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Seeking young leaders to build College Federalists



One of the first and most important strategic points we discussed when first forming the Federalist Party was building it with the future firmly in mind. Our political world has been dominated by the “old guard” for many decades. We knew we’d need to “play the game” in order to grow, but we also wanted to make sure we looked ahead.

It’s more than that, though. Between connectivity made available to Americans through the internet and the growing angst among young adults, “millennials” are no longer satisfied with waiting. They can have a voice. They can make an impact. They can participate today.

Unfortunately, much of the angst and empowerment have been focused in the wrong direction. We see it everyday with stories about students and faculty attacking rather than promoting our freedoms. Despite a vibrant millennial population of small-government-minded people, concepts such as “safe spaces,” socialism, and selectively free speech are running rampant.

We need the tenets of Federalism to have a voice on campuses across the nation.

It’s time for action.

This month, we will be launching the formation committee for College Federalists. If you appreciate the philosophies of small-government Federalism and are in college, soon to be attending, or recently graduated, we want to talk to you. This will be an organization that is partnered with the Federalist Party, but it will be its own standalone entity operated and powered by YOU.

If you are interested in learning more, please email us at

Christian, husband, father. EIC, NOQ Report. Co-Founder, the Federalist Party. Just a normal guy who will no longer sit around while the country heads in the wrong direction.

Culture and Religion

Donate, then don’t be heard: God and man both under attack at Yale



Donate then dont be heard God and man both under attack at Yale

The Bible doesn’t affirm the right to life or prohibit abortion, says a Yale Divinity School professor in disputing that the Bible contains the “major theses of religious conservatives.”

These are not provocative statements by an obscure grad student desperate to get tenure as a professor. These are the claims of a Yale Divinity School professor, made in a recent podcast that Yale University sent out to its alums under the teaser, “Is The Bible Relevant For Today?”

John Collins, Professor of Old Testament Criticism at the Yale Divinity School, declares he does “remedial education” for the religious, rushing to attack religious conservatives and specifically Christians:

“Biblical values are not what most people think they are…most people think that the Bible is very rigid and that it propounds the favorite theses of religious conservatives both Catholic and Protestant…”

Collins, a former Roman Catholic priest from the Order of the Holy Ghost Fathers, then declared war on the unborn.

“Does the Bible affirm a right to life,” the Yale professor asked, rhetorically, then answering: “[A]nd, of course, it doesn’t.”

Collins went further, claiming the Bible does not prohibit abortion because it “doesn’t actually address the question,” nor does it prohibit homosexuality because “it says very little about” it.

The Yale professor, who claims to have rejected the chance to work on Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” after reading just a few pages of the script, described his academic work as studying the Bible “historically” by “try[ing] to imagine a real life situation in which this might have happened.”

“People think they know what’s in the Bible and so they project onto it what they would like it to say” so Collins likes to “scrape off some of the varnish and get back to the real thing.” This is a constant theme from Collins, distinguishing between the Bible is silent on bedrock tenets of Christian faith but, not surprisingly, on current targets of the Campus Far Left. “[G]reed and abuse of power” are the major problems in the Old Testament, which, he said, “you could take it down to Wall Street.”

Yet the historical context Collins relies upon seems quite selective. Most (if not all) of human civilization in the time of Christ was rudimentary and barely above barbaric level, hardly resembling anything like the orderly civil societies of today. Collins attacks “faith” while exalting “evidence,” yet he appears to suggest an anthropological approach to the Bible. Combined with an approach which requires “evidence” to support any tenet of Christian doctrine, Collins implies that “Biblical values” don’t include Christ, but cover everything else within the wide range of then-contemporary “human nature.”

That would include, of course, Sodom and Gomorrah.

In short, at Yale, it’s “anything goes.” As long as the Campus Pharisees approve.

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Three dead in New Mexico school shooting



Three dead in New Mexico school shooting

Two students and the alleged shooter are dead after a shooting at Aztec High School in New Mexico this morning. The school is in the Four Corners region near the Navajo Nation.

“It’s tragic when our children are harmed in violent ways especially on school campuses. We express our condolences to those families who have been harmed,” Russell Begaye, president of the Navajo Nation, said in a press release.

Details are still coming in. We will update this story regularly.

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New Mexico school shooting results in two students killed, gunman dead students were killed when a gunman opened fire at a northern New Mexico high school Thursday morning, law enforcement officials said.

The suspected gunman was also killed, a spokesman for the New Mexico State Police told Fox News. It’s unclear how the gunman died or what the motive for the attack may have been.

2 students killed in Aztec school shooting | KRQE News 13 students are dead, the shooter is dead as well. There are no other injuries reported. According to the San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington, no injured people have been transported from Aztec High School.

Earlier deputies and Lt. Kyle Lincoln from the San Juan County Sheriff Department cleared the building and actively searched the school.

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has asked parents of Aztec High School to pick up their kids at Mcgee Park at noon.

A former Aztec school board member who went by the scene shortly after it unfolded says this is absolutely unheard of in their small community.

“Tragically the horrors that visited many other communities have come to roost here in Aztec,” Michael Padilla said. He also called the scene chaotic and said there was a massive law enforcement presence.

Aztec High School shooting: Latest news from New Mexico today – CBS News New Mexico State Police were taking over the investigation. Federal authorities were also investigating what led to the shooting.

Other schools in the area also were locked down as a precaution. Authorities say it could be a few hours before the lockdowns are lifted.

A crowd of nervous parents gathered at Aztec City Hall to wait for more information as officers tried to reassure them about the safety of their children.

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The millennials may not be the die hard socialists that some of us think they are



The millennials may not be the die hard socialists that some of us think they are

I highlighted a story from the Washington Examiner that showed how the millennials will be the useful idiots for the progressive socialists.  While I still believe that to be the case and that their minds are impressionable to bad ideas, this story from The Daily Wire shows another part of the story.

While they may have been cheated out of a good education, the fact of the matter is that the private markets are indeed rigged against them.  However, they have not been taught correctly about how positive free market (I repeat Free Market) capitalism can benefit the “rising generation” as Mark Levin likes to call millennials.

I still caution you that our public schools are still full of adults that want to indoctrinate its students into the worldviews of Karl Marx and his kindred.  Popular and not so popular.  The millennials may be useful idiots, but if they find out you’re using them, they will turn on you.  Let us expose how progressives are using them and lead to them to a better way to truly make America great again…and not just a campaign slogan for Donald Trump to use to win the Oval Office.

Millennial Marxists? Not So Fast Americans are increasingly cold toward capitalism. According to the YouGov/Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes Toward Socialism, 44% of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist country, while another 14% are partial to communism or fascism. Just 42% would opt for a capitalist country like the one we all live in.

Does this mean that we millennials are budding Trotskyites, eager to launch the worker’s revolution?

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