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As a nation and a civilized people, it seems we’re going backwards, not forwards. In 2008, Barack Obama swept into power, along with a newly-energized Democratic Party fresh from 8 years of attacking President George W. Bush and six years of bloody wars.

We knew Obama was questionable on issues of hate, racism and violence, as he faithfully attended black supremacist, anti-Semitic pastor Jeremiah Wright’s church. We knew Obama was schooled in Saul Alinsky tactics of community organizing. We knew he won both of his previous elections (before president) by knocking out his competition to run essentially unopposed. He had no voting record in the Senate to speak of–he only served a single partial term.

Obama turned out to be everything conservatives feared. He involved himself in race relations at every opportunity, always speaking about unity, but always fomenting division in his slanted views. I fervently believe that Obama’s eight years produced more police anxiety, brutality, and paranoia than there existed at any time since the early 1970s directed toward African Americans.

Now we have another political cypher in the White House, who came from a different path, without the Harvard Law pedigree, but with billions in the bank and unmatched name recognition. I believe President Trump doesn’t have a racially biased bone in his body, but he has a soft spot for police–law & order.

The left reacted by manufacturing every possible hate crime instigated by Donald Trump’s win. At the same time, they themselves resorted to violence when it served their purposes. From Arizona to Berkeley, they’ve used violence as a method to exercise a heckler’s veto over free speech, and to get camera time on the news.

Even in Washington, D.C., I witnessed camera crews setting up while “demonstrators” milled about shouting curses at inauguration guests. When the crews were ready, they started breaking windows and torching limousines.

The media has been no better at combatting this, since an enormous majority of them sympathize with the left’s causes. They’ve dutifully printed or broadcast every accusation of racism, Islamophobia and violence against LGBT individuals. Most of those accusations have turned out to be false, or even completely staged. Retractions always happened many pages back, if at all.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t genuine white racists, anti-Semites and violent homophobes out there. They certainly exist. But they’re not mainstream–or at least they shouldn’t be.

The toxic witches-brew we’ve seen has inevitably led to real political violence on a devastating scale: A man with a rifle shooting at Republican Members of Congress and their staffs on a baseball field. Now we’ve got actors talking about assassination (par for the stupid course) and Democratic officials saying they’re “glad Scalise was shot.”

My God. Are we barbarians?

There is only one answer. It’s one I don’t consider lightly because I believe free speech is precious. I don’t agree with college campuses shutting out speakers because they don’t agree with their viewpoint. I don’t agree with limiting opinion in the workplace. But there is no room for inciting political violence in a civilized nation, in the media, and in government.

Purge them.

Purge them all. Anyone who has ever condoned, incited, or agreed with violent means to promote a political aim should be removed from any government, political party, or media job–if they don’t recant publicly.

Yes, I know this rings very similar to the antics of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. It rings a lot like McCarthyism. But some guardrails are necessary to keep a civil society from breaking down into Lord of the Flies.

(As an aside, the HUAC was chaired by a Texas Democrat, Martin Dies, and sponsored in 1934 by New York Democrat Samuel Dickstein. Sen. Joe McCarthy’s anti-communism was related, but not directly tied to, the HUAC. Red-baiting was in fact a bipartisan tradition in the Cold War.)

I’m not calling for witch hunts. In age of the Internet, witch hunts aren’t required, as most statements are archived forever in digital form. If, and to the degree they exist, they should be repudiated by those who made them, or those individuals should face political humiliation, reduced employment options, and general criticism by a culture preferring to live in some form of peaceful society.

CNN did this with Reza Aslan for simply calling the president a “piece of s**t,” something he had done consistently since well before the election. Granted, that’s a nasty term to use for the POTUS, but it’s at least free speech, and far less than calls for “resistance” that can easily be interpreted as “insurrection.”

Phil Montag, the Nebraska Democrat who cheered Rep. Steve Scalise’s shooting, was fired by the state’s Democratic Party, where he was a technology chair. But others in the media and in political jobs have continued on, without bothering to edit themselves or express remorse in any way.

Television and newspaper editors continue to publish salacious pieces and loaded headlines only to “modify” them later. And the White House laughs and eggs them on. We can’t do much about Trump’s White House. If he wants to pour gasoline on the fire, it will just burn hotter–Obama did this for eight years without a single main stream media outlet calling him on it (with the possible exception of solidarity when he tried to remove Fox News from the White House).

