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Will Senator Susan Collins just admit she’s a Democrat and put an end to the charade?



We’ve known for years that the GOP has been on a quest towards the mushy moderate middle, but most GOP politicians can at least note a handful of distinctions that keep them from being outright Democrats. Senator Susan Collins is not one of them. She’s a Democrat.

I try to avoid her as much as possible, but her name came across the wire as “joining” with Senators Rand Paul. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Ron Johnson in their opposition to Obamacarelite. The problem is that she’s not really joining them. They’re against it because it’s a liberal fake repeal plan, one that doesn’t do nearly enough to remove the federal government from health care altogether. Instead, Collins is against it because it does too much to dismantle Obamacare. In other words, her objections are the same as every Democratic Senator. Why? The answer’s pretty simple.

She’s a Democrat.

For the record, I support the efforts of those Senators who oppose the bill for the right reasons. This isn’t a “repeal and replace” as it’s being billed. As I’ve said many times, it’s simply a “tweak and rebrand” that will do very little to stop the economic hardships of government-run healthcare and instead will simply redirect the worst aspects of Obamacare. Those negative aspects will remain for the most part. They’ll just be a little different.

Back to Collins. Her Conservative Review “Liberty Scorecard” grades her as a 12%, the worst among GOP Senators. She needs to simply come out and admit the truth. She’s a Democrat through and through.

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