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Comey leaker Daniel Richman gave to Dem. Rep. Elizabeth Esty, who defended Comey on Facebook



Daniel Richman gave $250 to Rep. Elizabeth Esty‘s campaign in 2011. That’s the only campaign donation in excess of $100 recorded by for the Columbia Law professor who leaked former FBI Director James Comey’s memos to the New York Times.

Esty, a Democrat representing Connecticut’s 5th district, had this to say about Comey’s testimony on Facebook:

Maybe the fact that Comey himself leaked memos he admitted (a) at least one time were written on a classified laptop; (b) he asked Richman, a personal friend, to leak to keep himself out of the news “for a variety of reasons”; (c) in the hopes that a special counsel would be appointed; are not relevant here.

Because Esty didn’t mention any of it.

But she did take Richman’s money.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Doug Olson

    June 9, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Knowing what we know of Trump, this really is a non-story/article. We know Trump is a liar, a bully, and he resorts to threats when things do not go his way. We also know that Trump has donated well over $250 to each member of Congress at one time or another. So, really, how much of a stretch is it for Comey to do the things he did… same for Richman and Etsy. Compared to Trump, that appears to be small potatoes.

    The problem we have is two people, both lacking in credibility to some degree or another, trying to vindicate their side of the story… in which, btw, Trump has already contradicted himself. I do not know Comey from a hole in the wall. But, like Justice Roberts and his O-Care and Kentucky LBGT constitutional re-definitions, there seems to be some shenanigans here. Whether Comey acted out of fear or intimidation (from Trump, from the Clintons, from Obama, from Lynch) or if he is loyal to the democratic cause, this is what we must find out… motivations. We all know Trump’s motivation.

    Until we get some integrity in DC and in the press, we will continue to be flummoxed with the “facts”.

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