But we should not let this trend continue. The heckler’s veto has to end, and become civilized society’s veto. We have that right, to veto individuals who, by their position, actions and speech, would make our nation more prone to violence and barbarism.

If we don’t take this into our hands through peaceful, civilized means using the power at our disposal, then it will be taken out of our hands through violent means.

Managing Editor of NOQ Report. Serial entrepreneur. Faith, family, federal republic. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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Dr. Michael Brown on Donald Trump fulfilling Bible prophecy with Jerusalem announcement



Dr Michael Brown on Donald Trump fulfilling Bible prophecy with Jerusalem announcement

Many in the Jewish world believe that Jerusalem must be united and a Third Temple built before the Messiah can come. Christians have a similar interpretation of prophecy, except that it pertains to the 2nd coming of the Messiah. Dr. Michael Brown has perspectives on both ideas as a Messianic Jewish believer in Jesus Christ.

In this video, he discusses whether or not President Trump announcing recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel fulfills Bible prophecy. Spoiler: He doesn’t know, but he points to those who believe so. He also points out the hypocrisy of Muslim leaders attacking Jews in Israel for what a gentile in the United States announced.

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Birth of a patriot



Birth of a patriot

Do you remember the first thought that crossed your mind? The fact that our first memory is of some eventful moment years later does not mean that we did not observe and contemplate the environment we were born into. Also, instilled in the human from birth is an instinctive knowledge of right and wrong. This we label as our conscience. I believe our conscience can be fed encouragement during the infant stage of life through receptors that feel the sense of tenderness and love. The flip side of this coin of love is a cold, callous environment where an infant’s emotional receptors languish for lack of nourishment.

Conscience is the strange presence from which we develop scruples and those contentious things called principles. The struggle that we all go through in life is finding a balance between our conscience, as it relates to charitable duty; and providing the basic needs for ourselves and a family; if such be the case.  It is from this conflict that we either emerge somewhat void of our call to duty to do that which our conscience dictates, or we become overwhelmed with the continuous challenge of balancing life’s demands and our desires with the call to duty. When duty calls and is accepted, responsibilities can weigh heavily on the time commitment resulting in a conflict between our desire for pleasures and the sacrifices our resulting responsibilities impose.

Recognizing that we are in constant conflict is the beginning of understanding our intentions when we begin any enterprise requiring thought of future actions. In a sense we are weighing decisions in our mind daily. That is not necessarily the case for those who have buried their sense of duty and neglected to assume responsibilities.

Intent is a forest of many trees. Low lying branches and under brush block our view ahead. Conflicting intentions make each and every action one of indecision. Only the stalwart and pure of heart can formulate actions with perfectly clear intentions. Man being the imperfect creature that he is can seldom produce an outcome that is without evidence of conflicting intentions.

Having said all that, now we need to move on to the intent of this article. The hope is to bring light to some of the constitutional debates that face our nation. Most of these debates on law and constitutionality are decided by the robed figures that were selected to serve on our highest courts. Since the selection of these robed justices were in themselves chosen by imperfect man with agendas dictated by intent, we must admit that their rulings are subject to a measure of scrutiny.

Without taking the effort to provide Biblical proof, I will make the statement that the authors of the books that compile the Bible were the word of God written by mere man inspired by the presence of the Holy Spirit. The holy script reveals the will of God’s natural plan for man with the beautiful revelation of Christ and the liberty of acceptance or rejection.  Thankfully all of humankind are instilled with an inherent conscience. It is up to the family unit and society in general to either feed or starve this emotional receptor.

This finally leads me to the documents pertaining to the forming of Americas government. There are multiple sources one can read and study that lead us to our present Constitution. We had the Articles of Confederation, the many Federalist papers and numerous letters of communication which can all be researched through various sources. Before you begin to have an even cursory look at any of these documents remind yourself of the presence of intent in the mind of any of the authors. We shall make the assertion that, while the authors of the books of the Bible had direct inspiration from God, the inspirations of our founding fathers were taken from the laws conveyed in the Old Testament, the spoken words of Christ and the resulting letters of Christs apostles. Add to that assertion, the fact that the founding fathers were well read pertaining to history of previous cultures and governmental history.

