reign supreme in the vast majority of situations. This is not what was intended by the founders and it has proven to be disastrous in most cases. For every “good” thing the national government does in its overreach, there are dozens of bad things that go along with it.

The New Americana has always been a haven for small-government thought. We love freedom and believe in the sanctity of life. As such, our philosophies as a website match so perfectly with the Federalist Party itself that it makes sense for the two to operate independently but with the same basic goals in mind.

We encourage all who are interested in or actively involved in the Federalist Party to visit The New Americana often. Share it. Spread the word. Long term they will be separate entities but for today the alignment is too natural to ignore. We will be promoting small-government Federalism now and in the future because it’s the best hope for American politics. If the nation continues down the big-government road we’ve been on for decades, we’re bound to fall off the cliff at some point in the near future. It’s time to rein in government and together the Federalist Party and The New Americana hope to be parts of the solution.

Christian, husband, father. EIC, NOQ Report. Co-Founder, the Federalist Party. Just a normal guy who will no longer sit around while the country heads in the wrong direction.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marc

    July 5, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    Word of the day…… Onward!

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