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Overcoming our biggest obstacle: The knowledge gap on what Federalism means



Since before we were officially a party, I always knew we’d focus on small-government Federalism. I grew up hearing President Reagan preach about government being the problem, how more powers needed to be returned to the states, and how the individual was ultimately responsible through self-governance. This country needs Federalism now more than ever, but I wasn’t crazy about the name of the party being the “Federalist Party” out of fear that people wouldn’t understand it properly.

We came up with eight possible names. I loved a couple of them, hated a couple of others, and the rest were acceptable. At the time, we had about 3000 people who had signed up to participate in building a new party, so we put it to a vote. I made the mistake of allowing votes to come in through email to prevent duplication or “ballot box stuffing” because I expected to get a couple hundred votes. It took two weeks to tally the thousands of votes we received and at the end, it wasn’t even close.

Of the eight options, “Federalist Party” received 73% of the vote with the other seven names combining for 27%.

It was clear that we had a well-educated group. I remember literally smiling when I realized that my fears may have been premature. Perhaps enough people were familiar with the balance of powers the early Federalists wanted. Maybe the “New Federalism” espoused by President Reagan had solidified the notion. Either way, our earliest adopters didn’t need an explanation of how small-government Federalism is supposed to operate.

Now, the challenge is still before us. Our early adopters understood it and our exponentially expanded membership is well-aware of the need to rein in DC by dramatically reducing budget, bureaucracy, and power. It’s time to bring this understanding to the rest of America. We have to make them aware that balancing powers between the states and federal governments based upon Constitutional restraints is at the core of the Federalist Party’s mission.

This is where we need your help. We’re not going to get much of it from the education system and many in the media seem to lack the understanding necessary to communicate our perspectives, so the Federalist Party needs the grassroots to spread the word. We need every Federalist to know that our core principles are reining in government, defending freedoms, and protecting life. It will help if we can get Federalists to send their friends and family to the party’s website, Twitter profile, and Facebook page.

Money helps, too. A $50 contribution helps us expose the Federalist message through Facebook to an additional 2650 people. A $90 contribution pays for 5,000 text messages to those seeking updates on the party. A $245 contribution allows us to send over 600,000 emails to 50,000 Federalists. A $550 contribution puts another pair of boots on the ground to work events such as our booth at Rolling Thunder in Washington DC for Memorial Day Weekend.

Whatever you can comfortably contribute, we’ll be extremely grateful.

This is an exciting moment in history to be a Federalist. There hasn’t been a better time to build a successful new party since the 19th century. The key to our success will be getting enough people to understand what Federalism really is and why it’s the best hope for America’s future.

Christian, husband, father. EIC, NOQ Report. Co-Founder, the Federalist Party. Just a normal guy who will no longer sit around while the country heads in the wrong direction.

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