Original intent is a termed coined by many of us that wrestle with all ruling of laws regarding the constitution. One thing we can rest assured of is that the intention of the founding fathers was a patriotic desire to form a government that would be an improvement in the name of individual liberty from the oppressive forms of government that had been ruling their lives before they declared their independence. The Declaration of Independence is a declaration to the world to express the intent and reason for the action of rebellion from oppressive rule. It was a document penned with inspiration and manifest of their intent to restore freedom, liberty and justice to all. It is an excellent example of man taking presence of conscience, moving into the realm of duty and assuming responsibility for their actions.  Behind it all stands intent. If we study the minds of these God-fearing patriotic men and apply that to constitutional considerations, we will come to the conclusion that freedom with a minimal rule of law was their primary intent.

Potential patriots are born every minute. The quality of nutrition through love and encouragement given them at the infant stage will determine the future level of their calling to duty and the responsibilities they assume. The choice to do so is ours, belonging to both parent and society.

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Culture and Religion

A lesser known sexual abuse scandal regarding a retired justice of Texas and Southern Baptist figure head



A lesser known sexual abuse scandal regarding a retired justice of Texas and Southern Baptist figure

Justice Paul Pressler, who once served on the 14th Court of Appeals in the state of Texas, is no household name but is among the lesser known figures that are being outed for their alleged sexual misdeeds.

A former Bible student under Pressler, Duane Rollins, claims that he was sexually assaulted frequently by Pressler during the late 1970’s and early 80’s which began when he was 14 years of age.  Rollins is now suing Pressler for over $1 million in damages.

Pressler is best known for leading the charge for the so-called “conservative resurgence” in the Southern Baptist Convention and attempting to purge as many liberals and moderates in the SBC as he and others that supported his cause could.  Some felt that without Pressler, the SBC would have become another progressive leftist church body like the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church (USA),  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), United Church of Christ,  American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA), or the Episcopal Church of the United States.

Those people might be right.  As much as I like Jonathan Aigner’s push to bring historical worship back to the Christian Church, he is also somewhat progressive in his theology if not all the way.  His other passion is the so-called push for so-called biblical equality and allowing women to serve in church leadership roles that were normally held by men and only for men (Pastors, Priests, Deacons, Elders).  This is based on the interpretation of 1 Timothy 2:12 which calls for women not to teach over the authority of a man.  I will save my thoughts on the ordination of women here and bring them up if needed in a future post.

However, without Rollins, the SBC might have not only ordained women but would have joined the other mainline churches in embracing a progressive gospel over the Biblical Gospel.  Now, if Pressler truly abused Rollins then his sins were found out as warned in God’s Holy Word (Numbers 32:23).  Even if Pressler is found guilty of sexual abuse, that should never be an excuse to acquire a license to sin.  Instead, we should repent and try to do better.  All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23).

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What Exactly Do We Know About Judge Paul Pressler might not know the name Judge Paul Pressler, but you should. Without him, the largest (though currently shrinking) Christian denomination would look quite different.

Pressler is now 87 and retired. He surfaces now and then to endorse GOP political candidates or throw temper tantrums on the convention floor, but he is no longer a vocal leader. That’s why it has been jarring for some to hear the recent allegations that he groomed and raped an assistant of his for years, beginning when the man was 14 and continuing for decades.

Paul Pressler, former Texas judge and religious right leader, accused of sexually assaulting teen for years lawsuit filed this fall alleges that Paul Pressler, a former state judge, lawmaker and leader on the religious right, repeatedly sexually assaulted a young man over a period of decades, beginning when the boy was just 14.

A former Texas state judge and lawmaker has been accused of sexually abusing a young man for several decades starting when the boy was just 14, according to a lawsuit filed in October in Harris County.

Former judge Paul Pressler accused of sexual assault former Texas state judge and lawmaker has been accused of sexually abusing a young man for several decades starting when the boy was just 14, according to a lawsuit filed in October in Harris County.

The lawsuit alleges that Paul Pressler, a former justice on the 14th Court of Appeals who served in the Texas state house from 1957-59, sexually assaulted Duane Rollins, his former Bible study student, several times a month over a period of years. According to the filing, the abuse started in the late 1970s and continued less frequently after Rollins left Houston for college in 1983.

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